Dancing in the blood…

And this time it only took an HOUR!!! Roughly an hour after at least eight people died in a high school shooting in Texas, The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) implicated the National Rifle Association (NRA) in the tragedy. … Continue reading


Or is this one of the ‘true believers’??? I’m honestly not sure. We know there are people out there like this, but is this just a ‘little’ to blatant? Your thoughts? … Continue reading


This is probably a lost cause, but dammit something needs to be done!!! Make it illegal for media to name mass shooters, bombers, or other mass attackers Jim Curtis started this petition to FCC and 1 other Make naming a mass shooter in the … Continue reading

Another SJW win…

Depending on how far back you want to go, there have been a number of authors, fanzine proprietors, and conservatives ‘dis-invited’ from a number of different conventions, speaking engagements, etc. In the last year or so, it was Orson Scott … Continue reading


Kamala Harris is the Dems ‘logical’ attack bitch… Female and black, so two cards in one. That trumps Haspel, as she’s ‘only’ female. And they let her off the leash today, HERE. I find this abhorrent and disgusting, trying to … Continue reading

This one is interesting…

h/t to Stretch for this one… We are nurses who have a vested interested in the health of the public. Each of us has many years of experience working in practice, and in teaching public health, mental health, and women’s … Continue reading

What if???

You know all those folks that bought Yeti coolers? The ones with the NRA logo on them? Like this… If it wasn’t bad enough that YETI dropped The NRA Foundation as a client, now they’re calling us liars because we … Continue reading

Dancing in the blood…

Its already begun in the Nashville Waffle House shooting… “We need comprehensive gun reform to address mass shootings, domestic shootings, accidental shootings and homicides,” Briley said at news conference where Metro police, FBI and other law enforcement provided updates on the shooting and … Continue reading

19 years ago…

The Colombine HS shootings took place. And things have gone downhill ever since. One GOOD thing that happened was a review of police procedures nationwide based on the LEO response and caused numerous changes to active shooter response protocols, as … Continue reading

Fight’s on!!!

US, UK, France vs. Syria… TOT, 2100 EDT, 0400 Local Syria time Multiple launches by various platforms from various bases, plus a ‘few’ TLAMs thrown in for good measure. Targeting was Syrian compounds that have the capability to produce chemical … Continue reading