I can just ‘hear’ the phone call now…

“Boss? Yeah, about that tree you wanted cut…”

“Is it done?”


“Whatta you mean, mostly? Did you get it cut or not?”

“Well, we got all but one limb…”


“Just sent you a pic.”


“Aw shhiii…! Dammit… Did you call anybody?”

“Uh, you, boss.”

“Son of a…, Lemme call somebody…”

Actually across the street from me, they apparently called the provider, who said “They will get around to it!”

Hopefully that will occur BEFORE the wind picks up, otherwise it’s gonna get interesting!!! And this tree/limb has been complained about going back at least 4 years, according to the neighbors! WOW!!!


Where is the left on tearing down THIS statue…


But there is apparently a hashtag campaign… About something… And we know how much good that will do…

And it looks like NFL broadcasts are down 8% in viewership against last year, and apparently there are a ‘number’ of empty seats in the stadiums…

And then there is this…


The NFL is littered with criminals… THIS IS WHY THEY PROTEST POLICE, NOW I GET IT…

Team # of Arrests Since 2000
Minnesota Vikings 42
Cincinnati Bengals 40
Denver Broncos 36
Tennessee Titans 33
Miami Dolphins 28
Kansas City Chiefs 28
Jacksonville Jaguars 27
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27
Cleveland Browns 26
San Diego Chargers 25
Indianapolis Colts 24
Chicago Bears 23
Seattle Seahawks 20
New Orleans Saints 20
Washington Redskins 18
Oakland Raiders 18
Baltimore Ravens 18
Carolina Panthers 18
Green Bay Packers 17
Pittsburgh Steelers 17
Atlanta Falcons 16
San Francisco 49ers 16
Detroit Lions 15
New England Patriots 15
Buffalo Bills 14
Dallas Cowboys 13
New York Giants 13
Arizona Cardinals 12
New York Jets 11
Philadelphia Eagles 10
Houston Texans 9
St Louis Rams 8
Total 656
Data source: San Diego Union

I’m enjoying having my Thursday nights, Sundays and Monday nights back! 🙂

Going to the dogs…

Here, there, and everywhere!

Kaya on the harmonica, Vito on the howling… 😀

And Obi ‘really’ wants to go out, when he needs to go…

And he’s not patient with this old man… LOL

I figure this is better than a rant, so there!

If you’re on my humor list, and wondering why nothing went out yesterday, I lost my entire address book, and am working on trying to restore it… Sorry…

Quick hits…

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill on Saturday that guarantees that teachers cannot shoot back if they come under attack at school.

The Dems, specifically, Kevin McCarty introduced the bill after five California school districts (Kern High School District, Kingsburg Joint Union High School District, Folsom Cordova Unified School District, Anderson Union High School District, and Palo Cedro’s North Cow Creek School District) chose to allow teachers and staff with concealed carry permits to be armed on campus to defend themselves and their students.

Full article, HERE.

One can only wonder what is running through those ‘idjit’s’ minds… They complain about lack of security in schools, turned a massive number of criminals loose to reduce prison overcrowding, and are overrun with illegals, and they do THIS in response???

The mind boggles…

And I got this one today, and have ordered the book…

The Left wants you to think the Southerners were evil slave owners and the Union soldiers were there as righteous saviors “freeing the slaves.” That is what our schools teach today. But, it is nowhere near the truth…

So much for the “freeing of the slaves” during the “civil war”. Makes one wonder how much more crap we were taught in our government run schools.

A Legion of Devils

By Al Benson

Oct 10, 2017

A review of Karen Stokes, A Legion of Devils: Sherman in South Carolina (Shotwell Press, 2017).

Many of us have read about the horrendous things William Tecumseh Sherman did as he and his “bummers” marched through Georgia, things a lot of us would rather not have read about. However, if we are to properly understand our history we are often compelled to read material that is not necessarily “fun” reading, but is rather necessary reading so that we will have a fuller understanding of what really happened and why.

Such a book is Karen Stokes’ A Legion of Devils–Sherman in South Carolina, published by Shotwell Publishing in Columbia, South Carolina. Shotwell has published some very informative books on Southern history that more people need to be aware of and to read, so that we can begin to learn the history most of us were denied in government schools when we attended them.

Karen Stokes has written several books, but this may be one of the most important. It is a narrative, with many contemporary quotes, from people who were on the scene when Sherman invaded South Carolina toward the end of the War of Northern Aggression. If you think what he did in Georgia was bad, as the man says, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” Yet we hardly ever read anything about what he did in (and to) South Carolina. Somehow his incendiary activities there and the base behavior of this troops there never seem to make it into the history books. South Carolina suffered every bit as much as Georgia did under Sherman’s benevolent hand.

Many instances of brutal treatment of civilians in South Carolina when Sherman passed through are recorded in Stokes’ book, including one where Yankee soldiers attempted to set fire to a bed with an old lady still in it. Such instances are too numerous for me to mention them all here, but I will list a few so you can get a general feeling for Sherman’s accomplishments in the Palmetto State.

The naive among us actually still believe that generals like Sherman, Sheridan, and Grant fought the war to free slaves from Southern bondage. Those on the ground there knew better. In the introduction to the book, on page viii, it is noted: “…the federal soldiers frequently mistreated them (the slaves)). A newspaper correspondent for the New York Tribune reported in its issue of December 7, 1861, that ‘one enterprising and unscrupulous (Federal) officer was caught in the act of assembling a cargo of Negroes for transportation and sale in Cuba…a Northern female physician who worked for the Freedmen’s Aid Society noted in her diary how disgracefully the black people of the Beaufort area were treated by the federal soldiers. She observed that “no colored woman was safe from the brutal lusts of the soldiers’, and that they were not punished for their offenses.”

When the city of Columbia was occupied by Sherman, the mayor and other municipal officers went to Sherman’s headquarters and officially surrendered the city and they received from Sherman the assurance that the city would be as safe as it would have been under the mayor’s administration. Suffice it to say, that was a bald-faced lie. The city was burned and Stokes goes into quite a bit of detail about how that was accomplished, again, quoting from people who were there and saw what happened. The sources for what she wrote were all primary sources.

She noted the comments of a Mrs. S. A. Crittenden of Greenville, South Carolina, who said: “Oh! The utter desolation of a city in ashes and its people wanderers!  Even the very landmarks were lost, and you stood a stranger on your own threshold. Nothing was left but the smokeless chimneys, keeping ward over the widespread ruin. Hundreds of Yankees with ramrods and bayonets, were prodding the still smoking soil in quest of buried treasure” And let us not kid ourselves–the Yankee soldiers, from officers on down, stole everything that was not nailed down–and what was nailed down they destroyed if they couldn’t pry it up! This was as much a grand looting expedition was it was an invasion!

And then they tried to blame the fires that destroyed the city of Wade Hampton’s retreating Confederate cavalry. On pages 40-44, Stokes provides General Hampton’s own statements about what really happened. On pages 54-56 are the comments of one Yankee soldier who disagreed with what his comrades were doing, and he pretty well laid out what they were doing. He noted: “…drunken soldiers rushing from house to house, emptying them of valuables and then firing them..Officers and men reveling on wines and liquors until the burning houses buried them in their drunken orgies.” So much for “preserving the Union and freeing the slaves!”

Stokes gave us the commentary of an August Conrad, a native of Germany, who had come to South Carolina in 1859 and had taken over his brother’s position as the Hanoverian Counsel.  He had thought it would be safer in Columbia that in Charleston, so he went to Columbia. Big mistake! He published a memoir later, when he was back (safely) in Germany, about his time in South Carolina that dealt with the burning of Columbia. It was translated into English by William H. Pleasants and published as The Destruction of Columbia, S.C. in 1879. In it he observed: “In the houses, on the streets, the infamous rabble plundered, destroyed, and raged as the Wild Hunt, just as if hell had broken loose.” Hell had broken loose–Sherman was in South Carolina with his Legion of Devils, and doing the devil’s work!

One of those Stokes quoted said: “The fall of Columbia stands quite unique in the history of the American war, but it was sufficient to sully the principle, the conduct, and the results of it, and must for many generations entail the hate of the South Carolinians toward their Northern brethren, who brought upon their forefathers such atrocious treatment.”

Starting on page 111, Stokes gives a timeline covering Sherman’s gentle ministrations in South Carolina, from the time he landed in Beaufort until the time he crossed the North Carolina border. Suffice it to say that it was much more of the same treatment that Columbia got, and his men were particularly vicious when it came to churches.

I have often wondered if Sherman had a touch of pyromania in his makeup, as his men burned everything they came across, no matter what or where it was. I can see destroying military objectives, that’s a part of war, but Sherman destroyed it all. He made war on civilians with more gusto than he made war on Confederate troops. Of course the civilians couldn’t fight back and so that made it easier.

When you look at the makeup of Sherman’s army, you have to wonder just how many ‘Forty-Eighter” socialists he had with him that reveled in the destruction of private property.

If you are going to have some idea of what the War of Northern Aggression was really all about, you need to read Stokes’ book, and Shotwell has done yeoman duty in putting it out there for you, because I don’t think you will get this kind of documentation much of anyplace else today given our politically correct environment.

Having spent some time in that area, there are historians who vouch for the accuracy, and there are documents, journals, and diaries that back this up, I believe this is the first time all that data has been collated into a single publication.

h/t JP


This is ONE way to get rid of Pelosi…

Via the mil email net and some others 🙂

Unattributed, but why not…

WASHINGTON (AP) – at 12:15pm today President Trump disclosed that he has reached an agreement with Enrique Pena Nieto, President of Mexico, which
provides for the sale of substantially all of the State of California to the country of Mexico. President Trump noted that this deal, which he claims “is his largest real estate deal ever” is a win-win for everyone involved.

One of the benefits he says he will highlight during a prime time address from the oval office later this evening, will include using the proceeds received by the US from Mexico to 1) pay for the Wall (fulfilling yet another campaign promise), a wall which
will now include the length of the eastern boarder of California,  2) fund all the infrastructure spending in the remaining 49 states and 3) pay to relocate the 67 Republicans that currently reside in California. He also noted that Federal money saved from the reduction of California citizens on US social programs will allow those social programs to be cash positive in less than 3 years. 

Mexican President Nieto announced that he has already introduced a bill to the Mexican Congress asking to change his country’s name to MexiCal. 

Other benefits President Trump intends to discuss during this evening’s prime time  address include:
• California will now be able to act as a sanctuary state within MexiCal noting that there is much more room for the refugees who will find the climate in the State of California more desirable than the climate in US cities such as NYC, Detroit or Chicago. 
• The elimination of the existing border between Mexico and California will allow drugs to flow more freely between Mexico and the users in Hollywood. Drug tunnel diggers at the Tijuana boarder will now be able to use their skills to dig tunnels under Los Angeles to help ease congestion in that city and allow rioters to move about the city’s universities more freely.
• The U.S. taxpayer will no longer be on the hook for any future disaster relief required once the next megaquake hits California.
• The space in the Capitol and other DC buildings vacated by representatives of California will be fumigated and turned into “time-out rooms” for the press as well as Liberty Centers where US citizens can meet with their congressmen to discuss the pursuit of economic freedom.
• Nancy Pelosi released a statement stating that she looks forward to making the Mexican President’s life miserable and prefers the year round weather in Mexico City to that of DC. Her office has already announced a schedule of fund raising activities for what is believed to be an upcoming campaign to run for President of MexiCal.

The exact northern border of the new MexiCal is still under negotiation. Apparently the White House is concerned that certain members of congress may be unwilling to give  up California’s wine country and are suggesting that the northern border align with the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge.

California residents will be issued special blue cards to cross the border into the US so that the total number of California liberals entering the US can be tracked and at any point in time not exceed predetermined levels. Residents that remain in California after the effective date of the sale will not be allowed to seek refugee status in the US in the future. 

Mexican President Nieto stated he is thrilled with the deal and is looking forward to declaring Spanish the national language for his newly acquired territory and opening SSL (Spanish as a second language) schools throughout California. He also noted that funding for the transaction would come from the Mexican drug cartels, which have agreed to provide low interest loans to Mexico so long as they are allowed to move their cash out of Switzerland and the Cayman Islands back into Mexico tax free. He also said he considers the fact that a Disney park will now be located within his country an added bonus.

Almost Done!!!

Final editing is complete, four tries to get it in the correct publishing format, but that’s all fixed. Now it’s down to getting proofs, and verifying that everything is where it’s supposed to be…

Here’s the blurb-

When California declares independence, their dreams of socialist diversity become nightmares for many from the high Sierras to the Central Valley. Follow the lives of those who must decide whether to stand their ground, or flee!

In San Diego, the commander of Naval Special Warfare Group One finds his hands tied by red tape, even as protesters storm the base and attack dependents.
In Los Angeles, an airline mechanic must beg, borrow, or bribe to get his family on the plane out before the last flight out.
Elsewhere, a couple seeks out the new underground railroad after being forced to confess to crimes they didn’t commit.
In the new state of Jefferson, farmers must defend themselves against carpetbaggers and border raiders.
And in the high Sierras, a woman must make the decision to walk out alone…

Featuring all-new stories set after Calexit:

A Matter of Honor– JL Curtis

Last Plane Out- Bob Poole

Carpetbaggers- Cedar Sanderson

Night Passage- Tom Rogneby

Roll, Colorado, Roll!- Alma Boykin

Final Flight- B Opperman

Freedom’s Ride- L B Johnson

The Farm- Eaton Rapids Joe

By Hook and Crook– Lawdog

Fifth Column- Kimball O’Hara

Well dang…

A tradition has ended…

Fearless flyers will laugh in the face of superstition today when they board the last ever Flight 666 to HEL on Friday the 13th. Travelling on the “unluckiest day of the year” could save you some pounds, but a journey straight to HEL on the 13th hour of the superstitious date is one flight most would probably like to avoid.

Since 2006, Finnair has done a single flight each Friday the 13th, from Copenhagen (CPH) to Helsinki  (HEL), with the flight number AY666…

Full article, HERE from the Telegraph.


Welp, the score is deer a whole bunch, me zero, zip, nada… That’s why it’s called hunting and not shooting…

But I did get to see two beautiful sunrises, and I wish I’d had a better camera. Peace and quiet, communing with nature…

And cussing the little yearlings, none of which were big enough to take… This one was maybe 20 feet away…

And this is six of them… Again, all yearlings, not big enough to take… Sigh…

You’d think eating these BIG acorns (Burr Oak if anyone is curious), they’d be fatter…

Probably the ‘best’ thing, was no phone, no internet, and no TV.  It’s amazing what that does to ‘improve’ one’s mental state and lower the BP…

Sadly, now it’s back to reality… And I’ve got a book to get out, and one to finish. But I really needed the break to just clear the mind. Thanks for being patient and waiting around until I got back.


This is WAY too damn early…

And this one just kicked over my gigglebox…

Still waiting on the wily deer… Sigh…

Gone Hunting…

For those wily deer… What I will probably see is…

Good news on the Calexit Anthology, I got the final edit back last night. Doing one more read through, and will put it in the print process in the next couple of days. It will probably take two weeks to make it through everything, with preps, pagination checks, proof reviews, etc.