What will happen…

When people start dying in this current set of protests???

I saw someone say on social media that this is liberal America’s Charlottesville event, and it’s that and worse. Yes, there are Nazis involved, sort of. They may not don swastikas, but the hordes of anti-Israel activists that have turned Columbia University into a warzone ooze with the same hatred for Jews that permeated Germany circa 1939. What goes around comes around, and what’s happening in Columbia and nationwide on our college campuses is the left’s own “Charlottesville,” albeit on a national scale. 

Nazis wanted to annihilate the Jewish people from the continent of Europe first, along with other “undesirables.” The pro-Hamas crowd lusts to see the destruction of Israel. They share the same intent, and both groups weren’t so subtle about it. 

Full article, HERE from Town Hall.

Is this the Kristallnacht of this generation? This week is the celebration of Passover for those practicing Jewish friends and Jews world-wide. And they have to put up with THIS crap this week?

It is disgraceful, plain and simple. Why are these protests allowed to continue? Where is the police? The National Guard? Bueller???

A friend sent me this last night.

Note that the police stand around and do nothing… even allowing one protestor to walk within feet of the two girls with his face hidden, and they didn’t even think about blocking him.

Anybody want to bet NYPD was told to keep hands off the protestors?

It’s not ‘just’ happening in NYC, but all over the country at the left leaning colleges/universities. Sooner or later, they will try or WILL kill one of the students, probably a young female who cannot protect herself.

What happens then???

What happens if they pick on the ‘wrong’ person? In the wrong town/state? If the dad or brother ‘decides’ to do something?

When does it become ‘open season’ on the protestors? And which way will the police jump then?

I will be the first to say I have no good answers, but I think I would be looking at shutting these protests down sooner rather than later…

Your thoughts?


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  1. Blacks kill Whites just for fun every day here in the USA.

    Why should I care about the Jews? They’re not my people. Their leadership boasts about destroying the White race and ending Christianity. Why should I not believe them?

    • Because then you are practicing the same mysticism that drove certain academics insane, and to calculate that sucking up to this Democrat Party sponsored violence was a winning bet.

      Critical theory ‘scholars’ believe that everything is a word magic conspiracy from prehistory, that specific sub-factions sub dividing humanity inherently exist (because aggregate models are somehow things that exist in of themselves, instead of being an emergent quality of individual behavior), and that they function as magically powerful ‘representatives’ of their factions.

      This fight is among others a fight of conflicting mystical ideas. The critical theorists do not practice the mystical thoughts that made western civilization, nor the mystical thoughts that made the American culture’s sanity. What they have practiced instead makes them barbarians and savages. They seemingly believe that peace and civilization were evil magics worked in ancient times.

      Down stream of that, are the savages and barbarians who act on those ideas.

      When you look at victories in the religious fights, such as against Baal, Thor, Moloch, etc., you don’t see a uniform pattern of surrendering on every point of theory. You did not see the Jews or the Christians going ‘yeah, Thor is as real as Jesus is’, and ‘these sacrifice rituals have real magical power, and are productive’ and ‘there is no compelling reason not to do them, in addition to the explicitly required practices of my own cult’.

      Taking the critical theory nutters as ‘representing’ any aggregate group beyond themselves is a core mistake.

      Disability activist intersectionalist nutters represent no one beyond themselves. Neither physical disabled nor mentally disabled is required to accept the activists as working magic on their behalf.

      Hang the critical theorists, maybe. Hang the people who do violence while voicing critical theory, definitely.

      Do not hang everyone that critical theorists purport to speak for, because I) they falsely claim to speak for everyone, pretty much II) It is the same mistake of mysticism based on aggregate models III) it is the same fundamental issue of alleged agents betraying those they ‘act on behalf of’ that is the underlying problem where nominal conservative voters are concerned.

      The ‘information’ part of the ‘battle space’ is badly contaminated with traps. Taking any voice that media has amplified as representing a greater group is pretty much always a mistake, because of the degree of calculated markeeting and dishonest wishcasting in all media.

      If you are paying ‘leaders’ of other groups any mind, you are not yet functioning at the appropriate level of ‘autistic mode’. Anyone widely acknowledged as a leader of a large group is having information about their statements curated by the media, and curated by the security services. Treating any of them as ‘on your side’ or saying anything that is predictably representative of reality is a mistake.

      (If someone emotionally needs someone high profile ‘on your side’, that is a personal mistake, and something that maybe ought to be addressed before returning to trying to navigate this mess.)

      The communists have been trying this stuff for literal decades, for longer than many of us have been alive. For that time, Christians have been thwarting the communists simply by not practicing communist magical feelings, and enraging the communists as communist theory fails to predict. Throwing that away now, when the communist information warfare apparatus is finally discrediting itself, is maybe a bit of a mistake.

      Yes, just about everyone has internalized too many flawed ideas. No, this is not the end, nor will peace and civilization inevitably lose.

    • 1. Jesus IS a Jew. Their His people, although they are in trouble with Him right now.
      2. You need to understand the saying, “First Saturday, then Sunday.” When they are done with the Jews they are coming for you. Yes, you.

    • You should not believe them because they are not actual leaders, they do not represent the whole, or even a significant part of that people…… and because believing that is just pain, old-fashioned gullibility.

      Conspiracy theories suck…

  2. Those far-left Nazis or Commies, whatever you want to call them, will either kill a Jewish student or one of theirs will be inalkilled by an armed Jewish student or relative of a Jewish student. Then the rioting and burning will begin. The police are told to stand by and wait until the killing begins. All this is is a way to try and end any aid to Israel but the major role of destroying The United States of America. Congressinal Representatives waving Ukrainian flags in the Hall of Congress shows that those that hate America have infiltrated the Government from top to bottom. All of this is geared toward dismantling the USA. The American people had better wake up! This election may be the last chance to save what remains of the US. My advice is to vote for anyone who is not in office. Throw the whole bunch out!

    • People need to know how “aid to Israel” works. Of the chunk recently sent, about 9 billion was for the Palestinians, and the rest has to be used by Israel to buy US arms; they cannot make their own weapons under this aid agreement, and the US gets to tell them when they can use their arms. It is aid for Hamas and the US DOD contractors. Go look it up and see!

  3. The religious war of the Middle East has arrived in the United States. There’s no doubt in my mind the protests will turn deadly, but unlike the Middle East, there is a tremendous amount of Christians, armed and unwilling to bow to the Muslims willing to destroy everyone that refuse to follow their faith.

  4. Weeds that are allowed to flourish, spread.

    It is not kindness to let cancer grow and then to shave it off in incremental millimeters. It must be completely excised and it must be done with “margins” lest it continue to metastasize.

    Water cannon filled with dye and stink are my first choice with rapid escalation if that proves insufficient.

  5. Hey Old NFO;

    I had posted in my blog a while back that the middle east governments have been sending their kids to Ivy league schools for a generation and they pay for it and give the schools endowments and grants. I think the New York Post broke that story last year, I will look for it when I get home. This is part of the reason why the college administrators will not do anything, they ain’t gonna jeopardize that money, plus them being intersectional lefty. Also it is an election season, gotta fire up the base to get them out to mostly peaceful protest(TM) and attack property and cause mayhem like the good stormtroopers they are.

  6. It is interesting where these “protests” happen, or don’t happen. They seem to flourish where the authorities, both on campus and in the cities, tolerate/encourage such things. In colleges and towns where such nonsense isn’t allowed, there is nothing approaching that scale of misbehavior.

    Sadly, the more it is allowed the worse it will get.

    • Yeah, you might see actual (but still wrong-headed) protests at other colleges but they seldom turn into “protests” except where they’re certain the cops won’t intervene and pretty sure the college won’t punish them.

  7. Perhaps a snippet of what might be coming. I work part time as a range officer at a large municipal firing range. In recent times, the number of shooters wearing yarmulkas on the line is far greater than I’ve ever seen. All with various self defense weapons, all practicing their marksmanship and gun handling.
    I also note that those with the yarmulkas are the more observant of the local Jews. Many others not so observant or obvious are out there practicing too.
    This will NOT be another time when they come to find Jews cowering in their closets.

  8. As I’ve posted elsewhere: Nazis wear black/brown uniforms, want to control everything and everyone, and hate Jews and Africans. Communists/Socialists wear black or green uniforms with red trim, want to control everything and everyone, hate Jews, and are willing to use Africans as cannon fodder. Other than that, they’re pretty much the same.

    • When you peel back the slogans, symbols and uniforms, you realise that when Hitler called his party National SOCIALISTS he meant what he said.

  9. It’s now out there for everybody to see: it’s the Faceless, nameless, bunch of Professional Anti-Jewish, Pro Communist Revolutionary Organizers/agitators leading a group of progressive Communist Democrat Useful Idiots in support of a terrorist regime promoting the killing of Jews and the genocidal destruction of the Jewish State.
    How can these Communist-Democrats condone large groups of people holding Palestinian flags and professionally printed signs, and have these Cowardly Communist-outsiders while chanting “Death to America” and “ Death to Israel” while assaulting American Jewish Students?
    And HOW CAN OUR PROCTORS , STAND BY AND ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN! What are they waiting for before someone gets really hurt or worse? These Animals must be taken away and put in Jail. Giving them a “summons” is RIDICULOUS, and Laughable. .
    Where is the President of the University? Where are the Police? Ans where are the NEW YORK POLITICIANS Like Chuck Schumer? And where is Attorney General Merrick Garland?
    Could it be because most of today’s leaders were involved in previous communist-agitated antiwar demonstrations.
    These are Progressive Communist Democrats and Useful Idiots who have their respective heads so far up Hamas’ collective ass that they are willing to look evil in the face and then bend over to become equally infected. I am ASHAMED of the ALL.
    You can bet your life that if Donald Trump were the President now, this would NEVER had happened.
    Since when did these Socialist, Communist Democrats think that murderous Nazis consider them to be friends of America, and allies with the NAZIS with their genocidal fight to kill Jews and destroy the State of Israel? When was that decided? When Biden wanted to run again for the Presidency!

    • I think what we need is Campus Commie Containment. Cordon off these college campuses and their collections of crazy communists, surround them with a sea of armed patriots, until sanity returns or the commies starve.

  10. My thoughts involve mortars, machine guns, and worse things, for all of those protestors. Those people are evil and must be disposed of. The sooner, the better.
    Yeah, I’m not a nice person. But I’ve seen this play before and it only gets worse from here if it’s not brutally stopped.

  11. What most people do not realize is that Hitler and the Nazis worked with the Arabs in the Middle East against the Jews and the Allies.

    Now that the Arab leaders are wealthy they have sent their kids to various Universities in the West and also funded them. Added to the funding is Soros, who is a Nazi and a Dem Leftist.

    Now you have the Palestinians and Muslims screaming at various Universities but the question is how many of these are students and how many are paid disrupters? No one is reporting the answer. The MSM has no journalists and they do not want to ask or answer such a question.

    This is all part of the Biden Admin destruction of the USA. It is happening on multiple fronts.

  12. Its time for the adults to enter the conversation
    Are you a student here? Did you participate in the protest and endanger the safety of others?. If yes -you are immediately expelled and your records of classes and grades expunged from the system. Explain that to your parents or whoever is footing the bill

    If you answer no the first and yes to the second – you are immediately placed under arrest and hauled of to jail. And oh by the way we can hold you for 24 hrs before we have to charge you. Anticipate that we will not be moving very rapidly

    • Part of things getting to this point are university officials who built their careers at least verbally agreeing with critical theory, and who might easily be quite insane in that way.

      The students are doing this stuff because the adults have sent clear signals that this is okay.

      This is not only a problem with ‘left’ or high profile universities, this is a matter of the academic sub-culture having diverged from the mainstream American culture, and being high on its own perceived power.

      The answer could be Napier style punishment of criminals for their crimes under the existing laws.

      However, some of the university official ties to the formal legal system are a bit interesting.

      The wide range of mistakes made by older cohorts does also mean that there are many paths now to correcting the problems that caused this.

      • In the case of Yale, a factor in the timing may be the impending retirement gala for their outgoing president, with a lot of VIPs scheduled to attend.

  13. Let the protests happen.

    Start having people pick the protesters off with carefully aimed shots to the head from range.

    When “protesting” like that could cost you your life, the lemon won’t be worth the squeeze any more.

    The police start pulling counter-sniping detail to protect those protests?

    Pick a few of them off too.

    Then they won’t have the luxury of spectating anymore, or covering for people threatening the very violence they start receiving.

    Funny how it always comes down to shooting people in the face to get any respect.

    Act like thugs and Nazis, get treated like thugs and Nazis.

    Dulce et decorum est.

  14. Paraphrasing a wise man:

    What’s the difference between Communists and Fascists?

    In Communism, man exploits man. In Fascism, it’s the other way around.

  15. Too many great comments for me to add anything of value. The cynic in me says election winners are determined by those who count the votes. One last obstacle remains before the left completely takes over and that is the Electoral College. We have no influence on the swamp but do at the state level. Raise hell with your state politicans.

  16. What would happen if the universities issued conditional diplomas, not final until any student loans are paid off. Ceasing to pay on the loan and the issuing institution issues attended but not completed on requests for verification of degrees. Paper degrees are marked pending completion of degree requirements in BIG RED LETTERING.

  17. As damaged and fractured as America is, you can still save it.

    You have enemies. Those enemies are not fussy. They will promote anything and everything that divides and weakens America. Maybe you will have to decide to hold your nose and deal with the people that you don’t like, but who may share enough core values to make things workable, while presenting an implacable front to those who don’t.

  18. Keep this in mind. The people who are trying to scare us, are trying to scare us into following THEIR agenda, not ours.

    Be wary, but also be sceptical.

  19. All- Thank you, and all good comments. Of note, as others have said, this is occuring in places where the police back off. And the ‘professional’ agitators are the ones that NEED to be sent away (one way or the other). Excellent point also about following the money! ‘Somebody’ is paying for all of this! Soros et al, most probably.

    • Or not getting too far or going for too long in places with real police. Texas DPS were not playing around at UT-Austin.

  20. I have a firearm within arm’s reach in every room of my home, and I don’t think that (insurance policy) will change anytime soon.
    Tolerance of this crap started during my war back in the ’60’s.
    I’m ashamed of my generation.

  21. Charlottesville was more like the Reichstag fire, and a key neo-Nazi group was likely operating under FBI control.

    Kristallnacht was after the Night of the Long Knives, and the authorities were pretty firmly in control.

    BLM and the university Einsatzgroupies are sorta like the SA (aka brownshirts) before the purge but it looks like they have yet to outlive their usefulness. Or maybe they’re already firmly under covert government control so no purge necessary.

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