Sometimes you just have to wonder…

Well, we have a winner. The auction is over. The final bid remained at $2,100,100. The winning bidder, the high bidder: Betty Casey.

Rush Limbaugh auctioned off the smear letter sent to him by dingy harry and 40 other democrap Senators today- Who would have thought it????

The Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation is going to get in excess of $4.2 million because Limbaugh is matching Betty Casey’s bid on eBay of $2.1 million.

Something tells me that letter is going to show up again…

In other bits and pieces, can you believe this Portland, ME school district that is going to give contraceptives to both male and female 11 year olds? AND show them how to use them!!!

What ever happened to parental rights? Sure, there is now a lot of spin about how, oh the parent can opt out, etc…

Lemme see, voluntary prayer is outlawed, but 11 year old sex is okay?

I thought underage sex was still illegal- or am I just stoopid???

I know I’m an old fart, but something here just doesn’t make sense… If somebody had tried to give my daughters contraceptives at age 11, I’d have been after them with a shotgun!

Why is it the ACLU and their minions are after anything that even remotely resembles Christianity in any environment today? Public schools, Court Houses, places of Government… Is the next thing going to be removing the crosses from the Veterans’ Cemeteries?

But yet push a liberal agenda/message and that’s all right? This case in Portland, the case about the video showing homosexual parents that was being shown to third graders as a REQUIRED video, algore’s Inconvenient Lie… Bashing the troops…

Would somebody please tell me what happened to the USA I grew up in?


kicking my soapbox back into the corner now…


Sometimes you just have to wonder… — 4 Comments

  1. I didn’t even know what sex WAS until I was 12 and Mom was going through chemo again and Dad bought me one of those “your changing body” books with a box of “feminine” supplies”. (poor Dad).

    Anyway I read the fairly clinical description of how a baby is made and was positively grossed out. Then it hit me. My parents adopted me, they didn’t have to do that. I was SO relieved. I told my Dad that years later and he about busted a gut laughing.

  2. Good point Scully 🙂 Ironically, I was talking to a neighbor in Carolina the last trip down there, and she was telling me BOTH her daughters (1 age 10, 1 age 12) were going through puberty simultaneously. That is pretty scary when I think they should be worried about playing with dolls, not playing with boys.

    RT, normal is just a state of mind 🙂 It really has no impact on reality…LOL

  3. Never kick the soapbox into a corner.
    The world is sadly lacking people with common sense who tell it like it is.