Shareholder revolt???

Another report on the Disney debacle…

The Walt Disney Company is facing accusations that the company has misled shareholders by promoting a “woke political and social agenda” at the expense of profits.

America First Legal (AFL), a group aligned with former President Trump, sent Disney a letter Wednesday alleging that the company has engaged in unlawful discrimination and pushed political causes that have caused “damage to Disney’s brand, properties, and commercial reputation by management’s manufactured misalignment between its woke political and social agenda and the vast majority of the Company’s customers.”

Full article, HERE from Fox. h/t Stretch

$100 BILLION hit is pretty significant, and yes, if ‘I’ were a shareholder, I’d be worried about my dividends.

Of course all this will be blamed on the conservatives and Trump, because Disney is toeing the line for the left and their ‘agenda’.

I miss the Disney of old, and the toons we used to be able to watch on Saturday morning. Mighty Mouse, Wile E. Coyote (and Acme!), Tom & Jerry, Foghorn Leghorn, Bugs Bunny, Moose and Squirrel, etc.

And as far as I know, none of us turned into child killers, or malcontents because of the ‘aggression’ in those toons… Or the old Disney movies, Fantasia, Bambi, Cinderella, Song of the South, etc.

Oh yeah, good luck finding any of them today…



Shareholder revolt??? — 21 Comments

  1. My wife got me VHS tapes of Buggs Bunny cartoons. While deployed, on Saturday I would play the tape in the wardroom while we put our watch report together.

    I think those tapes are still somewhere. I should consider a little decluttering.

  2. If you get the Me TV network on your system from 7:30 til 10am on Saturday you get Popeye, Tom and jerry, Woody Woodpecker, and Bugs Bunny. And at 10am you get the Wild Wild West, another childhood favorite of mine.

  3. Many of the old cartoons are packaged in 3 hour chunks on Amazon Prime.
    Of course, they have a warning at the beginning that views and attitudes were different when they were made and that people may find parts offensive.

    I had forgotten about Casper the friendly ghost and some of the other ones.

  4. When my daughter was born we had friends with twin daughters in their late 20s and no grandkids. We asked them to babysit and they were delighted. At some point they realized they were never having grandkids and gave us a box of VHS tapes of every existing Disney movie. I watched them all again in my 40s. It was interesting. It’s a shame what they did to Disney.

  5. I’ve been watching some of Disney’s old stuff like “The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh” (1964) which I borrowed from a buddy. It’s live action, but it’s terrific stuff. Wonderfully effective. It’s flabbergasting how good it is compared to most everything that Disney has put out since Disney’s death. The company can make money with theme parks, but they have been lost creatively without Walt. Their movies since the 70’s have been tepid live action or cartoons for the show tune set.

    • One of the most accurate war films made was… “The Miracle of the White Stallions.” Germans had correct equipment, all the US equipment was correct, the horses were correct. Damned good movie.

      Now? All the villains and villainesses are the good guys. Wert ther Ferk?

  6. Even the theme parks are losing their shine. It’s fine to want profits. But the pressure to keep increasing profit eventually leads to poor customer outcomes. Sometimes it’s actually lethal. I’d rather take the kids to Silver Dollar City or Cedar Point.

  7. My wife and I went to Disney World in 2022. We booked the trip to meet cousins there right before everything blew up with them and Florida. It was fun, but the food prices were as outrageous as the ticket prices. The requirements for reservations for getting into parks and many restaurants at the park did not help with planning flexibility at all. And since everything blew up, we have no plans to go back. Universal is more convenient and effective ticket price is lower, plus the money doesn’t go to Disney.

  8. I know someone who has some shares of Disney. He voted every single vote he could, basically ripping apart the current management and voting against almost everything they supported (I think the “for” was for a special outside audit of something.)

  9. I remember watching the wildlife shorts that came before the main feature. The fox caught the rabbit and it was explained as part of nature. The hound chased the fox because it to was part of it’s nature.

    Now the fox never catches the rabbit because it would be offensive to some viewers. The hound realizes that chasing the fox is caused by global warming and becomes a vegan instead.

  10. Disney. Neither a stockholder nor a customer so no dog in the fight. I enjoy the old cartoons and feel anger that the ‘magic’ is gone for the kids, and kids at heart, that the brand once represented.

  11. Given the hit to shareholder value due to Disney’s current DEI kick, it’s no wonder they’re revolting.

    Disney has been killing the golden goose for the fool’s gold of a progressive ESG rating and they’ve been using their shareholder’s value to do it.

    • Even CalPERS noticed how bad Iger has done with Disney – they are reportedly voting for Nelson Peltz and Jay Resulo in the proxy fight.

  12. Most (maybe all, but I’m not going to look it up) of the cartoons you mention enjoying do not emanate from Disney. In particular, Wile E. Coyote, Bugs, and Foghorn Leghorn were from Warner Brothers. Rocky and Bullwinkle were also not Disney.

    • That’s why I bought the complete collections when they were available on DVD. Mister Peabody’s puns are still terrible.

      What I miss are things like Tennessee Tuxedo and his pal Chumley.

      • Tennessee Tuxedo and his Tales complete series is available on DVD. It also has their other old cartoons Klondike Kat, The Hunter, Tooter Turtle, and the King and Odie. I got it a couple years ago. Can recommend.

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