The WAPO and other MSM are blaming the bombing on Trump, and defacto blaming him for the synagog shooting in Pittsburgh yesterday, claiming ‘they’ have the moral high ground, because they are ‘honest’ reporters. One of the claims yesterday on cable was that the President has radicalized more people than ISIS…

But if you go back and look at when Steve Scalise was shot, even though the shooter was an admitted and avowed Bernieite, you never saw THAT in a headline.

As an OBTW, Trump’s daughter is married to a Jew, has converted to Judaism, and he has Jewish grandchildren. Kinda hard to say he’s anti-Jewish.

I would just ask this question of the WAPO/NY Times, and other MSM outlets- How clean are your hands? What is the actual slant of most of your stories concerning either the President or Republicans? Hint- Over 80% negative/provocative in nature.

Have your stories played up or played down violence between various groups, and what slant is seen on those stories?

What do many of your talking heads/pundits continue to insinuate on a daily basis? Peace and love, balanced reporting, or ???

Are your articles for or against the military?

Law Enforcement?

The common people/flyover country?


NRA/Armed citizens?

And the list goes on…

There is some pushback, HERE, from S. Sanders on the President and First Lady visiting Pittsburgh tomorrow.

I’m about to the point that anything I read in the papers or see on the MSM, I pretty much believe the opposite is going to be the truth… sigh…




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  1. The WAPO and other MSM? Talking to themselves most of the time.

    We’ll see how the election goes on 11/6.

  2. One of the many benefits of pulling the cable plug on my TV is not listening to these overpaid talking heads.

    As for the print reporters and their editors, I doubt any are capable of a who, what, where, when, why and how report without inserting their slant.

    IMO, they have no moral high ground.

  3. The corrupt, lying, smug, sly, wicked, elite media is a lot like the Ministry of Truth in 1984. Flip whatever they say and you get a rough approximation of truth.

    • LL, you’re being far too kind to the MSM. You left out bottom-feeding, two-faced and scum-sucking.

  4. I gave up on TV (cable, satellite, no over the air to speak of here) years ago, and a bit in Newsweek that even NPR didn’t stoop to had me give on the so-called MainStream Media as well. They would claim that I am now uniformed. I say that I am no longer MIS-informed.

  5. I have not turned on a tv or read a newspaper in months.Not even for sports.
    The intertubes piss me off enough.

  6. Being a native Washingtonian I grew up reading the WaPo, the Washington Daily News (folded in 1972), and the Washington Star (folded 1981). They all use to be fair as competition kept them (mostly) honest. While always liberal in my time the WaPo went full on Leftard in the Reagan years. With no competition to keep them honest they became more and more “inventive” with their stories.

  7. I am sure that the President has so much on his plate that calling him names is a waste of time. Not being on Twitter I have no idea why the others are always in an uproar. I like being a bit above the fray, saving all my best for when it will make a difference.

    Had a fine Appleseed met some future marksmen and women, no one that will make the national news, don’t I love that there are so many not covered by media. An opportunity to be human.

  8. This Nov. 6th I predict the Democrats are in for a VERY nasty shock.
    They’ve awoken the sleeping giant and he isn’t going to sleep before he kicks some ass.
    Schadenfreude baby.

    • And yet I think we can predict that when things do go poorly for them, that there will be “spontaneous” riots in some ‘population centers’.

  9. Hey Old NFO;

    I read that the Rabbi that invited President Trump caught a lot of flack from his fellow Jews, apparently being liberal is more important than being a jew I suppose. The media is totally in the tank for the democrats and once people see past all the stories, the media takes a credibility hit and more people don’t believe them.

  10. The MSM are printing and televising stories for the their audience. Which is on both coasts. They do not care what the flyover deplorables think. Their job is to affirm what the coastal elites believe. If the republicans hold both the house and the senate there will be riots throughout the country. If I lived in one of these areas I would fort up, load up and prepare for the worst.