One more big sky pic…

It is funny how many people don’t like open spaces. Our group tends to love the open spaces, and the big sky! 🙂

This was Friday night!

And Saturday was a tad different, 25 degrees cooler, and wind…


One more big sky pic… — 11 Comments

  1. Those people not liking open spaces need to stay indoors. Nothing like a big sky, especially on a clear moonless night away from a city with its light pollution. City folks would be amazed at how many stars they’d see.

  2. Both great pictures. The second in B&W has much better artistic impact – just demands your attention to fall. First scene can get a more dramatic contrast in about 10-15 min, as sun illuminates from below horizon.

    My problem – may take a few pics, but then I just stand and stare, taking it all in with big sky and sea. An hour passed and I’m getting cold and stiff. Thanks.

  3. Was windy a few hours north of you yesterday, and cold. Trying to wrestle 4×8 sheets of insulating foam panels for RV skirting – all done except one opening.
    Today looks like something from a sci-fi movie: heavy gray skies, rolling pastures end somewhere at an indefinite point on the horizon. You know there’s farms, home, roads and town out there, but no hints. Just gray overcast and brown rolling fields.
    Safe travels, stay warm!

  4. I-80 westbound.
    Cruise control set at *mumble-mumble*.
    Drive for an hour and the mountains still don’t look any closer.
    Big Sky indeed.

  5. Wide



    One of the things I love the most about getting out of Lost Angeleez is the night sky.

    And if it’s not dark enough here, 15 minutes in the car gets you waaay out of town.

  6. Never felt agoraphobic (didn’t know it was a thing for a long time) nor claustrophobic. I do recall once travelling with someone who was put off by the plains and was feeling better when we got to the Rockies. Me? I wanted my horizon back.