Book promo…

Mike Watson is first up with a collection of stories- Dundee Orbital: Tales of the Tri-Cluster Confederation

As always, click on the cover for the Amazon link.

The blurb-

Dundee Orbital is the mercantile hub of the Tri-Cluster Confederation. Millions of entities pass through the station and each has a story.

  •     The Face on the Barroom Floor. Donal Harris has a mystery on his hands. He has a murder victim with no fingerprints, no hair, eyebrows, ears and only a smooth oval head with no identifiable features. His DNA is not registered and he has perfect teeth. Who killed him, why, and who is he?
  •     Homegoing to Hollowell.
    Dee-Ell Davies wants just one thing—to go home to Hollowell and he’ll do anything, even defy death, to make that happen.
  •     The Fenian. Fen is a naval intelligence agent who has chased his quarry across human space to Dundee Orbital. Is this the end of the chase? What does Fen’s fugitive want in Dundee Orbital? Fen, Donal Harris, and Elspeth Harris are determined to discover why and thwart the spy’s plans.
  •     Li’l Annie. Part I. Annie Griffin is a bounty hunter who arrives at Dundee Orbital with four fugitive warrants. Senior Patroller Henry Hillman is assigned to observe her pursuit and insure the proper protocols and procedures are followed. During the hunt, propinquity leads to a growing relationship between the two. When Henry and Annie are wounded capturing their last fugitive, that relationship deepens.
  •    Li’l Annie. Part II. If Annie wants to stay on the station, she needs a new job. Her tenure as a bounty hunter is over and it’s time for her life to take a   new direction, but what to do? She only has one skill. But, is there a demand for it?

Karl Gallagher is next up with a new novel in a new series- Storm between the Stars

The blurb-

Niko Landry and his crew thought a routine hyperspace survey would be easy money. But when the barrier separating their homeworld from the rest of the human race opens, they seize the chance to go exploring . . . finding an empire more dangerous than they imagined.

And a couple of short stories… First is Cedar Sanderson’s The Violet Mouse

The blurb-

Trust me.
There are things in the lab no-one ever talks about.
Risk everything.
How far would you go to save a friend’s last hope?

Three friends, one fateful conversation. You can’t let your closest friends do something drastic, not if you can help it. When one of you has a a brilliant mind, another is a skeptic, and the last one is willing to be a guinea pig… should you stop them?

A short story.

Last but not least, Martin Wilsey- Piper’s Run: Tales from Lumina Station

The blurb-

Jules Piper was the Engineer on a small deep-space freighter. She thought she was having a bad day when she discovered the water reclamation system had failed.

With no way to collect ice and more than three weeks to their destination, her Captain decided to make a stop.

It was the right planet. It was also the wrong time…

A short story

All good reads, and a great way to kill a few hours in the heat of the day!!!

Random ‘stuff’…

Remember how ‘contract tracing’ would be effortless and perfect?

The Tennessee Department of Health said about 300 people were incorrectly traced as COVID-19 cases due to a coding error.

Oopsie… Full article, HERE.

And there’s this story of tyranny in Kansas…

Enter the Linn County Health Department. Their contract tracers asked the sick one about gatherings he had attended – the July 4 co-celebrators were inventoried.

The contract tracers called the Peerys. The Peerys reported no fevers, no coughs, no symptoms of Covid-19. They asked to be tested. Their request was denied – not enough tests to go around, they were told.

Read the ‘rest of the story’, HERE.


Y’all have a safe and quiet weekend!

For your consideration…

This one came across the transom from the mil email group…

We Are Veterans.
We left home as teenagers for an unknown adventure.
We loved our country enough to defend it and protect it with our own lives.
We said goodbye to friends and family and everything we knew.
We learned the basics and then we scattered in the wind to the far corners of the Earth.
We found new friends and new family.
We became brothers and sisters regardless of color, race or creed.
We had plenty of good times, and plenty of bad times.
We didn’t get enough sleep.
We smoked and drank too much.
We picked up both good and bad habits.
We worked hard and played harder.
We didn’t earn a great wage.
We experienced the happiness of mail call and the sadness of missing important events.
We didn’t know when, or even if, we were ever going to see home again.
We grew up fast, and yet somehow, we never grew up at all.
We fought for our freedom, as well as the freedom of others.
Some of us saw actual combat, and some of us didn’t.
Some of us saw the world, and some of us didn’t.
Some of us dealt with physical warfare, most of us dealt with psychological warfare.
We have seen and experienced and dealt with things that we can’t fully describe or explain, as not all of our sacrifices were physical.
We participated in time honored ceremonies and rituals with each other, strengthening our bonds and camaraderie.
We counted on each other to get our job done and sometimes to survive it at all.
We have dealt with victory and tragedy.
We have celebrated and mourned.
We lost a few along the way.
When our adventure was over, some of us went back home, some of us started somewhere new and some of us never came home at all.
We have told amazing and hilarious stories of our exploits and adventures.
We share an unspoken bond with each other, that most people don’t experience, and few will understand.
We speak highly of our own branch of service, and poke fun at the other branches.
We know however, that, if needed, we will be there for our brothers and sisters and stand together as one, in a heartbeat.
Being a veteran is something that had to be earned, and it can never be taken away.
It has no monetary value, but at the same time it is a priceless gift.
People see a veteran and they thank them for their service.
When we see each other, we give that little upwards head nod, or a slight smile, knowing that we have shared and experienced things that most people have not.
So, from myself to the rest of the veterans out there, I commend and thank you for all that you have done and sacrificed for your country.
Try to remember the good times and forget the bad times.

Share your stories. Now more than ever, people need to know what we stood for and many died for.

But most importantly, stand tall and proud, for you have earned the right to be called a Veteran. 🇺🇸

And I found a copy of the doctor’s capital hill video, HERE on Breitbart. Everybody else took it down for being ‘false’…

Well frack…

Interwebz is down again. Go read the folks on the sidebar. Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow.

Ye olde Kafka trap…

Straight out of the left’s playbook…

Want to know how activists in places like Portland take over roads, smash windows, light buildings on fire, and still have the press call them non-violent?

Good work from Wokal Distance via Thread Reader, HERE.

And then there’s this…

The other thing of interest is that if you ‘support’ BLM with a donation, you’re actually donating to Act Blue, which is the Obama superpac.

Buyer (or donator) beware…


When the chickens come home to roost…

Radio host mocks Trump by claiming Seattle is peaceful, then rioters torched his apartment building

Full article, HERE.

Interesting how quickly he changed his mind…

And the ballistic beatification of the protester in Austin has begun…

Several protesters — including Foster, who was holding a rifle — approached the car, and Foster had his rifle pointed at the ground, witnesses said. The driver pointed his gun outside the window, fired several shots, then sped away, witnesses said.

Other protesters with rifles also fired shots after the driver did, said witness Julian Salazar.

First article, HERE.

AUSTIN — A 28-year-old man who was pushing his fiancée’s wheelchair at a protest in downtown Austin was fatally shot Saturday night, the couple’s families say.


“He was going to these protests because he was fighting against police brutality,” Sheila Foster said Sunday. “He was pushing her wheelchair across the intersection when this happened. Thank God she didn’t get hit.”

Second article, HERE.

And so it begins… Where does it end? I have no idea, but I’m afraid it’s NOT going to end well!

Some assembly required…

Oops, apparently scheduler didn’t ‘schedule’ correctly…


Had some guests in from out of town, and it was my turn to cook last night.

So I did a southern dinner, from old family recipes…

Shrimp and grits with Tasso gravy and sides.

However, it takes some ‘assembly’ to actually put the plate together. But my guests were pretty accomplished eaters…

The finished product, prior to devouring.  Shrimp over cheese grits, tasso gravy, green beans with onions, seasoning, and enough bacon grease to add a little ‘taste’ to it.

It went over pretty well…

If you fly…

You need to see this…

What he says is true. Period, end of statement.


Sadly, this isn’t far from the truth in the IT world… They want unicorns…

Looking to hire a Jr Data Scientist:

– 15 years Python
– 30 years SQL
– 20 years AWS
– 15 years Spark
– 15 years Terraform
– Core contributor to assembly code base
– Team player
– Should have some sort of martial arts experience, whether Ninja, Jujitsu, or Karate. All 3 is preferred.
– Knows SQL, NoSQL, NewSQL and all future flavors of SQL
– Project Management experience
– Strong experience with Keras, TensorFlow, Sklearn, XGBoost and preferably has written their own ML library from scratch.
– Should have published at least 2 top level academic papers preferably focused around a Convolutional Recurrent Back-propagating Neural Network
– Open source contributor at least 5 projects.
– Experience leading teams of 10,000 people or more
– Managed CI/CD pipeline for an application with at least 2 billion daily users
– Should have at least 1 PhD, 5 is preferred.

Yes, we have ping pong tables and an open floor plan and lots of salty snacks in the breakroom. Organic Kombucha on tap.

The interviews will consist of a 5 day process of whiteboarding algorithms from scratch followed by writing your own compiler and a coding exam will be taken at random from the 20 most popular programming languages.

And the best response…

Dear Hiring Manager. Im interested in Jr Data Scientist Position you posted. I’m sure that my yet short but fast growing 50 years career matches your profile. In addition to the listed requirements i have pilot license and speak Hebrew and Hungarian fluently. Im eagerly looking forward your offer including 7 digit monthly salary net in British pounds, premium medical insurance for all my family and relatives, working space at least 100 sqr m, personal assistant, lawyer, company jet, 6 room apartment in the downtown and welcome bonus at your convenience.

Y’all need to see this…

My neighbor has known this lady for over 30 years. He said she is the real deal. She didn’t mince words at all!

Please share this far and wide!!!

Blunt honesty from a lady who went from welfare to millionaire…