One of the last flyable PBY Catalinas was lost by Hollyweird…

This apparently occurred of the Florida coast during the filming of the USS INDIANAPOLIS movie last year, but very few knew about it, or at least published anything about it…

Article, HERE.

And to add insult to injury, apparently the movie sucks too. Article, HERE.

The survivors of the USS INDIANAPOLIS deserve better than this.

This was one of the worst Naval disasters of WWII for the US. Some of the stories are HERE.

The USS INDIANAPOLIS was found in 2017 by Paul Allen’s RV Petrel, HERE. So at least the survivors and families of those lost finally have some closure.

Fall back…

At least this time around, we get an extra hour of sleep… Unless you’re pulling the duty, and you get to work an extra hour.

Personal opinion, we just need to do away with DST. It’s no longer necessary, as most people never get out of the house and away from their computer/phone/game console. And it screws with the sleep schedule, cause the animals still want to be fed/let out/etc. at their ‘normal’ time, regardless of what time ‘we’ think it is…



Friend of mine was on the last cruise in VF-151…

USS Midway (CV-41) was the last US Navy aircraft carrier to operate the McDonnell Douglas F-4S Phantom II. On March 25th 1986 the Midway sent the Phantoms to the beach for good.

The article and a nice little video are HERE. No combat footage in this one, but interesting shots of tanking and carrier ops.

This video, starting about 7:30 in, shows combat footage of F-4s in Vietnam. Frito received a DFC for one of their flights during his deployment there in 68.

One of the things to consider is that the F-4 was ‘originally’ designed as a fighter/interceptor, without a gun…

They did develop a centerline pod with a 20mm gun, that was moderately successful, and the Marines turned the F-4 into a bomber in Vietnam to provide CLOSE air support to their guys on the ground.

One helluva airplane, and proof that with enough power, a brick will fly! 🙂

Frito actually retired rather than converting to the F-14 or F-18, saying nothing would compare to the time he’d spent in the Phantom.

Book promos…

My friends are doing better than I am at getting stuff out there…

First up, Monalisa Foster’s new book Ravages of Honor.

As always, click the cover for the link!

The blurb-

With one act of defiance Syteria holds the fate of many worlds in her hands. But she does not know it. A stranger in a strange land, she must survive, adapt, thrive.Only then can she free herself. Only then can her sacrifice and defiance bear fruit.A space opera about the price of honor, power, and freedom.

I was privileged to be a beta reader on this one, and it’s a great read. Twists and turns, intrigue, and great characters make it hard to put down!

Next is Wayne Whisnand, with another short story, Working on Terra

The blurb-

Tole travels back to Terra to handle a problem that threatens his home world. As is almost always the case for him, things are not always what they seem.

This is another one I did a read for. Interesting continuation of Tole’s ‘adventures’ with some very interesting plot twists! Good short story.

Happy Haunting!!!

It’s HOWLOWEEN! May your bucket overflow!!!

Oh, and please come by… LOTS of candy to get rid of…

Otherwise, somebody will be taking all the excess in to work… 🙂

And the days mount up…

PP texted me yesterday afternoon, now on day 4 with no power, and no sign of any coming back anytime soon. ‘Maybe’ next week, sometime…

One report has over 2million without power in northern California, and apparently the Kincaid fire was once again started by PG&E from a high power line that didn’t get shut off and was captured on wildlife cameras starting it…

HERE is another rather interesting article about the econazi/tree huggers protesting cutting of trees… Really folks???

And the joke(s) are starting…

The newest pickup line in California?  Psstt, I have power…

What did Californians use before candles? Electricity…

And maybe they should use this as the ‘new’ California flag…

But in all seriousness, say a prayer for those firefighters who are working 24 on 12 off on the fire lines. Those folks are putting their asses on the line for basically peanuts in salary, and one bad day for them can be their last.

Edit- Gotta add this from PP… And least a few folks still have a sense of humor out there…

I got nuttin…

So you get humor…

CALLER: Is this Gordon’s Pizza?
GOOGLE: No sir, it’s Google Pizza.

CALLER: I must have dialed a wrong number. Sorry.
GOOGLE: No sir, Google bought Gordon’s Pizza last month.

CALLER: OK. I would like to order a pizza.
GOOGLE: Do you want your usual, sir?

CALLER: My usual? You know me?

GOOGLE: According to our caller ID data, the last 12 times you called you ordered an extra-large pizza with three cheeses, sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, and meatballs on a thick crust.

CALLER: OK! That’s what I want.

GOOGLE: May I suggest that this time you order a pizza with ricotta, arugula, sun-dried tomatoes, and olives on a whole wheat gluten free thin crust?

CALLER: What? I detest vegetables.

GOOGLE: Your cholesterol is not good, sir.

CALLER: How the hell do you know?
GOOGLE: Well, we cross-referenced your home phone number with your medical records. We have the result of your blood tests for the last 7 years.

CALLER: Okay, but I do not want your rotten vegetable pizza! I already take medication for my cholesterol.

GOOGLE: Excuse me sir, but you have not taken your medication regularly. According to our database, you only purchased a box of 30 cholesterol tablets once, at Drug
Rx Network, 4 months ago.

CALLER: I bought more from another pharmacy.
GOOGLE: That doesn’t show on your credit card statement.

CALLER: I paid in cash.
GOOGLE: But you did not withdraw enough cash according to your bank statement.

CALLER: I have other sources of cash.
GOOGLE: That doesn’t show on your last tax return unless you bought them using an undeclared income source, which is against the law.

GOOGLE: I’m sorry, sir, we use such information only with the sole intention of helping you.

CALLER: Enough already! I’m sick to death of Google, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and all the others. I’m going to an island without internet, cable TV, where there is no cell phone service, and no one to watch me, or spy on me.
GOOGLE: I understand sir, but you need to renew your passport first. It expired 6 weeks ago.


“What did liberal Californians use to light their homes before candles?
Electric light bulbs!”



Pilots Philosophy…


The difference between a duck and a co-pilot?
The duck can fly.

A check ride ought to be like a skirt.
Short enough to be interesting, but long enough to cover everything.

Speed is life.  Altitude is life insurance.

It only takes two things to fly:
Airspeed, and money.

The three most dangerous things in aviation:
A Doctor or Dentist in a Cessna.
Two captains in a DC-9.

Aircraft Identification:
If it’s ugly, it’s British.
If it’s weird, it’s French.
If it’s ugly and weird, it’s Russian.

Without ammunition, the USAF would be just another very expensive flying club.

What do air traffic controllers and pilots have in common?
If a pilot screws up, the pilot dies.
If ATC screws up, the pilot dies.

The difference between flight attendants and jet engines:
The engines usually quit whining when they get to the gate.

New FAA motto:
‘We’re not happy, till you’re not happy.’

If Air Traffic Control screws up, it’s called a “System Malfunction”, If a pilot screws up it’s called a “violation”.

If something hasn’t broken on your helicopter — it’s about to.

I give that landing a 9 . . On the Richter scale.

Basic Flying Rules: 
1. Try to stay in the middle of the air.
2. Do not go near the edges of it.
3. The edges of the air can be recognized by the appearance of ground, buildings, sea, trees and interstellar space. It is much more difficult to fly in the edges.

Unknown landing signal officer (LSO) to carrier pilot after his 6th unsuccessful landing attempt:
“You’ve got to land here son.  This is where the food is.”

The three best things in life are: 
A good landing, a good orgasm, and a good bowel movement.

A night carrier landing is one of the few opportunities to experience all three at the same time…

Petty, petty, petty…

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead! US Special Operations personnel got him night before last in Idlib Province in Syria…

“We had some incredible intelligence officials that did a great job,” Trump said during remarks at the White House on Sunday. 

Funny how CNN’s coverage is basically negative, ‘BAD’ things are going to happen in response, not a big deal, etc. HERE

The WAPO was almost complementary, HERE… Almost… Austere Religious Scholar is how they are labeling Baghdadi. Really??? How about terrorist, which is what he really was!

Pelosi ‘response’- (Bold mine)

“Americans salute the heroism, dedication and skill of our military and our intelligence professionals and acknowledge the work of our partners in the region.  We are relieved that no U.S. personnel died in this daring raid.

“The death of al-Baghdadi is significant, but the death of this ISIS leader does not mean the death of ISIS.  Scores of ISIS fighters remain under uncertain conditions in Syrian prisons, and countless others in the region and around the world remain intent on spreading their influence and committing acts of terror. 

“This month, the House passed a joint resolution on an overwhelmingly bipartisan 354-60 basis which rejects President Trump’s green-lighting of Turkish aggression into Syria against our Kurdish partners, and calls on him to present a clear strategy to defeat ISIS.  The House must be briefed on this raid, which the Russians but not top Congressional Leadership were notified of in advance, and on the Administration’s overall strategy in the region.  Our military and allies deserve strong, smart and strategic leadership from Washington.”

Nancy, Nancy, Nancy, there is a REASON you and your people weren’t told. It’s called OPSEC, or Operational Security. This is not the previous administration which leaked like a sieve on operations. Yes, the Russians were told before the Op, to deconflict our forces essentially operating in a Russian controlled zone.

Congress ‘makes’ laws, they don’t enforce them, nor does Congress have operational control of military assets. There was no ‘good’ reason to let Congress know, since I have no doubt you or your minions would have leaked this allowing Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to escape just to frustrate the president… It’s sad that I believe that, but nothing you have done leads me to believe anything different.

Your mealy-mouthed ‘statement’ is nothing more than a sideways swipe at the military you hate, couched in ‘congratulations’, while pandering to your base with the last two paragraphs… Sad, sad, sad…

This is an important day for America and its allies in the global war on terrorism, the head of the leading ‘snake’ in this terror organization has been chopped off blown off by his own hand, regardless of what the media is spouting.

Hats off to the SOCOM folks that participated in and supported this raid!

Edit to add- Twitchy jumped in on the ‘skewed’ death headlines… Snerk… HERE.

Um… er… WTF???

The Big Sky Conference has named a transgender athlete as its female cross country runner of the week.

The mind boggles… But apparently even after having raced as a man for three years, he still gets beat by some of the women. Talk about a loser… And the Big Sky conference is really the loser here. What little credibility they had is now out the window, IMHO.

Full article, HERE from the Western Journal.

And then there is the whole McKinnon kerfuffle in England…

Rachel McKinnon, a transgender cyclist who is biologically male, won a women’s world championship at the Masters Track Cycling World Championships in Manchester, England, on Saturday.

A Canadian philosophy professor, McKinnon also set a women’s world record in the qualifying race, the BBC reported.

McKinnon has repeatedly refused to admit that being a male prior to ‘transitioning’ has given ‘her’ any advantage, even in the face of scientific evidence.

Full article, HERE.

The only apparent way to handle these are that any records a trans sets will be marked with an asterisk, much like other ‘questionable’ records have been over the years. I truly feel sorry for those young ladies who have worked their tails off to compete at the higher levels, only to have s**tbirds like this swoop in and take over various sports.

Apparently in some locations there has been pushback, in the form of lawsuits to disallow participation. There is also an ongoing issue with measuring Low T continually throughout the competitive season.

Maybe they need another class of competitors… Trans… That way they have some competition against equals.



It pays to read the ‘fine print’…

Here’s the sector chart for that area… P-73 is in the red circle.

And the reason for the prohibited area? Well, much like the prohibited area around congress and the White House, this one is around the ROK equivalent, the Gyeongbokgung Palace. And they WILL shoot first and ask questions later, unlike the FAA.

Just sayin…