Smacks SFO in the face…

People are not satisfied with the San Francisco city government’s progress in providing reparations to descendants of African Americans who have suffered historical discrimination, according to a new report.

Although a city government panel proposed monetary reparations for eligible Black residents last year – with some potentially receiving $5 million, “So far, all they’ve received is an apology,”

Full article HERE.

I’m guessing that $68 Billion shortfall in California budget, and apparently SFO’s ‘reallocation’ of $75 Million in their city budget doesn’t leave anything for reparations…

Of course the left is in a high hover over this, and blaming anybody they can.

But the truth is, there isn’t any money to actually pay what these people are demanding, much less a way to actually verify eligibility, that I know of.


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  1. Reparations are just another version of “give me free stuff”. Nobody who is alive today was a slave in the U.S.! Nobody alive today in the U.S. has been a slave holder. So, you can take your reparations and stick them where the sun don’t shine.

  2. Hey Old NFO,

    Besides giving away “Free $hit” to the freeloaders, this will exacerbate and increase the race divide in this country, and I am convinced once the black community get their “largess”, the Chinese, Indians, Mexicans will all be lining up for their shot for “Free $hit” and further dividing us and increasing the deficit and once the money is gone, they will come back and demand more. It is Danegeld.

  3. Their ancestors were offered a return to Africa in the form of Liberia. Their ancestors chose not to take it. Ergo by the same doctrine that they claim we are responsible for slavery, they are responsible for their ancestors decisions and have no claim on us.

  4. Slaves in the North America has been held by all races on all races. The Civil War forced the elimination of slavery and lead to the Constitution changes that identified that Blacks were 100% citizens in all states. The Civil War caused massive death and loss of money to all states to fix the issue.

    Slavery was still being held by Native Americans in non-states until they became states, and the Native Americans that held slaves were cleared of them by the military over a couple decades. Reparations is wrong since no one lives that has been a slave under USA law and costs and death has been done to clear the issue. Reparations is is just being used by the Left to get money and votes.

  5. All- Excellent points, and yes, there has to be an end to ‘free stuff’ and purposeful division among the races by the lefties and activists!!!

  6. Reparations being paid to people who aren’t slaves by people who didn’t own slaves in a non-slave state.

    Sooo stupid.

    Sooo glad I don’t live anywhere near San Fran or California.

  7. It’s amazing how there is no ice cream when those willing to believe it’s free appear in line.

  8. The FIRST slaveholder that can be documented here in the colonies was a Black, who owned a bunch of white slaves. No documentation for the Indians, for the most part. We could point at the Blacks and chant: They started it! (snicker)

  9. I’ve just been listening to a discussion on “aboriginality” in Australia .

    One of the leaders of this discussion was a gentleman – and I use the term ironically – with FOUR documented British Grandparents.

    The complaint was that people were faking aboriginal identity in order to gain jobs paying up to $200kpa…. in “community organisations” all of which are funded -one way or another – by the taxpayer. There is no hard qualification. It is all “identity” and “acceptance”. The solution is obvious. Get off the gravy-train and select your representatives on the basis of the services and commitment they provide to their community. Not on how much money they promise to drag out of “whitey”.

    Incidentally, slavery was illegal in Australia from the time of the first European settlement, aboriginals were accorded the legal protections of British subjects under Common Law from the early 1830s, and the currently-popular narrative of violence and genocide cannot be supported by hard historical evidence.

    Australia currently devotes more funding per capita to aboriginals than the average Australian earns in income. This, despite the fact that 80% of aboriginals are economically and socially indistinguishable from the rest of the population, which proves that being aboriginal is no handicap in Australian society. Most of the money goes to supporting those who want to live “traditionally”, and it is this cohort that is violent, unhealthy and has horribly high rates of substance abuse.

    I could go on….

  10. According to family records, my umpty-great grandfather emigrated to American in 1862. He was taken away from his wife and children, drafted into the war, and fought a few battles before losing a leg and being let go.
    Even with the bogus ‘history’ argument, why should any of my family pay a dime?

  11. As if the idiot leftists and the greedy ground apes seeking this money ever gave a rats ass about facts.

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