Comfort food…

Here’s the recipe for my version of Red Beans and Rice.  Slightly modified from the original because a couple of our folks are dealing with dental issues right now…

1/2-3/4 pound of dry pulled pork (no BBQ sauce)

Saute the trinity and garlic in the olive oil for 5 minutes, then dump everything in a slow cooker on high for 4 hours.
Two large cans of collard greens, cooked with bacon grease and a little salt and pepper.
4 cups of rice, prepared in vegetable stock instead of water.
Corn bread of your choice… Enjoy!
Whomever gets the bay leaf gets to do the dishes!!! 🙂

In the formerly Great Britain…

This one came over the transom from the mil email string from the Sergeant Major…

From a friend in the UK:
“Gunfire in London is no longer uncommon, even though guns are technically ‘illegal’ here!
Knife attacks are also a plague, and ever associated with deadly gang warfare. Most gangs here are composed of immigrants, almost all illegal, and they’re constantly engaged in lethal territorial disputes.
As a result, London’s rate of violent crime is soaring, now exceeding even NYC’s (where there are at least a few legal guns)!
Guns of all types (all illegal of course) are streaming into our country, by the boatload, on any navigable waterway, and believe it or not, right through the capital’s main waterway, the Thames!
Most are smuggled-in from the Mideast.
As in The States, illegal migrants also come unhindered across our porous (water) borders, which we will not protect as a matter of public policy.
When our cops ‘stop-and-search,’ they’re automatically accused of ‘racism,’ even when they unfailingly find these illegal immigrants laden with guns and other weapons.
In the interim, our frightened citizenry remains disarmed and defenseless.
London’s Islamic mayor now wants to ban even kitchen knives!
I live in a country populated with VBCs (Victims, by Choice) who (by law) have no means of protecting themselves and thus daily live in morbid fear of armed and violent criminals, about whom our government does virtually nothing.
We anxiously cower behind locked doors, afraid to go out.
We’ve been robbed of our personal well-being, our heritage, peace, but most of all, we’ve been robbed of dignity!
More correctly, we’ve traded our dignity for a pitiable handout and the myth of ‘safety,’ which as noted above, is a lie!
Who value their health are well-advised not to come here.
Defend your Second Amendment, or you’ll be like us!”
Comment: “Learned helplessness,” a critical axiom of leftist politics, invariably leads to the above-described nauseating personal and national degradation.
The spread of liberal/leftist philosophy relies completely on people being blind to history.
The individual possession and bearing of arms imparts to every citizen a sense of personal worth and dignity, an air of self-respect and responsibility, impossible to bring-about any other way.
It’s turning into a real cluster over there, as other friends have pointed out. And you know it is getting bad when the Bobbies are routinely carrying weapons!!!


Kamala Harris is the Dems ‘logical’ attack bitch… Female and black, so two cards in one. That trumps Haspel, as she’s ‘only’ female. And they let her off the leash today, HERE.

I find this abhorrent and disgusting, trying to re-legislate something that has already been done, in a simple yes and no question? Then being so damn petty as to keep beating on this, no one that has ever been on the front lines could answer that as a yes or a no. I was waterboarded three times in training, and I survived it. No, it wasn’t pleasant, yes I thought I would drown, but there was no permanent damage…

Gina Haspel was in the field as an operator, doing her damnest to protect the US and the agents under her. She obviously knows MUCH more than she said, but this was an open hearing, and she actually refused to disclose classified data.

What was Harris doing? And what was her REAL goal today? Apparently she’s ‘positioning’ herself to make a run for the White House, according to some. She doesn’t realize the USA isn’t California, and us bitter clingers in flyover country have a long memory…

This crap needs to stop! It is time to stop playing games with this country’s security, foreign policy, and operations while you try to make a damn point that Trump isn’t President.

Face facts folks, your side LOST in 2016, it’s time to get on with governing the country as best we can. And you’re NOT doing that with your petty bullshit games.


Gotta ‘love’ how the MSM portrays stuff…

WSJ ‘headline’-

Protests Outside NRA Convention Pull Focus to School Gun Violence

Full article/video HERE.

Except… They weren’t anywhere near the actual convention. And note how tightly the TV shots were done… This was to NOT show the green space around the few protesters that did show up, and no coverage of the counter protesters.

And this guy either didn’t show up to write the story for USA Today, HERE, or he was ‘elsewhere’…

And of course the Huffpo had to get in on the act, HERE, but strangely, I don’t remember actually seeing or hearing of any ‘march’ on the convention center. And the pictures give lie to the ‘hundreds’ of protesters…  I can’t believe that would have been missed… We would have been scrambling to get outside ad cover that!!!

There was very little coverage of the counter protesters, and the most unbiased report I found was, but the video takes a LONG time to load.

And of course there are ‘dire’ predictions that these protests will follow the convention to Indy next year… These ‘protests’ have been going on in some form, in some location, since at least 2011 that I know of.


Well, back home, with a nights sleep in my own bed, so I’m semi-coherent…

I will preface this with the fact that this is the 7th convention I have attended, starting with Pittsburgh in 2011.

The convention center was big enough, but parking was a PITA! There was a bit of a wait to get credentials, but once that was done, it was time to walk the floor. I like to start in the collector’s area first, and as always, the various organizations/individuals have some beautiful displays and truly classic arms. I’m not going to bore you with them, but I’ll put just one up…

1848 second model Colt Dragoon… There were 13 more, all from the Jim and Carrie Eplen collection! And according to Mr. Eplen’s son, these are the ‘nicer’ ones!!!

 For all of the mantra of ‘striker fired, plastic, pick your caliber, pick your color, etc.’ there were an awful lot of folks with 1911s or upgrades for 1911s. And it seemed like most of the booths had at least one variant of an AR-15 in it. I never really saw anything in any booth that jumped out and grabbed me as the ‘next great thing’.

There were the usual oddities, three barreled shotguns, etc. The biggest change I’ve seen is the number of training devices. A couple of years ago there were one or two laser training devices, now there are at least ten. They can replace dry fire, which is boring as hell with various challenges, and you get to see where the shot hits, which helps to ‘finish’ the dry fire, as it were. One that intrigued me was by Laser Ammo Training Technologies, it was a little tripod device. It could be set as a timer, with various sized ‘holes’ for the laser to penetrate, simulating various ranges of shots.

There were a number of clothing suppliers, 5.11, Vertex, TruSpec and others, catering to hunters, CCW, and active outdoors. Prices were up a little, but not out of line with the previous years. Same for the folks with backpacks, carry packs, etc. The booths for holsters were packed all day, every day, with lots of sales from what I saw. The women’s off body carry selections seemed to be more ‘mainstream’, but I’ll leave those discussions to others.

Lots of optics, various sight makers, bullet/ammo suppliers, and ‘accessories’ (yes, the AR is TRULY Barbie for men, and now women).

Kubota and Yamaha had booths, hawking their ATV lines, small generators, and ‘power’ products for the field. There was also an outfitter’s area, along with a collector’s area prominently called out on the maps, allowing people to zero in on those if they so desired.

There was also a LOT less swag… I didn’t see any free t-shirts, really good pins (every manufacturer used to give those out routinely), and most of the ‘show discounts’ were 5-10%. where in the last few years, they have been considerably higher.

But a more noticeable change was the demographics over the last couple of years. Less older/retired veterans, although I did see a couple of WWII vets in wheelchairs. Sadly, many were saying “Joe” or “Charlie” just couldn’t make it this year, or he’d passed. There was definitely a more fit crowd, younger, and more focused on specific items. and a lot of them (both male and female) are veterans, unless I miss my guess, based on the times I heard the words duty, honor, and responsibility in various conversations.

The other thing I’ve noticed is an increase in female participation, no longer being drug along by hubby, but dragging them along, or by themselves, sometimes with baby in a stroller. And they know what they want, as noted by Lawdog! Also, more women are participating in or featured in the lectures, training discussions, etc.  Julie Golob was featured in a stand up on Friday, and a number of others were working various booths. Nothing like the booth babes of old, these women KNOW what they are doing, they are the subject matter experts, and can outshoot most of us! 🙂

I also saw a larger percentage of ‘minorities’, if you will. Again, knowledgeable, many of them veterans, and continuing to shoot. Everyone was, as always, very polite, and accommodating, especially for those with kids, or handicaps. To me, this is a win! And a big one! Shooting is a big tent, and the NRA will never please everyone, because of the diversity in the shooting community, but to see the mix at the convention makes me think folks are becoming more proactive.

As always, I like to talk to the LEOs and service people who support the show, and everyone I spoke with were very complimentary of the crowds. They cleaned up after themselves, there were no incidents, and most of the LEOs were happy since the local perps were ‘on vacation’ while we were in town. And a couple of the LEOs were thankful for the thanks and good wishes they had gotten on the floor and while outside on patrol.

There were protesters and counter protesters, but they were kept well away from the Convention Center itself. I talked to one mid-60ish lady and her daughter who had gone over there. She is a retired school superintendent, who lives out in the country, west of Fort Worth. Her comments were words to the effect that the protesters don’t have a grip on reality. They don’t live in the country, where it’s a 30 minute trip to Walmart, and the closest LEO can be a half hour away. She and her daughter were both carrying, and she smiled when she said, “They would probably have had a hissy fit if they knew.”

She also said the protesters were outnumbered by the LEOs and outnumbered 2:1 by the counter protesters. And the media was taking ‘close’ shots to ensure the frame was full of protesters, not showing the open area all around them. My take is that she was ‘not’ impressed by them.

I talked to a younger couple, probably early 30s, who were wanting to start precision rifle shooting. They were focused, had done their research, and were narrowing down their choices after actually holding, looking at various rifles, glass, and ammunition. And they had a budget, and were sticking to it!

Another young couple were standing outside and I asked them what they had thought, and the young lady said, “It was sensory overload! I’d never realized there were so many choices!” Her hubby nodded, “I came to look at two things, and I’m going away thinking about thirty options, and how we can incorporate them, and get the training we want.”

The NRA Instructor update was good, and there was a new signed MOU that came out yesterday evening, so things are moving in a good direction!

Lastly, while not official, the ‘guess’ on attendance is 87,000, which would be a new record. And based on the crowds, I can believe it. It was rainy Friday, and a workday, and the aisles were crowded at 1000 in the morning!

And it looks like Ollie North is going to be the next NRA President…


NRA AM Day 3…

My dogs are BARKING!!! 10 miles over the last three days…

Revisits on a couple of booths, and a chance to watch a master engraver work! One note from the Colt Booth- ALL of the Colt NM or Gold Cup pistols are actually Series 70, not Series 80. VERY smooth triggers and excellent fit! And some of them are less than $1000!!!

Meet John Pease! He’s a master engraver for the Colt Custom Shop! He’s working on a slide for a 1911, in the white.

This is what it looked like when he finished it! It’s what they call Class C+ engraving.

And one he’d already finished for a customer… Sigh… Simply stunning, and can still be shot (although I doubt the owner will ever do so)!

I’ll put a more detailed overall AAR up tomorrow. But a couple of initial thoughts…

Interesting show, but nothing really ‘new’ that jumped out at me. Some booths were considerably smaller than last year, including Colt’s. Some weren’t even there… (Remington, Axleson Tactical to name two), and others had combined booths.

My bad, Remington was there, I just missed them! Thanks for the correction!

A LOT less swag… I didn’t see any free t-shirts, really good pins (every manufacturer used to give those out routinely), and most of the ‘show discounts’ were 5-10%…

And Kubota and Yamaha had LARGE booths, hawking their ATV lines, small generators, and ‘power’ products for the field.


NRA AM Day two…

Sooo… I got a request to look at CZ rim fires…

CZ has a number of ‘interesting’ new things… Both integrally suppressed, and and externally suppressed. And these are just the rim fires!

This is an integrally suppressed barrel, which is an option on most of the rim fires. Note the full threading. I’ll come back to that.

This is the external suppressor. Same threading pattern. And all of the barrels are threaded to take the suppressors!

This is the list of the rifles in picture one. You can look them up in the CZ catalog

And here is the tool that allows you to disassemble/reassemble the suppressors.

Note the marks on the cylinder, they equate to the depth of the baffles to ensure they are spaced correctly. This will allow the end user to properly clean and reposition the baffles in the correct location. The pins allow the use of a wrench to unscrew the baffles, and screw them back in.

And for your viewing pleasure, Les Baer’s pistol that’s in the Shooting USA drawing…

Pardon my drooling in the corner…


NRA AM Day 2 quick hits…

Sigh… If only…

I really need to NOT go into the collector’s ares…

A ‘few’ of Clete’s Colts…

A ‘few’ old Texas rifles… And a SAA that didn’t fit in the other display…

Three pristine examples of SAA Sheriff’s Specials with no ejectors.

Now that the dogs have stopped barking for a bit, it’s back to the floor… MUCH more to see!

NRA AM day 1…

Oof… 4.4 miles walked yesterday, one of the bigger crowds I’ve seen on the first day. Got to chat with Major Plaster and his wife  for a few minutes. He’s still writing and they are, as always, excellently researched, well footnoted, and interesting. Also had a minute with Richard Hogan at Rock Island Auctions about the military sniper rifles they have in an upcoming sale. 800 booths this year, so there is a plethora of things to find, buy, or drool over…

Got settled into the hotel, and the gang met at a local restaurant for dinner.

Of course we had to get the obligatory pic of Matt’s hand vs. Annette’s hand. So hand size doesn’t play into how well one shoots… Just sayin…

And the tribe gathered at the restaurant… Probably the best armed room in the restaurant! 🙂

We ate well, Texas de Brazil has QUALITY meats, just sayin…

And stories were told… And laughter was enjoyed, and there were hugs, smiles and we enjoyed a couple of hours with the tribe…

Today is more walking the floor, and I’ll try to get a post or two up of anything I find interesting. If you have something you want me to look at/check out, leave it in comments.

And we’re off…

At the NRA AM in Dallas…

It’s Friday, it’s raining, and there are STILL a bunch of folks here!!!

This is the line for media credentials. The NRA kinda dropped the ball on this, with only two people working the check in, but we got it done.

The ‘usual suspects’ are here, some got here earlier than I did, so they were inside drinking coffee and eating muffins… sigh…

Once we got the credentials, we hit the show floor, and as usual scattered to the four winds! 🙂

This is a pan of the floor, and it was already crowded at 1000! Just finished chatting with Jay Grazio, great to see him, and now it’s off to walk the floor.

As I always do, I make it a point to go talk to the service people and the LEOs, getting their initial impressions.  Over all from the service folks- Polite, clean, don’t make a mess, nobody is talking down to us!

From the LEOs- Good to see the crowd, very polite, no worries about any petty crimes around here. All the perps have disappeared.

Right now I’m sitting in the press room, giving the dogs a rest, and listening to President Trump. As usual he’s not pulling any punches.