It’s getting ‘interesting’…

In the Middle East…

Iran, through its United Nations mission in New York, issued a statement that appeared to offer Israel a way to prevent further escalation if it considers the conflict “concluded.” 

“Conducted on the strength of Article 51 of the UN Charter pertaining to legitimate defense, Iran’s military action was in response to the Zionist regime’s aggression against our diplomatic premises in Damascus,” the mission’s statement, posted on social media platform X, states. 

Full article, HERE.

If I had to bet, I’m betting the Iranians are counting on Xiden et al to control Netanyahu and Israel to prevent them from responding ‘in kind’.

However, I don’t think that dog is gonna hunt…

There are ‘other’ reports stating that US Navy ships shot down ‘numbers’ of drones/missiles in the attack waves yesterday, so that raises another set of issues within ROE.

Conversations with folks indicate the US ROE is so tight it squeaks, and I’ll just leave it at that… sigh


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  1. Read Jeremiah 49; 35,37,38. The country that is decimated in those verses is western Iran where they have substantial nuclear plants and missile systems. My bet is that Israel will hit that area turning it into a wasteland. This is now going to speed up the return of Jesus Christ for His Church via the Rapture. Time is very short for people to repent and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

    • It certainly is fitting the predictions offered in that dusty old irrelevant Book that people reverently leave untouched.

  2. Tehran Joe threatened Iran with his “don’t” response to pending action from Iran. Now he says that the US won’t attack Iran. The narrative is that he doesn’t want to “expand” the war in the Mideast. However, since Hezbollah, Houthis and Hamas have all attacked Israel and Iran backed Syrian “rebels” have attacked US troops, the war has already expanded. The proper response to “conclude” the war is a massive joint US and Israeli air and drone strike on the Iranian arms and oil infrastructure. Maybe even targeting th Mullahs in Qom. But Joe being Joe he’ll go for appeasement as usual.

  3. Sooner or later the nukes are coming out.
    I just wonder who will uncork them first?

  4. I read Iran seized an Israeli own cargo ship in the Gulf yesterday.

    Not good.

  5. Of course Iran said that they retaliated and that’s all they would do. Their precious missiles and drones were found to be lacking in capability against Israel and a committed air defense system.

    What do you bet that if the attacks were more effective that Iran would have continued?

    • Lol, good thing everybody else’s weapons are so pitiful.

      But at least Beans is reliable.

      Ever hear that old saying:

      Truth is the first causality, Beans?

  6. Yep, ‘multiple’ folks shot down drones and missiles… many of which landed on Jordan. And no, Joe won’t do s**t… John, not saying you’re wrong.

  7. There are few guarantees in life these days….one of them would be that Netanyahu doesn’t give a red rats ass what Pedo Joe tells him he can or can’t do. Israel will do something in retaliation. What that will be, when and how no one can say but they WILL do something. And of course Iran will respond. Been that way over there for decades.

  8. Reports suggest just one person killed.

    This is not Israel’s Pearl Harbour, or even its Lusitania.
    What Iran did was an incredibly stupid thing to do, but it looks more like a demonstration than an attempt to start a hot war right now. The Iranians have a damned good idea just how effective Israel’s anti-missile defences are, and how poorly their own attack systems have performed over the last couple of years in Ukraine. If this was a genuine attempt to start a war, it would have been all-out, including infiltration teams and letting their Hezbollah proxies off the leash.

    There is a suggestion that a “proportionate” response from Israel would be to destroy Iran’s drone and missile factories. I’d agree.

    Popping a nuke in response to an action that killed one person would be so far from being justifiable – and the consequences for Israel would be so great – that it’s unlikely in the extreme. Some of us lived through the Cold War and MAD. We didn’t have a nuclear war then, because consequences.

    • Peter ever hear of a probing attack?

      Do you always assume the other person is an idiot?

      Like victory in Ukraine, time will tell.