This was supposed to be a book promo post, however…

AT&T decided to have a fire in Dallas, which took down the Internet for us, and it’s been down all day, with no potential time to repair. So you get a picture of a kabuki costume from Tokyo.

Why did I post this, you may ask? Because this seems to be typical of AT&T on a regular basis. For supposedly having one of the most robust and widespread networks in the United States, they routinely go tits up on a regular basis… Dammit


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  1. Yawp, my daughter had a high school assignment to work on last night, but due to AT&T U-Verse being out for an hour and a half, she had to stay up later to get it done. She did use the time to do her other homework though – that was intelligent. Work with what you have when you can.

  2. Since AT&T bought out Cricket my phone service has sucked. Often, won’t connect to Sprint serviced phones.

    It appears Ms. Tomlin is still the AT&T CEO.

  3. I bailed on being a very loyal AT$T customer when they totally changed, for the bazillionth time, my phone contracts and payments (always more expensive, of course.) After one monthly bundle bill that was over $800.00 (each line charged as a completely different family plan, jacked up DSL fees (no, AT$T, I never had 5 separate DSL lines coming in my house (they seemed to be charging by the number of internet connected devices, which means they were spying on me a lot more than I thought)) and treating my landline like it was some secure red-phone connection to a missile launch site, well, told them to eat it and went to Cox (sucks) for internet and exclusively to cheap-plan cell phones.

    Haven’t regretted it since, except for watching my Cox (sucks) bill slowly creep higher and higher like it was some Pentagon project.

    What is it with service providers that will suck some newbie in for $10 for a ton of services, but soak a long-term customer with so many fee increases and additional fees that it forces the LTC to leave?

    Hope AT$T gets their collective heads out.

  4. So much for back-up systems that would be unafflicted by whatever ailed the primary system.

    Famous last words in tech [and life in general] “What could possibly go wron—”

  5. Anon- Glad you at least got it back. I gave up and went to bed.

    WSF- Probably… sigh

    Beans- I’m seriously considering that…

    TxRed- EXACTLY!!! Sigh…

  6. Got as far as Hillsboro, annoyingly. Apparently AT&T was “struck by lightning.” Hunh. I took advantage of the lull to put up another Cruz sign.