Wily road crews…

Have apparently found a way to cut the cable yet again for AT&T, so no Internet. The best thing I can say is go read the folks on the sidebar, they are much more entertaining than I am anyway. Hopefully … Continue reading

Merry Christmas!!!

I hope this day finds you spending it with your loved ones, if not enjoy as well as you can wherever you may be… Vito is waiting patiently for ‘his’ presents… He and I are the only ones up! And … Continue reading

Intarwebz is back…

Finally… Doug Dewitt, please check your email. You are holding up the selection process for the donation packages.


Internet has been flaky all day yesterday, and this morning again. Which means you don’t get a post. Sorry! All I can say is go raid the folks on the side bar and I will try to get a post … Continue reading

And we have winners!!!

As as usual, I don’t have an email for one of them… Paging Doug Dewitt, Doug Dewitt to the white courtesy phone please… And an ‘oddity’ of truly random draws is you get truly random results, hence we have two … Continue reading


Yesterday was Monday all #%_*]{^ day!  Went out and got extra Christmas lights to fill out the front of the house, and of course, with my luck the new ones don’t blink! And the Internet went down about 10 o’clock … Continue reading

Gun Raffle/Go Fund Me…

Update and a bleg… Andi, a member of our Blogorado family, has suffered a stroke, which was misdiagnosed initially, leading to complications.  She doesn’t have medical insurance, and is having to fund her rehabilitation on a pay-as-you-go basis.  Several of … Continue reading

$$=Smoke and noise…

Can’t get pictures to post, but we’re having fun and we’re turning large amounts of money into large amounts of smoke, Noise, and smiles! Go read the folks on the sidebar, and I’ll be back in a couple of days! … Continue reading

It’s begun…

The tribe is gathering… Big sky country and country food, Surf and Turf to start… Fresh Maine lobster and Chicken Fried Steaks from Sir Loin. 🙂 … Continue reading

Book Sale!!!

This post will remain up through Monday!  The Fourth Annual Indie Author Labor Day Sale! Welcome to another long holiday weekend, and have we got reading material for you! Kick back, relax, let the smoker do the work on that … Continue reading