If this is true…

There are some SERIOUS issues in DC…

Iran informed Turkey in advance of its planned operation against Israel, a Turkish diplomatic source told Reuters on Sunday, adding that Washington had conveyed to Tehran via Ankara that any action it took had to be “within certain limits.”

Turkey, which has denounced Israel for its campaign on Gaza, said earlier on Sunday that it did not want a further escalation of tensions in the region.

Full article, HERE from the Jerusalem Post.

If Blinken passed this back and nobody notified Israel, then the gloves are going to come off sooner rather than later, and I would expect Israel to use ALL of their weapons to put an end to this crap, US desires be damned…



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  1. The Israelis bombed the Iranian embassy (the consulate building) in Syria. Two weeks later, after widely telegraphing the coming move, Iran bombed the airfields from which the Israeli airstrikes were presumably launched.

    Tit for tat, in a very measured response.

    • Israel bombed the embassy as a reaction to terrorist attacks that Iran has been conducting against them via 3rd parties.
      Iran’s response was not ‘tit for tat’ when you consider they backed the October rape and slaughter of women, children, and men. Honestly, I think Israel is being way too restrained in all of this (and I’m not even a supporter of Israel to be completely honest). If it had been up to me? I would have used half of my nuclear arsenal against Iran. Tehran would be a glass lined hole.

      • And how many Iranian nuclear scientists have “mysteriously” died over the last 20 years? This low level war by stealth and proxy has been going on for a long time. The war between Shia and Sunni even longer.

  2. Jeremiah 49 verses 35,37,38. The prophecy says that Elam will be laid waste and the inhabitants will flee to other lands. A little history lesson Elam was absorbed by Persia which is now Iran. That area that was Elam is located in western Iran today. Iran has it missiles and warheads located there among other weapons systems. There is also a large Nuclear Plant located there. It is a prime military target in order to destroy Irans capability to strike Israel from the air.

  3. McChuck,

    The Iranian backed Hezbollah has launched dozens of rockets and missiles towards Israel in the last few weeks.

    Israel responded by taking out members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

    Iran did not just bomb the airfield in the Negev, they attacked all over Israel.

    Even if they were being truthful it didn’t take 300 drones and ballistic missiles to bomb one airfield (although based on the fact that only two of them got through, maybe it did).

    So not a measured response, but rather another escalation of a proxy war that Iran has been fighting for decades in order to destroy Israel.

    Perhaps if Joe Biden hadn’t been sending such mixed messages about what is going on in the ME right now (not Maine), none of this would have happened, including the attacks by Hamas.

    • I think Iran is probing defensive capabilities, trying to figure out how to successfully get a warhead to Israeli targets without it being destroyed or disabled. Once they do, given their nuclear program…

      • Oops, wrong address.
        was supposed to be to Kinnison.

  4. Biden gave the nod to a restricted invasion of Ukraine, then botched the Afghanistan withdrawal and now acquiesces to an attack on Israel. What’s next, an okey dokey on the conquest of Taiwan? Or should we blame the State Department?

    • Why not both?
      We have highly corrupt people in office and they’re using our government to settle ‘old scores’. Old as in 100’s of years old in some cases.

      I hate to say it – we have becoming the bad guys. This is why the founding fathers warned against foreign entanglements and all of that stuff. I do not like ‘Empire America’. We have no place ruling the world or trying to.

      • It’s a bit late in the game for a ‘hands off’ approach to any of this. The hatred in the middle east has existed since recorded history, and the only difference now are the border lines and the weaponry.

        The US should pick a side, announce the selection along with the reasons why, and back the new winner. In five years I’d think everything would be over but the funerals.

        • The US government should pick and back the American side for a change.

  5. Heresolong.

    Proxies … these USA uses them too.

    Distasteful but it is way to contain belligerence within some limits.

    Keep in mind that all levels of SA in Israel plus their aircraft aships, USA ships, etc was needed to block the screen of Iranian drones and cruise missiles before the ballistic missiles came in. Apparently a very tiny percent of Iran’s arsenal.

    It is not the 80s.

  6. All- You do raise some interesting points of view, and thank you for a civil discussion!

  7. Wow…it’s almost as if Mordor On The Potomac was the enemy….

    • I used to worry about Iran getting the bomb and nuking DC and NYC. Now I worry they won’t.

  8. Treaties, contracts, and “agreements” of all sorts are s entangled it will take a war to re-arrange relationships. That is pretty much a given. Who benefits and loses remains to be seen but the US won’t be in a WWII war and won’t be the good guys this time (so say the winners; though there likely won’t be any good guys). It is almost a certainty that the US will suffer extensive attacks on home soil this time round.