Is it going to get ugly???


Remember Operation Choke Point?

California Democrat Maxine Waters is the new chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee. To judge from the party’s past behavior and the various proposals emanating from the left, Waters’s Democrats are going to pressure banks, credit unions, and payment companies to severely curtail and even terminate their relationships with firearm manufacturers, licensed gun retailers, and law-abiding citizens exercising their right to purchase and own firearms. In other words, they will use political pressure to force private institutions into creating social policy that threatens constitutional rights.

Full article HERE, at National Review.

You can go HERE and get the pdf of letters Feinstein et al sent last year from Senate Dems, trying to pressure Mastercard and others into stopping transactions involving guns/gun shops, etc.

I’m betting they will also try to go after the bulk ammo shippers like,, and others. California has managed to outlaw bulk ammo purchases via the internet, and we know damn well other ‘bastions’ of liberals are working on doing the same thing.

Yes, there will probably be lawsuits, but how long will they take to wind through the system when .gov doesn’t want them to actually go to court? And how many of those cases will be shunted to places like the 9th circus???

Dammit, I’ve lived through ONE round of interesting times, didn’t really want to do it in my old age too…

YMMV, IANAL, and I didn’t stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night.

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Is it going to get ugly??? — 23 Comments

  1. YES, it NEEDS to get ugly!
    ‘Operation Choke Point’ in 2013 forced financial institutions to sever relationships with “firearms and ammunition sales, adult entertainment, check cashing, and short-term lending.”

    What demented hater of freedom and the poor put THAT list together?

    I’m safe. I live in Georgia, and we have a law on the books that will prevent banks from discriminating against the firearms industry.

    But for the rest of the country: if the federal government fails to respond ferociously to this, then I believe you can forever write them off as useless.

  2. I don’t know how this will play out with a Republican majority in the Senate and with Democrat Congressmen from states that are heavily in favor of firearms ownership. Then there’s the veto.

    We know that the agenda calls for disarming America and that there is a tipping point where unintended consequences come into play. Barack caused the nation to rearm…

    And who knows but what “God will call Maxine home”?

  3. I have a good stock of the basic calibers, but I do believe I’ll get more. If the donkeys get aggressive with this there may be another run on it.

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    Yes this will get ugly, I also live in GA so unless the Dems get a huge majority in the GA state house and change the rules, I am safe. But this will cause things to ratchet up more and push people closer to the”Push back” point and it can get “Sporting”. I really don’t want to live in interesting times…..unless I have to.

  5. Things will likely get uglier than they are now, which is saying something. I live in Columbus, Ohio, where the local government actually believes the moonbat propaganda, and self-aggrandizement is the order of the day, every day. The city already has more gun control laws than a man can read in a quiet afternoon.

    For here part, some tiddly-wink handed Waters the football, and now she sees it as her personal responsibility to run it in for a touchdown. The good news is that Maxine Moore Waters (née Carr), was born on August 15, 1938, which means that as of today Waters is 80 years, 4 months, and 29 days old. She can’t last forever, and when the evil one finally comes to claim her I’m taking my entire social security check down to the nearest bar – and the drinks are on me.

    • I think the shear size of The Ohio State University, the large number of medical facilities, and the presence of so many state government workers, combine to make Columbus attract more Lefties. Nice city in many ways, but it and Cleveland feel “off” somehow compared to the rest of the state, even the other Ohio cities that lean a little left. Just a different feel than Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo, Akron, etc.

    • Rep. Waters, Rep. Pelosi, Justice Ginsburg, and a few others really do seem determined to prove the proverb about “Only the good die young.”

  6. Pat/Bob- It won’t be done from Georgia, it’ll be done from NY and DC at the federal level… sigh

    Ed- Yep!

    LL- Excellent point! But if the dems get total control… sigh

    Jim- Agreed!

    MJ- She’ll be like RBG, she’ll die in that seat… dammit

    • I wrote and still believe that if Hillary had been elected president, that there would have been some sort of revolution. I don’t know what form it would have taken, how pervasive it would have been, or what would have ignited it. But I believe it would have happened. And we would have been involved in more foreign wars and China would be raping us six ways from Sunday.

      In a very real way, I believe that President Trump saved America. We can still crash it. But The Donald bought us some time.

  7. The problem with Pat and Bob saying that GA and by inference, LA and TX won’t knuckle down on financial transactions is, as our host put it in his reply, the actions will take place in the major financial centers – New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and either done on the state level there or done on the federal level.

    If done on the state level, state laws will force companies to embrace said state laws for all transactions through their data centers, which will force unoffically a nationwide law.

    If done federally, well, funny that Federal Law only pertains to Democrat (read here: Leftist and Socialist) agendas.

    Which is why National Reciprocity is dead until a carp-ton of leftist Federal and State judges take the eternal dirt-nap and are replaced by Constitutionalists. Just witness all the Federal laws and actions that have been negated by a local circuit or low-level federal judge (who happens to be either a Clinton or Obama era appointee.)

    My hope? That somehow some scandal twice as worse as the vote fixing by the DNC over their candidate in 2016 will come out. Maybe one 10 times worse, that can’t be swept under the rug by sympathetic ‘Deep-State’ actors federally and so bad that even the media can’t not report some of the truths. Else we will be stuck in deep-state hell.

    • The bitter part is that we already *have* National Recipricocity. What we want to strike down is the forest of local and Federal laws that simply ignore the Constitution.

  8. A random thought from a foreigner :- How long is the border between California and the U.S.A. compared with the Mexican border. Just a thought.

  9. TOS- Didn’t think about that…

    LL- Concur. I ‘know’ there were plenty of people ‘ready’ down here.

    Beans- Excellent points!

    Frank- Damn good question! And not soon enough is ‘my’ answer.

  10. Our big hope is Mad Maxine drowns in her own bile in short order, if only to get that level of crazy out of a senior position in the House…

  11. They really, really hate us being armed. And we hate them disarming us. I see a… clash of interest.

    • Recent legislation in Boulder CO and the state of New Jersey indicate “taking away their guns” might be more difficult than they expect… even if Congressman Eric Swalell *does* think nuking his own constituents might enforce compliance.

  12. To date every attempt by hthe commie left to take away our freedoms and steal from us has either succeeded or been turned back with NO COST to those seeking power. Till those seeking to enslave us start suffering REAL consequences for their treachery they have no reason to stop and every incentive to keep trying. This assault on freedom will continue and expand until the commie leftists start danglin from trees and lamp posts. The Tree of Liberty cries out for the blood of aspiring tyrants.