Off doing research…

Getting geared up for the second in the new western series, so my visit up to Amarillo! Specifically to the panhandle plains historical museum. These are some of the original brands of Texas ranches that surround the main doors.


And this is one that got pulled for us, an 1860’s Colt Pocket Police! It’s in excellent shape for its age! Yes, it’s been well used, and no, they didn’t have front sights.

It is .36 caliber, and was literally carried in a front pocket of men’s trousers. The pockets were much deeper, and, lined with leather, became a suitable holster. Or they were carried in a jacket pocket.

The rest of the pics won’t mean anything, as they were close ups of various implements.

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Book promo…

Two new books by friends today!

First up is Mike Watson’s newest book in the 1632/Ring of Fire world- The Marshals

The blurb-

The New United States is about to join the United States of Europe, becoming the State of Thuringia and Franconia. The Thirty Years’ War is still being waged. Armies cross and re-cross the German states. With war comes lawlessness, and with lawlessness comes the need for law and order.

Who can fill this enforcement niche better than three retired old soldiers, known to down-timers as the Die Drei Alten Soldaten? Archie Mitchell, Harley Thomas, Max Huffman, retired US Army Master Sergeants who, with their apprentice, Dieter Issler, use their up-time experience as Deputy Sheriffs, to become the first Marshals of the newly created District Court system of the SoTF.

The Marshals are little known until Thomas Bloem and his sister, Maria D’Angelo, brother and sister journalists, arrive to interview them. They record the formation of the Marshal’s Service and the three Marshals, from their first case as Marion County Deputy Sheriffs, until they leave Grantville to provide law and order throughout the State of Thuringia and Franconia.

Mike has done some short stories around these characters, and in that world for Eric Flint’s Grantville Gazette and now has a complete and very well done novel in the world.

Next up is Peter Grant’s new western and new series, Annals of Ash- Wood, Iron, and Blood

The blurb-

Sometimes wanderlust skips a generation… but when it strikes, it strikes gold.

In 1852, fourteen-year-old Jeremy Ash rises to his grandfather’s challenge and sets out on the adventure of a lifetime – the California Trail.

It’s four deadly months and 1,600 merciless miles from the Missouri River to the goldfields of the Sierra Nevada. There’s alkali water that’ll poison you; desert heat that’ll fry your brains; mountain passes that’ll crush you; swarms of biting insects that’ll drive you mad; deadly diseases that’ll plague you; and warrior tribes that may make it lethally clear they don’t want you there.

Will the California Trail kill Jeremy, like so many others before him? Or will it make a man out of him? 

This one snuck up on Peter, and his muse drove him like a rented mule! It’s a great read!

Umm… About that research…

Apparently there is a ‘move’ afoot to quash certain kinds of paleogenetic research into where ‘we’ came from…

And it’s being ‘fought’ by the native American tribes!

The Campaign to Thwart Paleogenetic Research Into North America’s Indigenous Peoples

But this is where events took a strange turn: It was when Duggan’s group announced that they’d gained the capacity to analyze aDNA, and made known their plans to apply this technology to the male genome of their Labrador/Newfoundland skeletal sample, that a sense of apprehension seemed to spread through some quarters of the paleogenetic community.

During the summer of 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests, Duggan’s project went noticeably quiet. I inquired among team members with whom I regularly communicated, but received oblique and evasive responses about the pace of research and publication.

Full article, HERE from Quillette. It’s a bit of a read, but very interesting in what it reveals. And, IMHO, it is truly sad that this is happening, especially with more and more people researching their family histories and the ongoing DNA studies.


Hard to believe this was 50 years ago…

Still the best feel good story, I think, out of Vietnam, and probably the ultimate beer run!

Sadly, stuff like that will never happen again due to the ‘changes’ in policy and the zero tolerance mentality…

Personally, I’m glad there weren’t any cellphones and very few with cameras back when I was on active duty. I ‘think’ the statute of limitations is out on everything we did…
I think… 🙂


These came over the transom from the Mil-email side…

Military bumpersnickers…

“Except For Ending Slavery, Fascism, Nazism and Communism, WAR has Never Solved Anything.”

“U.S. Marines – Certified Counselors to the 72 Virgins Dating Club.”

“U.S. Air Force – Travel Agents To Allah”

“Stop Global Whining”

“When In Doubt, Empty The Magazine”

Naval Corollary: Dead Men Don’t Testify.

“The Marine Corps – When It Absolutely, Positively Has To Be Destroyed Overnight”

“Death Smiles At Everyone – Marines Smile Back”

“Marine Sniper – You can run, but you’ll just die tired!”

“What Do I Feel When I Kill A Terrorist?  A Little Recoil”

“Marines – Providing Enemies of America an Opportunity To Die For their Country Since 1775”

“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Anyone Who Threatens It”

“Happiness Is a Belt-Fed Weapon”

“It’s God’s Job to Forgive Bin Laden – It’s Our Job To Arrange The Meeting”

“Artillery Brings Dignity to What Would Otherwise Be Just A Vulgar Brawl”

“One Shot, Twelve Kills – U.S. Naval Gun Fire Support”

“My Kid Fought In Iraq So Your Kid Can Party In College”

“Machine Gunners – Accuracy By Volume”

“A Dead Enemy Is a Peaceful Enemy – Blessed Be The Peacemakers”


Did You Know This About Leather Dresses?

Do you know that when a woman wears a leather dress, a man’s heart beats quicker, his throat gets dry, he gets weak in the knees, and he begins to think irrationally???

Ever wonder why?

It’s because she smells like a new Truck…


B over at In the Middle of the Right posted this link yesterday, and it’s definitely worth sharing…

Appears our friends to the north are getting the SAME type of push/BS from their government…

This RCMP officer wasn’t having any of it, and is now done. He says he’s on ‘unpaid’ leave, but he’s got his 20, so I’m guessing he will be retired shortly.

His departure letter is HERE!

I went wandering trying to find accurate numbers of healthcare, EMS, or Fire/Police that have been fired but you can’t find anything ‘accurate’. Some reports say as many as 30% of healthcare workers are not vaccinated, others are saying ‘up to’ 1-2% of workers have been fired.

I wasn’t going to slog through each individual story to try to count them up, as this is just one more incidence of skewed/missing data. The more I look at this, the worse it looks, compared to the previous .gov ability to count job losses…

And for your dose of humor… Now that I no longer live in NOVA…

You know you’re from the DC Metro area if….

You say you’re “from DC”, but you actually live in Maryland or Virginia … it’s just simpler that way.
Your distant relatives (some of whom you haven’t met since your first birthday) call you for someplace to stay for free when they visit Washington. If you haven’t yet gotten used to saying “no” they might … might … take you out for a fancy dinner at IHOP. When they ask if you’d like that, you try to explain the wonders of Salvadorean, Ethiopian, Afghan, Thai and Indian food but eventually you give up and go to IHOP.
You listen with a smile as they rave about their visit to the Air and Space Museum, but you know several that are much better. Likewise, they don’t understand why you’re not thrilled to join them visiting all of the monuments. You have never actually been on the White House tour or to the Washington Monument (MUCH too much trouble). When you say you’re going to the Mall you might mean you’re going shopping, but you probably mean you’re going to a museum.
You know nobody who smokes. This mystifies your out-of-town guests.
You live in Virginia, but it’s Northern Virginia … it’s nothing like the rest of Virginia. The rest of Virginia doesn’t like us and they don’t vote for anything we favor. And we don’t have southern accents! (Exception: When you went to college somewhere else and asked “what are y’all doing?” they laughed at you for saying “y’all”.)
You know instantly who lives here and who doesn’t. The people who live here, young and old, all have photo IDs on lanyards around their necks. The tourists have matching neon shirts and caps and they all shop (filled with wonder) at Pentagon City Mall. Eventually, you find yourself uttering the phrase “damn tourists” entirely too often.
You know where Vietnam is – it’s been re-located to the Eden Center in Falls Church. Most of Korea is now in Annandale. Nobody is left in Bolivia or Ecuador, but you can find them all on the soccer fields of Arlington on Saturdays and Sundays. In off-hours and basement rooms, your church hosts Korean, Vietnamese, Hispanic and Ethiopian congregations.
You not only know what the World Bank, the IMF and EPA are, you know WHERE they are (and where the FBI and the CIA and the Pentagon are). You actually know someone who works for the CIA. Some of your friends don’t know what their parents/spouses do (it’s secret). You know several Congressmen/Senators/diplomats because they’re your next-door neighbors. You can live next door to an “unindicted co-conspirator” and not worry for your safety on that account — for that matter, your kids probably play with his kids and that doesn’t bother you either.
You know that fancy stretch limousines never contain anybody of the least importance. Really important people are driven in quiet black Lincoln Town Cars with reading lamps on the back of the rear seat. They are often seen empty (drivers chatting in a bunch nearby) next to television satellite-uplink trucks (gotta get that speech onto the evening news).
The sight of armed security no longer bothers you. The sight of LOTS of armed security at the Pentagon Metro station doesn’t bother you much, except for the thought that they’re looking at you and considering whether they might need to shoot you.
When people ask for directions, you tell them it’s either “inside” or “outside” the beltway. It is ALWAYS rush hour. You think traffic moving 1 mile in 5 minutes is “not that bad.” You actually know at what times the streets change directions and which direction they change to. You know that in Arlington, the same road can run parallel to itself, and often changes names mid-block.
You can take the subway to another state.
It is (and will always be) “NATIONAL AIRPORT” not “Reagan National”.
There are at least four 7-11’s on your road, about ¼ mile apart. Next to each is a McDonald’s.
You turn on the “local news” to hear about the latest national scandals/events.
The parking lot at work looks like an auto importer’s showroom.
You laugh every time you see the “Surrender Dorothy” regularly obliterated and then re-painted on the bridge over the beltway approaching the Mormon Temple.

You can go to school or work every day and see at least 5 people you’ve never seen before. The same number of people have suddenly moved away.

h/t Stretch (another escapee)

Funny that…

Seems like we HAD this discussion well over a year ago, if not longer…

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul started requiring hospitals to specify whether a hospitalized COVID patient was admitted with COVID symptoms or something else and just happened to test positive. The early results are in, and in New York state, 43% of patients listed as COVID hospitalizations did not list the virus as an admission diagnosis. They simply tested positive on the compulsory testing for all patients. In New York City alone, 51% of those listed as COVID hospitalizations have admissions diagnoses that do not include COVID.

Full article, HERE.

Remember the gunshot victims??? HERE.

Or the motorcyclist? HERE.

And a lot of questions over the last 2 years…

And the CDC even tried to explain it and how they calculated it, HERE.

Colorado actually ‘revised’ their numbers, dropping the death count significantly, HERE.

This is becoming even more of an issue now, with Omicron being much milder, but the MSM and others continue to ramp up the fear factor. I saw an interesting comparison yesterday of pandemics vs. death rates, went back to use it here, and it’s nowhere to be found. Sigh…

Well, we ‘know’ which side the liberals on SCOTUS are on…

There are lies, damned lies, and statistics, and OSHA mandates…

Obviously Sotomayor and Breyer don’t care about lying to their peers or the public, and sure as hell don’t understand numbers/statistics…

Here’s Sotomayor… Proven false from the get go… And what is she doing worrying about policy/medical issues rather than COURT issues.

And Breyer basically said exactly the same thing about vaccine and the omicron variant. 750,000,000 infections A DAY??? That is twice the population of the USA!!!

Roberts, on the other hand, asked what I believe is a critical question.  “How much power should the executive branch have? And what about State’s rights?”

Even Biden and his handlers admitted the whole vaccine mandate is unconstitutional, but they did it anyway, hoping to shove it through before anybody could object, and get big business to go along with it.

This goes back ‘at least’ to Obama, if not considerably farther with the whole “I have a pen and a phone.”

Congress has been notably incompetent/absent on a number of critical issues for a long time. DACA, Immigrants, State’s rights, Search and seizure, national concealed carry, et al… ALL of these SHOULD be handled by the congresscritters, not dumped on the courts, or given to the executive branch to handle (or fumble).

This is not even to get into the whole Fort Fumble/CDC/Fauci mess, where they change the recommendations based on pushback NOT on science! And moving the goalposts yet again…

Apparently the ‘new’ CDC definition of fully updated and vaccinated is three doses of Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna’s vaccines should be considered “up-to-date” inoculations, and that Johnson & Johnson recipients should receive a second dose, preferably of Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech, to also be considered up to date.

Full article, HERE.

I just wonder how long it will be before these ‘new’ goalposts get moved again, or revised ‘again’…

And it appears Citigroup is going ahead with firing unvaxxed effective 14 January…

No jab, no job: Citigroup to fire unvaccinated staff this month – memo

Full article HERE, from Reuters.

I’m just glad I’m retired and in Texas where I don’t have to put up with that crap. I’ve taken the basic doses, but that’s it, based on the asschewing from my cardiologist… sigh

Heart of a Child…

Just caught this song…

It’s worth the time to take a listen. And the kids ARE really the ones that are suffering…

I just don’t know what we can do, since it seems everyone in a position of power is against the kids going back to school even if they are forced to take the ‘vaccine’…

And the irony of homeschooling is that some states, like Commiefornia, now say the ONLY valid homeschooling is what THEY prescribe/approve… Grrr