It’s ALL about perspective…

Mount Sinabung volcano located in Indonesia’s Sumatra island has a current death toll of 14…

And this has been going on since September!!!

volcano eruption

Gee wonder how many years of carbon credits are being used with this obvious unlicensed emission of pollutants?   According to estimates I have read that just two days of an eruption on this scale places over SEVEN years of equivalent pollutants into the atmosphere as created by the world’s human population.  

So what are to do when some say we should pay much higher energy costs as well as dozens of world and local carbon footprint taxes for man to stave off global climate change and then have nature offset years of so called progress for a multi-day burp from just one of hundreds of active volcanoes in the world?  

Global climate change, sure, but in what direction???  

But man’s contributions can’t be the primary source nor can  man clean it up to the point it is reversible, the science is just not there for that if one folds in ocean currents, air currents, solar cycles and weather cycles then add man’s source as the only that needs adjusting.

And another one…

Just because it’s old, doesn’t mean it can’t go boom!!!

I can’t count the stupidity in this one…

Construction workers found the mine lying on the beach, according to, and used the bucket of an excavator to move the old mine right along. Because Dutch excavator drivers are braver than you.

The local bomb squad decided to detonate the mine right there on the beach rather than take the risk of attempting to defuse it.P

Next time you see an old bomb from World War II, run. Run like hell. And run further than 20 feet.

h/t JP, Gerry for the WWII mine


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  1. It’s an example of man’s hubris that he thinks he has an impact on nature. What we do doesn’t compare to what geological events can bring to the table. Even the Russian Tsar Bomb was puny compared to many volcanic eruptions.

  2. Note the extent of the explosion even when buried under sand. Yeah, they don’t pay enough for me to carry a bomb in my bucket.

    One good volcanic eruption and you can have frost in summer and major crop loss, as in The Year Without Summer. Have fun regulating that.

  3. +1 LL

    I’ll assume they were worried about causing blast damage were it was found.

    I sure wouldn’t have driven the excavator with the mine in it.

  4. PE- Yep!

    PH- Exactly!!!

    LL- One would think!

    Gerry- AGREED! Not no but HELL no I wouldn’t have moved it!

  5. There you go again, making sense. Troublemaker!

    Doubt that was a land mine. Maybe a sea mine, a bomb, or a torpedo head. Way too much power for an anti tank mine. Been fifty years, but I’ve handled more than a few land mines.

  6. When we first arrived at Kadena in the mid-80s we lived off base for the first year awaiting on base housing. Came to find out, we were living just inshore of the invasion beaches. Came home one evening and my young son came running up saying “Daddy, let me show you something”. We walk down to the river that bisected the beaches and there in the sand was a partially buried unexploded mortar round. Grabbed my son and beat a hasty retreat. Got on the phone and called EOD. They took down my info and said they’d get on it as soon as they could. I was a little shocked and asked when they thought that would be. The NCO said, “Don’t know Sir, we’re dealing with two unexploded 2000 lb bombs in Downtown Naha.” Well then, you go right on ahead!

  7. Heck, Civil War ordinance is still claiming lives here in Virginia. Some idiot was drilling out a shell and speed renovated his garage. At least he survived. Two teens were using a hack saw on a “cannon ball” and discovered 140 year old powder will detonate when heated.

  8. WSF- It WAS a sea mine… You’re correct! My bad for not being clearer…

    Dammit- Yep!!!

    Juvat- LOL, yep welcome to Okinawa!!! They found one when they did the ramp expansion in 74 at Naha for us!

    Stretch- Yep, stuff will STILL go boom!

  9. Seeing a mine equals me running as fast as an old fart can.

    Man can damage the earth to a small extent but the eatrh can fix itself.

  10. Glad I didn’t experience that as mine watch during Desert Storm. Send Al Gore there to collect the carbon credits, maybe the Islamic extremest will take him for a ride.

  11. Ask me sometime about digging up live dynamite with the caps still in it in rock quarries.

  12. Rick- Yep, I WILL keep up! 🙂

    Senior- Heard that!

    Rick R- Oh HELL no… THAT is just plain nuts!!!

  13. I was working in Malaysia several years ago and staying at a hotel in Johor Bahru, just across the causeway from Singapore and next to the building that used to be the Japanese HQ. They were digging for the foundation of a new convention center behind us and what to they find but and unexploded artillery shell. And you can still find warnings on the charts about unexploded depth charges off Block Island, RI.

  14. An Ordnance Tech at a Dead Run out ranks everybody.

    Rule #3 from “The 70 Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries.”

  15. PE- Yep, they are STILL turning up all over the world, including Civil War bombs here…

    PA- Yep!!!

  16. I wonder if the excavator operator knew how dangerous it was to move that sea mine? The detonator had anywhere from 70-90 years to get more finicky than it was when originally made.

    You couldn’t pay me enough to move that thing, I don’t care how many buildings were at risk.