The ultimate beer run…

I know ‘we’ did some crazy stuff, but this one tops ALL of ours…

That one wins, hands down! 🙂

h/t Mack


The ultimate beer run… — 19 Comments

  1. Now that was a great little yarn and I think it would make a good movie if handled right. Never saw PBR when I was over there though.

  2. That is a fantastic story and it kind of made my eyes water a bit, must have got something in them.

    I was in the Army from 66 to 70, one year in the states training and three years at Herzo Base 16FS USASA working in a building inside a hanger in the same end of the the same room all of the time copying freaking morse code. No danger except driving to Munich on the autobahn from time to time.

    Next month about this time I will be attending the reunion for the first time and I will get to see my buddies for the first time in 48 years and from the pictures of past reunions they are all old people now, heavier with not too much hair, just like me. Damn that was a special time.

  3. Thinking hard, I cannot remember the brand of beer in DaNang.
    All I recall is the pallets of beer arriving in the tent city I lived in that had “fallen off the LARC” in DaNang bay.

    • Wasn’t Ba Mui Ba, was it? Had a big “33” on the label?

      My first commander was a big believer in “one cold beer, before the debrief.” So he, and his partner in crime, a Catholic chaplain, would buy a case of Budweiser, open it up, and hose it down with a CO2 fire extinguisher when the crew was about 30 minutes out. That was the best beer ever!

  4. PBR was a good beer back in the day. It taste different now for some reason. But it is still better than Schlitz. Good story that needs to be passed on.

  5. Hey Old NFO;

    Yeah I done some crazy stuff back when I wore a “young mans clothes” did some long beer runs back in the day, but that was some story. And Kudo’s to Mack for scoring you that story.

  6. All- Yep, one helluva story… One advantage of PBR back in the day, was they were still steel cans. Excellent for repairing bullet holes in airplanes and helicopters… 🙂

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  7. Drank a lot of PBR at Osan. The beer machine in the day room had Bud for 30 cents, but PBR was only a quarter. After the last mid, we’d hit the NCO club for breakfast, pick up a roll of quarters, and go to the day room to shoot darts and drink beer until “noon or so”, then go crash and prepare for a day watch the next day.

    And I’d still rather shoot steel darts on an old bristle board, than one of these new-fangled electronic gizmos!

  8. WSF- You know it did! 🙂

    RS- LOL, oh yeah, days/eves/mids splits… NEVER envied y’all that… 🙂

    • Herzo Base – Three years of six days, two off, six swings, two off, six mids, two off except when the Ruskies invaded Czechoslovakia in August 68 then it was six months of 12 on and 12 off with one day off every six days. After Tet in Nam they sent all or our replacements over there and we were short handed. Never learned how to sleep a whole night through the rest of my life. Dumbassed Dittybopper, Millmonkeys.

      • During the Great Tree Cutting Incident in Korea (1976) we worked 12-on, 12-off for two months (dit-chasers included). At one point, our Flight Commander, a 1LT from Aluminum U. told us that no one was to be on The Hill for more than 12 hours. Our old Mission Supervisor asked “Sir, does that go for everyone?”
        The LT said “Yes MSgt. O’Reilly, that goes for everyone.”

        Bernie said “Bullshit, Sir, because I know for a fact you haven’t been off this hill in three f**kin’ days!”

        The LT made a lot of points for academy grads that day!

  9. And I thought the story was going to be about the beer hauled from England to France in drop tanks on fighters. That too, was an epic beer run.