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Got wrapped around the axle working on the Haunted Library Anthologies for our local library.

Here’s a quick look at two possible covers…

We had 22 stories that made it, so there will be two volumes, probably the first in the next couple of weeks.

The first volume will have the following stories-

Secrets of Mrs Pruski Medlock

A Lioness in Winter K Legg

A matchmaking Ghost Zinn

Library Donations Schultz

Old Librarians Never Die Whisnand

Tommy and the Cheerleader Ro Smith

All Because of Some Books Re Smith

Eva Third Floor Mystery Ehme

A Death in the Stacks Grenoille

Overdue Return Tim Rangnow

The Ghost Writer K Gray

The Groundskeeper Hoodoo You Do Sanderson

And the possible covers…

The second volume will have the following stories-

The Knowledge Foster

The Ghosts of Port Aransas Brock

Out of Circulation Dyck

TEF Burns

The Book Return Gilbert

First Annual Eunice J Tucker Book Burning and BBQ Barrett

Dragon’s Butterfly Piazzo

TheWillow Park Ghost Gillis

Interview With A Librarian Thomas

The Librarian’s Looking Glass Zeidler

The Old Man Curtis

The second volume will come out 30 days after the first one!


Cubi Point, 1975…

From the bounce pattern!

Left turn on takeoff, looking out over Olongapo at Subic Navy base and the main gate.

Downwind. USS Kitty Hawk at the carrier pier, with Cubi off to the left, and Grande Island in the distance.

Over the top of Cubi Point Air Station. Marine A-4s, A-6s, C-1 CODS, and two C-47s on the ramp along with eight of nine P-3s. And some other cats and dogs aircraft I don’t remember…

Photos by my shipmate, S. Shell


Is everything!

Electric Bus Burst Into Flames During East Coast Heatwave – One Day After Connecticut Gov. Requires All Future State Vehicles to Run On Electric Power

Full article, HERE at Gateway Pundit.

This on top of all the states that are getting hit hard by the heat wave that has the country in its grip right now. Among others, Tesla is asking owners NOT to charge their vehicles in Texas between 3 and 8 pm, due to the ‘load’ on the grid.

California, depending on whom you talk to, is starting to experience rolling brownouts, apparently Oregon is having problems, and there are others that are having power issues because of  ‘going green’…

Last week, one of the wind turbines down by Crowell caught fire after a lightning strike. Video and article, HERE from KBTX. One of the other problems Texas is having, is that the high temps have caused the winds to die down, so the wind farms aren’t producing the power they ‘should’ be…

All the while, the administration is pushing for MOAR ELECTRIC VEHICLES! They have driven gas/diesel prices to the highest seen in many years, and are now threatening to cancel permits already in hand on Federal lands, if the oil companies aren’t pumping/drilling on those permits.

And there aren’t enough charging stations, nor power available to the grid, much less to subdivisions to charge electric cars. In our county there are three, count em, THREE public charging stations in the entire county! And they’re out at a truck stop on 287!

Simply unbelievable stupidity, or malice from the administration, I don’t know which…

h/t for the bus story to Stretch!

About that whole trust thing…

Apparently we shouldn’t have…

Former White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx says she knew that the COVID-19 vaccines would not protect against infection.

Full article, HERE. And HERE from PJ Media.

And today, the administration is lying to us again about what is a ‘recession’…

  1. 1. a period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced, generally identified by a fall in GDP in two successive quartersBold is mine…

    This is happening, but now they are saying this is ‘only ONE of the markers, you also have to look at yada, yada, yada… sigh… Article HERE from Newsweek.

Why the hell should we believe a damned thing coming out of DC anymore???



Kids and water are a ‘guarantee’ of a good night’s sleep!

The grandkids got to go out on the boat, AND got to ride a Jet Ski this past weekend!!!

PP was smart, she stayed on the boat while her hubby took the kids for a ride.

And when they got home, this was as far as the boy made it… Sound asleep on Karl in the middle of the kitchen floor!!!

At least the girl child made it to the couch…

I remember how both PP and her sister would do the same thing when they were kids…LOL


When is a recession not a recession? When Presidentish Joe Biden says it ain’t, Jack.

Axios reported that White House economic advisors on Thursday moved the goalposts on what a recession is. The traditional definition of a recession is two or more quarters of economic shrinkage, but the Biden administration argues that “by most measures,” according to Axios, “the world’s largest economy remains comfortably in expansion mode.”

Full article, HERE.

FWIW, my bank account and my 401K are both telling me I’m broker’n hell… Inflation, at least according to .gov is 9.1%, but my bank account is saying it’s more like 15-16% at the minimum! My 401K has lost about 30% of value so far this year, and I’m not holding out much hope for any kind of comeback anytime soon.

And DOD, Social Security, et al are saying there will be ‘massive’ pay raises for the military and SS… of 4.6% max for DOD and ‘maybe’ 5% for SS. So a net loss of 4.1-4.5% of my net income, and they’re talking about raising taxes!

Oh, and homeowners are seeing 15-20% ‘gains’ in appraisal values on their homes, which means the property taxes are going up, school taxes, etc. So more money out of my pocket.

Where is it going to end???

I don’t have a clue at this point, I just know I’m hunkering down, buying what I can extra every month, and praying nothing else goes wrong on the house this year…

A little humor for your weekend!!!

Tired of posting negative stuff this week, so you get humor…

Rules of the Modern World

If at first you don’t succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried. Seen that one done… sigh

A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking.

Experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it. Assuming you survive the mistakes…

For every action, there is an equal and opposite criticism.

He who hesitates is probably right. But he’s always late

Never do card tricks for the group you play poker with.

No one is listening until you make a mistake. And then they make sure EVERYBODY knows…

Success always occurs in private, and failure in full view. BTDT!

The colder the X-ray table, the more of your body is required to press on it. And the more x-rays they need…

The hardness of the butter is proportional to the softness of the bread. Always!!!

To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal from many is research. Depends on whether or not the cites are correct…

To succeed in politics, it is often necessary to rise above your principles.  And be narcissistic as hell!!!

Two wrongs are only the beginning. Snerk

Work is accomplished by those employees who are still striving to reach their level of incompetence. Or the ones that actually care…

You never really learn to swear until you learn to drive. (The corollary is: You never learn to pray until your kids learn to drive!) Or go in the military… Especially the Navy!

The problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard.  And Darwin doesn’t always win, either!

Monday is an awful way to spend 1/7th of your life. Or 2/7ths, or 3/7ths, depending on how your week is or isn’t going…

The sooner you fall behind, the more time you’ll have to catch up. (Project Management at its best). Or you’re told day 1 you’re already 90 days behind… BTDT one too!


From a farmer in Minnesota…

For those of you that think electric vehicles are the answer- this is a true story from a farmer in the Midwest- and I’m reposting it-
A close friend farms over 10,000 acres of corn in the midwest. The property is spread out over 3 counties. His operation is a “partnership farm” with John Deere. They use the larger farm operations as demonstration projects for the promotion and development of new equipment. He recently received a phone call from his John Deere representative, and they want the farm to go to electric tractors and combines in 2023. He currently has 5 diesel combines that cost $900,000 each that are traded in every 3 years. Also, over 10 really BIG tractors.
JD wants him to go all-electric soon.
He said: “Ok, I have some questions. How do I charge these combines when they are 3 counties away from the shop in the middle of a cornfield, in the middle of nowhere?”
“How do I run them 24 hours a day for 10 or 12 days straight when the harvest is ready, and the weather is coming in?”
“How do I get a 50,000+ lb. combine that takes up the width of an entire road back to the shop 20 miles away when the battery goes dead?”
There was dead silence on the other end of the phone.
When the corn is ready to harvest, it has to have the proper sugar and moisture content. If it is too wet, it has to be put in giant dryers that burn natural or propane gas, and lots of it. Harvest time is critical because if it degrades in sugar content or quality, it can drop the value of his crop by half a million dollars or more.
It is analyzed at the time of sale.
It is standard procedure to run these machines 10 to 12 days straight, 24 hours a day at peak harvest time.
When they need fuel, a tanker truck delivers it, and the machines keep going. John Deere’s only answer is “we’re working on it.”
They are being pushed by the lefty Dems in the government to force these electric machines on the farmer.
These people are out of control.
They are messing with the production of food crops that feed people and livestock… all in the name of their “green dream.”
Look for the cost of your box of cornflakes to triple in the next 24 months…”
THIS is truly scary… Just sayin…

TBT… 53 years ago…


Yes, I’m old… I was sitting in a bar in Rome on the Via Veneto when this happened. Technically, it was on the 21st over there… It was around 3am when they finally landed and set foot on the moon!

We had hijacked a man and his daughter off the street to translate the Italian TV for us, and they sat there for four or five hours translating for us. I think we gave him something like $200-300 for translating.

The other thing I remember is walking back to the pensione we were staying at early that morning was that every store that had a TV had it in the front window, and we probably saw a thousand people crowding around them.

I picked this paper up July 21, 1969, and somehow have held on to it.

Rome Paper Moon Landing

And no, I didn’t draw the KEDS on the sole of the boot… sigh…

The takeaway for the kids out there is that this was done WITHOUT computers. Slipsticks, elegant math, and skull sweat made it all work.

Sadly, now 53 years later, we can’t get back there, have lost our space capability, and NASA has to fight tooth and nail for maintenance funding… Sigh

Sighting in a scope…

Edited to add good points from comments! Thanks RHT/jrg

I got a question in email about this, so here ya go… From 2010…

Tips, tricks and lessons learned…

Sighting in rifles is always interesting, even more with scopes.  Here’s what I’ve learned over (mumble) years of screwups, multiple tries, and lots of help from people that actually KNOW what they are doing…

1st assumption- You have already bore sighted, laser sighted, used a collimator to get the sights/scope pretty close to on…

2nd assumption- You have reviewed your ballistics tables for the round you are going to zero/hunt with (and it’s the same round).  You’ve recorded the altitude, weather (temp, humidity, etc.).  This becomes the base for the ‘dope’ for that rifle/scope/round combo.  If you know you are zeroing at/near sea level, and know you will be hunting at 4-6000 feet of altitude, you will know what corrections you will need when you get on site to re-zero the rifle.

Set up-

Target- Use a target that has the 1 inch blocks printed on the target, makes it MUCH easier to determine how far off one is…

Spotting scope- Nice to have, or you’re gonna be doing a LOT of walking back and forth…

Rifle Rest-  If you are using something like a Caldwell’s Lead Sled (which are NICE, but pricey), don’t exceed 25 lbs of weight on the sled. You DO want the rifle to be able to recoil at least a little bit. If you put too much weight on it, you risk damaging the stock due to the action and recoil lug slamming back into the stock with NO movement (remember, most rifles are NOT fully bedded so only screws and the recoil lug are the only thing holding them in the stock).  You want the front arm to hold the rifle as near the barrel end of the scope as possible, and seated as well as possible in the pad; for the butt, place it firmly into the pad and rest your shooting hand on the rifle, use the other hand to manipulate the front arm to get the proper height and aimpoint for the rifle.

Note: Recoil will move the rifle to the rear. It is now in a DIFFERENT position. Put a piece of masking tape with a witness mark on the forend. Have a corresponding witness mark on the front rest. After each shot, lift the rifle just enough to break contact and move it forward to line up the witness marks.

If you use a bipod for the front, you are stuck with its position on the forward end of the stock.  if you use a tripod /rifle rest/sandbag  for the front, position it at the barrel end of the scope, or just forward of the receiver group at the thickest part of the stock (this should also be just forward of the balance point of the rifle).   For the butt, use your choice of bags, but here is where it gets interesting…

Use the bags to get the proper aim point WITHOUT having to squeeze the bags.  What you want to get in either case is a STABLE, REPEATABLE position for the rifle.  Trust me, you can’t do that if you’re sitting there trying to squeeze a bag up, or pressing down to try to ‘flatten’ one out to get your aim point.

Clean barrel or fouling shots-

You can clean your barrel with acetone to remove the light oil you (hopefully) put in the rifle the last time you cleaned it.  One patch with acetone should remove the oil and allow a ‘clean’ shot on the first shot.  If you choose fouling shots, run a clean patch through the bore before you start, then 2-3 fouling shots (don’t look at this as a group, because they may be flyers).

Wait 20 minutes…  Why?  Give the rifle time to cool down. You want to shoot what are effectively cold bore shots out of any rifle that doesn’t have a heavy barrel (heavy barreled rifles have a different procedure).

If you’re bored, go google rifle barrel harmonics- Harmonics and barrel flex are real, and play a significant part in rifle accuracy (more on that later).  Also, heat weakens the barrel and allows more flex/harmonics (e.g. wider pattern of flyers).  It may be that your rifle doesn’t ‘like’ a particular load, so it is always advisable to have at least a couple of different weight bullets available to check grouping  (for example, my rifle does not like 168gr bullets, but does like 173-175 gr bullets (to the tune of about ½ inch tighter groups; while a friend with the identical rifle is just the opposite).

Body position-

Get into a comfortable, stable shooting position, minimizing tension on the body (preferably similar to the shooting position you will use in the field).  Confirm your sight picture is correct or adjust as required (no squeezing the bag)…

Do NOT put your off hand on the weapon anywhere, put it flat on the shooting bench or curled under your shooting hand.  WITH THE CHAMBER EMPTY, assume the position, get a good cheek weld, put your shooting hand on the weapon such that your palm is touching the stock in the proper position to place your finger on the trigger, DO NOT wrap your thumb over the top of the stock.  Re-confirm your sight picture is correct or adjust as required (no squeezing the bag), (some people use mnemonics to confirm position, breathing, trigger pull), continue pulling the trigger until you get a surprise break on the dry fire (the sight picture should NOT change).  Look at the sight picture again, if it is off to either side, you are not getting a straight pull back on the trigger and your rounds are NOT going to go where you think you’re aiming.

Lather, rinse, repeat until you get the correct finger position that does not move the rifle/change the sight picture during the trigger squeeze.  Once you have done that, fire three rounds using exactly the same sight picture, hold, mnemonic, and trigger pull.

Note- you don’t need to do this fast, as you want the barrel to stay at/near ambient.

If you shoot a called flyer, shoot one more to get a good three shot group.

Once you have that group, look at the error (hopefully a fairly small one).  Let’s say you are 2 in high and 1 in left.  Make the BIGGER correction first, tapping the turret after you make the change, and shoot three more rounds (using the techniques above).  Confirm that correcting ‘worked’, then make the smaller correction, tapping the turret after each chage and repeat.  At this point you ‘should’ be on target.  If your scope is a ¼ min/click you can further refine if you desire, if it’s 1/2 or 1min/click, you’re done, same if it’s iron sights.

Note: Some scopes will not ‘seat’ the reticle properly until shot, unless you tap the turrets.

I know people claim they can zero a rifle in 2 shots, but honestly I’ve never been able to do that… Guess I’m just a dummy…

If you need to zero for 200x and only have a 100x range, look at your ballistics curve for the ammo you are shooting, look at your 200x zero and it will give you the ‘over’ at 100x (usually around an inch with most ammo).

Very carefully loosen the caps on your scope and readjust to the new zero position and re-tighten as necessary.  If you have a BDC cap, I’d recommend another three shot group with a different range to check zero (e.g. select 300x BDC and the rounds should be appx 2-3 inches high depending on ballistics table).

If you have standard caps, I’d recommend zero of 200x for hunting as anything between 100x and 300x will hit within about +/-3 inches of aim point across those ranges with most ammunition.

The next thing is to shoot the gun in the position I will be using it in the field. I’ll usually take three shots to confirm my zero.

NOTE: If your zero is significantly off, you may need to rezero using your shooting position instead of a bench position! I have seen this happen once, with a gent that put the front rest all the way out at the end of the forestock on a Winchester.

At this point, I’m done; I don’t clean the rifle again until hunting is complete for the year.  I also will always do at least one cold bore shot at 100x before I go into the field to hunt, just to make sure nothing got knocked loose in transit!

Disclaimer- There are tons of how to sight rifle links on the net, and plenty of forums and blogs that detail this also.  These happen to be mine, based on MY experiences.  YMMV, INAL, etc… 🙂

Shoot em good folks!