196 years ago…

This happened… As no presidential candidate had received a majority of the total electoral votes in the election of 1824, Congress decides to turn over the presidential election to the House of Representatives, as dictated by the 12th Amendment to the … Continue reading


I was literally shaking my head in disbelief when I read this… Andrew Cuomo to get International Emmy for coronavirus briefings International Academy President & CEO Bruce L. Paisner said Cuomo is being honored with the academy’s Founders Award for using his … Continue reading

Fox in flames…

They have continued to beclown themselves even more, including certain day time ‘anchors’ pushing back that ‘things have been taken out of context’… Yeah, right… There is this for starters, HERE. Others are below… An article, HERE, breaks down how … Continue reading


I literally have no words for this… Full article, HERE. And it’s pretty much official, Fox has now gone hard left… No place now on cable to get anything approaching real news… sigh … Continue reading

Peace, love, and harmony???

Soooo… After 4 years if hatred and divisiveness, all of a sudden the left wants to ‘work together’??? Really??? This is working together??? They’re dancing around that ‘switch’ doing everything but flipping it… Kinda reminds me of the frog and … Continue reading

Around the blogs…

Commentary/videos, etc from various blogs and other places… From Gnews.org, which the left and MSS are already trying to disprove, saying ‘mail in ballots’ are responsible for the distribution. IF that were true, shouldn’t ‘something’ similar be present on BOTH … Continue reading

A modest proposal…

I would like to see the ‘games’ being played with voting brought to a halt. What I would like to see happen is that ALL voting is kept sequestered until all states have completed their counts, certified them, and all … Continue reading

And now we wait…

As I post this at midnight, there is still not a call. I’m really not surprised. Legal Insurrection has a post up on the Pennsylvania elections, HERE… Sigh… And Pennsylvania stopped reporting results at 2200. The what if games have … Continue reading


Sigh… This is…unbelievable! About 50 pro-Trump cars and trucks began to follow the Biden campaign bus on I-35 in Texas. They honked. They cheered Trump and jeered Biden. They were participating in a demonstration of support for Donald Trump. This, … Continue reading

Cultural Superiority???

Is Western culture racism??? Elements of the left and their allies in the media are constantly driving this point home: White people are bad and so is the culture that they have created. Everything we value as a society is bad and, … Continue reading