Teh stoopid…

Is getting ridiculous in Commiefornia…

Now it’s railroad engines!!!

The Biden administration could allow California to implement a rule designed to push green locomotives, but a growing list of stakeholders are warning that the regulation would severely impact the state’s economy and the national rail industry.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) could soon determine whether it will allow the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to move forward with a state regulation that would ban the use of locomotives that are more than 23 years past their manufacturing date unless they run using zero-emissions technology, according to Progressive Railroading.

Full article, HERE from the Daily Caller. And HERE is the source article from Progressive Railroading.

Soooo, first it was semi-trucks, and now stuff sits on the piers at San Pedro, Long Beach, and LA because the ‘little guys’ are out of business because they can’t afford new trucks.

And now they’re going after railroads? Estimates of a half BILLION dollars for minimal upgrades will, IMHO, cause railroads to stop serving California (if they have any sense). And then how will cargo move to/from the ports? FM???

I know Pepsi has ‘invested’ in some Tesla semis strictly for use in California, but who is going to foot the bill for the railroads? I can’t see any railroad spending that much for something that is only required in that state.

It will be interesting to see what the EPA does with this one…


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  1. The criminals holding Pedo Joe’s puppet strings utterly HATE America and are working feverishly to destroy the country…completely. This is just ONE of many actions intended to facilitate that end.

  2. Diesel-electric locomotives are one of the lowest emission means of moving heavy cargo overland on a ton-mile basis. One of the things that make Diesel-electric locomotives cost effective is the long useful life of the engines to amortize the initial investment over. I expect the ultimate goal is to have California take over the railroads, without compensation for the right-of-ways and trackage. Of course like all socialist governments, the regulations will not apply to the state owned RRs. This of course will work as well as Amtrak and the yet to be built “High-Speed” rail line from San Francisco(?) to Los Angeles(?).

  3. Not a Constitutional Scholar, don’t play one on TV, didn’t stay at a Holliday Inn last night, buuuuttt…..

    I think this the ideal opportunity for the Feds and the Courts to invoked the Interstate Commerce Clause as it was intended by the Founding Fathers. Because there is no way on God’s Green Earth that this doesn’t royally f***up trade between the states.

    But since the Feds and most of the Courts seem to be in the CCP and WEF’s back pockets… yeah, ain’t gonna happen.

  4. So, never again would the Santa Fe (still marked “Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe”**) RR No. 3751 be seen barreling along the Los Angeles – San Bernadino Freeway:

    A Baldwin “Heavy Mountain” 4-8-4, built in 1927. Unless they get a variance or exception (like a “trip permit” for unregistered vehicles?) this would mean par for the course – the commies, even the Soviet ones – were ALL about erasing history and especially personal ancestries.

    They would LOVE to cut this fine old lady of the rails to SCRAP.
    Even though anyone with a sliver of knowledge of steam locos would recognize in the video above that this is one CLEAN-burning engine!

    ** And you have to remember THIS song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qBBc4lgO9I&t=35

    • I’m just waiting for the EPA to ban ALL steam locomotives. You know they want to, they just haven’t found an excuse yet.

  5. Look for a government subsidy to the railroads to fund the required upgrades in the interest of preserving commerce.

  6. California is my and my wife’s home state but we moved to the east coast with our sons in 96 due to business. We still have a lot of family left in the state.

    The electric stupidity of the state leaders is just going to kill the state. I am an Electrical Engineer and the state does not produce enough electricity to support an increase to the electric grid such as electric trains. They already have brownouts and blackouts. Plus the cost of adding Electric Trains will be too high.

  7. All- Thanks for the comments! Don’t disagree with anyone. JG, I’m trying to get my kids/grands out of there too… sigh

  8. We have a Supreme Court decision (Katzenbach v. McClung, 379 U.S. 294 (1964)) that says the Federal Government has jurisdiction under the Interstate Commerce Clause to force a lunch counter in Alabama to desegregate because the bottle of ketchup on the counter came from a Heinz factory in Pennsylvania.
    We have another Supreme Court decision, (Wickard v. Filburn 317 U.S. 111(1942)), where a farmer grew wheat to feed his own animals, exceeding the quota set by the Agricultural Adjustment Act. The court ruled the Federal Government had jurisdiction under the Interstate Commerce Clause, even though the excess wheat never entered commerce (i.e. was never sold), because if he had not grown the excess, he might have bought some wheat from another state, and if everybody grew their own wheat, Interstate Commerce would be impacted. Despite the tenuousness of the logic, this case has never been overturned.
    Surely, under similar logic, California’s bone-headed decisions regarding semis, and now locomotives, could be overturned. It doesn’t get more interstate than trucks and trains. (I know, the idiots will ignore anything that interferes with their schemes, even if it is the settled law of the land.)

  9. I just….
    I don’t have words for how completely absurd this is.
    When did “We the People” become so stupid that .gov thought they could get away with this?
    What ever happened to letting capitalism drive innovation instead of mandates??
    Do the folks that write these mandates know that there are other energy alternatives besides electric?? Never mind the fact that CA doesn’t have/produce enough electricity NOW TODAY to meet their needs, never mind expanding those needs???
    And who is the man behind the curtain telling everyone in .gov that electricity is “clean” energy???? Him we need to get rid of!!!
    Cause have ya looked at what is involved in the production of batteries, or solar panels???
    Truly, elections have consequences…

  10. EPA. 1,000 lawyers but not one mining engineer. Now they are somehow involved in “newcomers”. Rancher in Wyoming improves a holding pond on his property. That becomes somehow a navigable waterway. They must be trying to outdo the ATF in insanity.

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