Each new scandal brings straw to the camel’s back, and another agency into the public’s eye…

Holder refuses to prosecute Black Panthers in Philadelphia for voter intimidation…  DOJ investigates itself and finds no cause for alarm.  DOJ also says they will selectively enforce ‘certain’ laws.


Obamacare- Gotta pass it to see what’s in it, and now that we are finding out, it’s a HUGE problem.  Costs up in 2014 to between 30 and 160%, for less care…  Pelosi and Reid shoved this down our throats, with media complicity, IRS and HHS are the big winners…


Pre-election, Administration announces GWOT is over, Al Qaeda is done with killing of Bin Laden; drawdown in Afghanistan begins early, final date given to the world.

Arab Spring ignored, Libya ignored until NATO asks for help. USN goes in and gets the job done.


Knocked off the front page (finally) by Fast and Furious (BATFE).  Hearings, lies, ties to the NSC Holder lies about knowledge of situation (DOJ)

Aurora, Newtown shootings- Gun control debates push F&F off the front page. DOJ, Biden, States rush to pass laws that have no impact.


Benghazi, four dead and Hillary’s infamous quote, “What does it matter?”  Patraeus (CIA), Panetta (DOD), Clinton (DOS),Donilon (NSC), Gen Ham (AFRICOM) gone for ‘various’ reasons… Patraeus falls because of email trail (folks wonder how they ‘stumbled’ on to that at the time), Panetta leaves for a RINO (Hagel) so that Hagel will be the fall guy. Donilon gone due to the infamous ‘family’ issues…

Whistleblowers threatened/demoted, truth is still being searched for. Whom gave the order to the military to stand down? THAT is the question, because that doesn’t happen without specific direction and a paper (electronic) trail…


Sequestration hits knocks most of Benghazi coverage down, military takes brunt of the impact, dire warnings abound about impact to the public (DHS) (NPS) (FAA) told to ‘maximize’ impact on the public.  Congress has a hissy fit and funds FAA controllers, meanwhile DHS is ordering more ammo and $50m in uniforms. Carriers, ships tied to the pier, entire air wings grounded.  Thunderbirds and Blue Angels grounded.

22 days of furlough is scaled back to 11 days, primarily for DOD employees; other agencies move $$ to ‘limit’ hits.

Congress cannot get act together, PRESBUDG for 14 indicates sequestration will continue into FY-14.

Military scandals over rape, harassment, etc hit the media, military is painted as bad people (again).


Now Sebelius (HHS) now under the gun for ‘lobbying’ major insurance corporations to ‘fund’ the Obamacare guides, whom most think are nothing more than indoctrinators.  Promises health care for pre-existing conditions, but Sebelius refuses to allow 10 year old to get a lung transplant. Has to be ‘studied’…

Judge orders Sebelius to add the little girl, otherwise


Boston Bombing, first blamed (in the media immediately) on right wing extremists.  Proven to be radicalized muslims who were drawing support from Mass government.  As investigations expand it turns out they were not alone, and the FBI had actually looked at them, but never passed information to Boston PD, and there are questions as to whether DHS was ever notified either…

Indicates alphabet soup of intel organizations are not communicating with each other/local agencies (DHS, FBI, NSA, DOJ, NSC, CIA, DIA) and once again indicates illegals are a problem in the USA.

All this a congress is ‘debating’ a new immigration bill.

Drops out of media coverage almost immediately…


IRS refusing to grant/delaying C3/C4 status to Tea Party, Constitutional groups while approving pro LGBT and pro Obama organizations in weeks.  Defense of Marriage organization’s donor list given to opponents (LGBT group) by IRS.   “Rogue agents” in Cincinnati thrown under the bus by Lerner, who promptly takes the 5th. This one keeps growing as individuals come forward about audits, visits by BATFE, FBI; donors being audited.  Now emails indicate this was known in 2010 by DC HQ…

This one starts getting traction in the media and in hearings that are being held by various committees, but


AP taps, Rosen search, Verizon turnover of telephone records.  Regardless of how you look at this, bottom line was the administration went after the AP and Rosen for ‘leaks’ from the administration (I guess these were unapproved leaks).  Rosen’s paperwork had him as an indicted co-conspirator in ESPIONAGE, and was signed by Holder (although he claimed no memory of that).  And now that the media have finally awakened, somebody found out that Verizon had turned over ALL their phone records to the NSA! By who’s authority?  No one seems to know.  Again the administration denied, deflected, blamed low level staffers…


Now, this week we have the ‘spying scandal’ broken by The Guardian.  NSA program has insight into servers, collecting millions of phone records from Verizon and ???  Done in violation of FISA and US law and broken by ‘leaking’ a TS brief? That is amazing, as I know how closely that stuff is tracked, and that DID NOT get out without somebody taking extraordinary measures to slip that out the door (or had tacit approval/direction to do it).

Daddy Bear has a great post up on this HERE.

As a side note, anybody that thinks ANYTHING they put on the net or their phone data is private is living in a dream world.   The military developed the internet, do you really think they wouldn’t have a hook or two in place if they needed to use it???  And phone companies maintain records of calls for billing, security (e.g. phone threat) and other reasons.  SS7 gives all that information for EVERY call from EVERY phone in the world, link HERE. This is also the basis of the 911 system, and there are also Internet protocols that mirror those protocols at Layers 1 and 2 for the net.  Also,  cell phones give an additional piece of information and that is the cell tower they are connected to during the call; years ago this was added to the data available to police/rescue to be able to reduce search areas if the caller had no way to identify their actual location.

ALL of those specifics are stated in your contract you sign for the cell phone, house phone, internet… You read the fine print didn’t you?  Or did you???


Central themes here, DOJ/Holder seem to be in the middle of a LOT of these, the administration doesn’t know ANYTHING about ANYTHING (supposedly), and the continued contempt and arrogance of the President and those around him to routinely dismiss any ‘concerns’  as paranoia; while moving people in/out of jobs to give them cover (e.g. Rice to NSC so that she now has Executive Privilege protection) with NO thought for actual qualifications for the positions they hold.  Does anybody really believe this?  I sure as hell don’t…

This is Chicago politics writ large.  It’s about power, and the ability to do as one wishes which has been a ‘tradition’ in Chicago most of the last century… Capone, Daley’s machine, etc… A good short article on it is HERE.  It’s also about payback to those who supported the administration, and probably a bit of fear, in case those folks kept records.

The administration’s typical response has been to throw a few low level staffers over the wall to appease the masses, and maybe or two more if the masses start rumbling until the next item blows it off the front page…

When you give people power, it can be used one of two ways, for good or for evil/your own gratification.  When you put ONE person at the tip of the pyramid, they will make a choice.  Bush (in my opinion), did some things wrong, but for the good of the country and the people (Patriot act for one, was a negative in my opinion).

In this administration I believe the administration has decided the rules simply DO NOT apply to them, and there are NO checks on their grasping for power.  If anyone tries to question them, it’s either racist or (insert excuse of choice) it’s never the fact they are violating the Constitution, about half the Amendments etc. on a daily basis!!!

Career bureaucrats will also go one of two ways,  Darleen Druyun is a classic example of the power for personal gratification side…

She was central to the Boeing tanker scandal, HERE.  Among other things, she made Boeing give her daughter and fiancé jobs, and ‘negotiated’ a job for herself with Boeing in the middle of the deliberations.  She was also said to have told the Deputy Secretary of the Air Force that he was ‘summer help’, that she would be there long after he was gone.  She ruled by power and was known inside the Air Force as the “Dragon Lady”.  She killed more than one career for opposing her, and when they went back and investigated her career, found she’d been doing it for 20 years…

Having said that, “I” believe that most career bureaucrats will not make ‘decisions’ of the magnitude alluded to in the above examples without specific direction AND a paper trail to cover their butts.  To me, this all points back to the administration and their naked lust for power over America and an attempt to ‘mold’ America into a socialist state fitting the ‘world’ view.  Politics by the nature of it is a power game, and s/he who has the power makes the rules.

If legislation fails, this administration is going around Congress and SCOTUS by legislation of the failed legislation (remember Cap and Trade?  EPA has instituted it via regulation.  FAA tried to ‘enforce’ the “fairness doctrine” aimed at knocking conservatives off radio/TV/Internet; which thankfully failed due to congressional committee. 

PC police- Can’t disparage any religion but Christianity or Judaism without it being a hate crime… Any calling to task a non-Caucasian, that’s Racist…

Gun control- Remove guns, increase control, remove the ‘direct’ threat to their power.

Remove military leaders- Remove non-compliant leaders who do not ‘support’ administration goals to remove an ‘indirect’ threat to their power.

Collect intel on Americans- Phone, Internet, Video (all those ‘safety’ cameras being installed in cities) Use said data to cower those who question ‘authority’, e.g. IRS audits, BATFE investigations, FBI investigations

Obamacare- Again control, of health records, medical systems, more power to the IRS as ‘enforcers’. It’s not about increasing care, only about control.

Whom can we trust now?  Privacy and security are being overtaken by requirements creep for “security  of the country”…

Do you go totally off the net?  Is that even realistic???  No phone, no internet, no credit cards, no credit, no bills to anyone, no bank accounts?  Contrary to what you may read on the net, that is damn near impossible.

Me, I figure as a Veteran, Christian, gun owner and conservative blogger I’m already on at least a couple of lists…

I’m hunkering down, getting ammo when I can, and minimizing expenditures.  Also changing $$ into convertible assets that are not subject to the American economy.  I’m also writing/calling/emailing my congresscritters on a weekly basis, and reminding them that “WE THE PEOPLE” elected them to keep this country viable and protect our rights, not cave to the left and or the administration…

The way I look at it, we’ve got one more chance at the ballot box in 14, and after that?  Who knows…

What’s that last straw???


Straws… — 33 Comments

  1. I’d love to have finished this post, but halfway through the NSA called me on my cell phone and told me I shouldn’t be reading that stuff…

  2. IMO you are still whistling past the graveyard. Oh I’ll still vote but the Chicago/NY collectivist machine is now nationwide . No way to counter the ” margin of cheat ” with our votes . That train left the station some years ago .

  3. If the internet and blogging is our “comms system” for people of like mind to share intellignece, I think our comms are compromised.

  4. Those are all code words for racism and Islamophobia: Black Panther Scandal, Benghazi, Boston Bombing, 9/11, Holder, Obama, Rice, etc.

    And then there are the attack words that put you on the Government enemies list such as: Tea Party, Patriot, Constitution, living children (vs dead babies which are politically correct), heterosexuality, veteran, Second Amendment, etc.

    The next thing you’ll be claiming is that the Obama Home of Chicago isn’t heaven on Earth.

  5. I’d say that what we need now is some real “transparency” – just who are these people? Not just the high muckymucks, but the local minions. Let’s see the employees of the IRS outed, names, addresses, place of employment. They know all this shit about us, let’s see how they like our knowing who they are and where they live.

  6. ADM- Good question, and no good answer here…

    MSgt- Yeah, what’s one MORE list…

    FD- Possibly… dammit…

    Ed- They are, and have been for a LONG time!

    LL- True, but you notice Jihad, Terror, etc are NOT on the keywords list… And no, it’s not… 🙂

    Old Surfer- Yep, but they ‘toil’ in anonymity, remember the furor over Plame???

    Guffaw- Yes they are.

  7. We’re all aware of those individual scandals/snafus, but when you put them all together it really hits home. What a scary list.


  8. Tim- The time scale was what got me to thinking…

    Opus- I have NO doubt it’s coming…

    Brighid- 30 seconds give or…

    drjim- Yep!

    WSF- Thank you!

  9. I am hopeful that we can reverse some of the damage in 2014. I am not optimistic about 2016. The democrat machine is so entrenched with their willing lackeys in the media that I almost despair for my country. With all the low information voters that have their hand out for more government cheese, I don’t know if we can come back. The next 10 years will be crucial. I have considered being an EXPAT but the United States is the bulwark of Western civilization and if she falls, so do the others.

  10. Sadly, I’m not sure many in America are even aware of these events. The are so caught up with MTV, video games, what to wear today . . . heavy sigh. Most believe the government is crooked – this is no different (goes their thinking). Can’t even postulate how this is going to turn out – only a gut feeling it’s going to get very nasty for our kids and grandkids.

  11. Bob- Agree, the low infos don’t care as long as they get their free cheese…

    Bill- Concur with all. Dammit…

  12. Thanks for the linkage.

    Taken one or two at a time, they’re something that any administration in this day and age can expect to have to deal with. Taken all together, though, they add up to bad juju.

    The excuse of “Bush did it too” has just enough truth in it to be a useful tool with uninformed voters and compliant Congresscritters. Bush did some things that were beyond the pale, but they didn’t even come close to what Obama and his crew have done.

    Going to be a long, hot summer.

  13. And when the crunch comes, and all the EBT cards go “poof!”, the summer will get even longer and hotter…..

  14. One can’t disappear without giving up family – not happening. So I plan on just giving people hell.

    And the problem is not just the corruption of the government. It’s that the country is still full of apologizers and excuse makers for them.

  15. What? No Anton Cermack? I feel a bit ripped off.

    I mean, he was king of clout street until he double crossed the mob. The Florida assassination attempt hit the correct target.

    (To those unfamiliar with Anton Cermack: Cermack was mayor of Chicago. He started cracking down on the mob. Alledgedly because he wasn’t getting enough in bribes from them. During a campaign stop in Florida, an assassin came out and alledgedly took a shot at the Presidential candidate Franklin D Roosevelt that struck Anton Cermack. Chicago folks know different.)

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