Election day!!!

Find out where your polling place is, if you don’t already know it. Get your ass out of that chair and get out the door.

I voted early, and only once. But then I’m an Independent, and actually obey the laws… 🙂

This election IS important!


Election day!!! — 18 Comments

  1. Just waiting for the polls to open. Didn’t vote early as I have NO intention of letting anyone know just how much fraud they need to defeat the citizenry.

  2. Good message, already voted last Thursday at one of the county libraries. Turnout was steady there.

  3. I’ll be getting out and voting shortly. I live in a rural area so lines tend to be short here so no need to be there at opening time. I will vote as always. Those who don’t forfeit their right to complain about the results.

  4. I tried to vote early this weekend – the county has confusing and irregular hours; I got there just after they closed.
    Voted before work this morning – there was no line; I’m sure there will be a line this evening.

  5. I voted this morning. To simplify things for my nice, simple mind, I voted the straight Republican ticket. I voted a big old Hell No! on all tax levies, and a medium size ‘No’ on issues that reduce penalties for criminals and provide counseling and training for them instead of jail.

  6. I don’t like early voting, as too much comes out at the last minute. There’s a state where the Libertarian candidate, who was receiving lots of votes from early voting, pulled out at the last minute. So now all those votes for him/her are wasted votes.

    I will be delving deep into the heart of the local socialist camp to vote. Hopefully we’ll be able to stave off Gollum and all the other forces of Mordor here in sunny Florida.

  7. Yes, if you are a Republican, get out and vote. If you are a Democrat, don’t.

    A public service announcement.

  8. Just did my part to defeat the menace of progressive.

  9. Just finished doing my civic duty and voted. Didn’t win any friends at the poles when I asked where I could go to deliver my fathers mail in vote, stating that he could not deliver it himself as he has been dead for 21 years. Took ’em if they can’t take a joke! Don’t know why it is so hard, as the demonrats do it all the time!!

  10. Voted early this morning, 90% Libertarian votes. Rest was split between Rats and Cans and voted big “Oh HELL NO” on every Issue or Amendment that smelled of Social Engineering, Gerrymandering or flat out Taxation-Disguised-As-A-Bond. I thought about going back in with my Mother’s old ID and voting again… but I think the local D’Rats already subsidized her vote. After all, she’s been gone for five years now, you know she just started voting for Dems after being a life-long Republican (and a Veteran to boot).

  11. Had to rock a straight ticket here.

    Satan himself could be running as a Republican and I’d give him the nod if it meant keeping the Left down.

  12. Just finished working a polling place in my rural county for 15+ hours. I’m not saying it’s a red place, but during the primary we had 312 Republican voters and 19 demos. Our turnout today was 434. I’d say Trump carried this little county!