A new line in the sand???

Or in concrete???

Newly minted House Speaker Mike Johnson sent a letter to Office of Management and Budget Director Shalanda Young Tuesday laying down a line on Ukraine funding.  While the letter is addressed to Young, who is negotiating with lawmakers on a government funding package by the end of the year, it’s for President Joe Biden. 

“With respect to the Administration’s request for additional Ukraine funding, the position of Congressional Republicans has been clearly articulated since October 26, 2023. On that date, I met in the Situation Room with you, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, and other key leaders to present two essential prerequisites: security at out border, and critical answers regarding the funds requested,” Johnson wrote in the letter. 

Full article HERE.

When you add this to the FBI director’s statements about red warning lights and potential attacks on America, infrastructure, and people by ‘terrorists’, really makes me wonder about just what the administration’s goals are. Especially when the Fibbies/CBP say they are catching terrorists coming across the border (but how many are they missing).

Another thing that makes me wonder is why the administration is taking such a soft stance on Iran and their proxies, especially with Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis et al continuing to ramp up attacks on US ships/personnel, and continuing to fire rockets into Israel.

Adding this to the list of atrocities that are now being listed by the Israelis against women that were kidnapped/raped/killed, plus the fact that they refuse to release anymore women (or anymore US hostages), and the US continues to sit on the sidelines or puts a small strike on a ‘warehouse’ or something else small…

Where the hell are we going, and why are we in this handcart?

Bueller, Bueller, anybody???



A new line in the sand??? — 20 Comments

  1. Whomever is pulling the Meat Puppet’s strings wants chaos in the streets. It is evil. It is the only explanation I can think of that fits the pattern.

    I very much would like an alternative.

    PS, they ain’t stupid. They’re too consistently successful.

  2. Xopf said “Whomever is pulling the Meat Puppet’s strings wants chaos in the streets.”

    I think they believe it helps them in 2024. But I could be wrong.

    And for most of my lifetime the US has been all about “proportional response.” I think it is time for disproportional responses. If attacked, we need to hurt them so bad that the next person to suggest attacking the US gets punched for making the suggestion.

    • “Proportional Response” …. is not “tit-for-tat”.
      It is the idea that the response is appropriate to the problem. If the problem is a an aggressive nation engaging in unconventional warfare through terrorist groups, then the “proportional response “ is not measured in body-count, but by whatever is necessary to stop them.

  3. The 2020 election was stolen. It is clear when Biden did not campaign, Trump was leading across the nation, they stop the counting across the nation at exactly the same time for hours, and restart counting across the nation with Biden ahead without the counting being done. Seeing how Biden is you can see it was planned with media, state gov, the Federal gov, and the UNIPARTY.

    This is leading to the destruction of the country. The documentary “The Fall of Minneapolis” shows how they did it to the city and state by media and mob action. This is happening now by invasion of our borders and no stopping by the governments, state or Federal.

    The 2024 election is a question because it is likely Biden will not make it to the end, so the DNC will insert some one else at the DNC convention. The DNC is trying to keep Trump off the ballot because they cannot win without cheating and too many people will vote for Trump at this point.

    I believe if they cheat they will likely cause CW2. If they assassinate Trump it becomes the same the country will dissolve. Trump is out to wreck the corruption in DC and turn it normal.

  4. We are in this handcart because we’ve spent over a century coddling and compromising with socialists rather than cleansing them from the body politic. And in latter years, this merged with a resurgent anti-Semitism as part of the identity politics and Marxist theory such socialists espouse.

    • Any form of government will work for a moral people. As we started to turn away from Christianity then the soil became fertile for corruption of our economic system (capitalism) and our government. It also helps that we are so big that you have to work to be politically involved, helps to hide the shenanigans.

  5. Did you see the supreme court case against the IRS? They are now looking to tax ‘profits’ that are purely on paper and imaginary.
    So far the federal courts have been backing this idea as well. So every time something you have ‘appreciates’ on paper (like the county assessor increases the value of your home) the IRS will tax you on that ‘profit’ you just made.
    What they’re all pushing for is the collapse of the country so something THEY control will take it over. The middle class has too much power, so they want it gone. Look at how much power they got during covid, during 9/11.
    They are setting us up for another disaster – oh, and they’re calling for the assassination of Trump in the WaPo now. Because he’s going to be a dictator don’t you know (and I’m NOT making this up).
    I thought we were going to see at least one more presidential election.
    Now I’m not so sure.

  6. If the American people cannot see what is going on in Washington then they must either be the dumbest people on Earth or they have been brainwashed by the MSM. The Biden Administration is doing exactly what the CCP and WEF are telling him to do. The goal is the destruction of our economy and infrastructure. That is why the border is wide open so the Chinese and Iran can infiltrate America with fifth columnists. They will blend into society at different levels and will strike when the order is given. Their targets have already been decided and each of the terrorists and Chinese Military Agents will then strike in order to bring America to its knees. As to Ukraine that was started in order to financially break America!

    • John…

      How is a military aid program that is costing 5% of America’s MILITARY budget, going to “break” America?

      Russia has an economy the size of Italy’s.
      America alone could BURY them with no more military spending than was engaged in under Reagan, let alone what America spent during Korea or the World Wars.

      That’s before we start talking about the Europeans.

      You can, and should, be talking about the US Governments spending priorities, but not be repeating rubbish.

  7. Add this to:

    The millions of recent military age male immigrants
    The military recruitment drive in the works for them
    The purge of patriots from the .mil by the clot shots and woke policies

    Nah. The US military would never enter US citizens’ homes and confiscate any of their property

  8. The leftists in power HATE America and are actively working to destroy it. This isn’t complicated. Evil but not complicated. The strange thing is what do these rich powerful leftists think things will be like after they eradicate the middle class and replace us with turd world savages. Who will keep things running so they can continue to live in luxury. I can only conclude they are so totally disconnected from reality they don’t understand how complicated our technological society is and think anyone can run and maintain it.

  9. Border Security and Ukraine should not be linked.I understand why the Republicans are doing it, because they want Border Security and have decided to link it to another funding issue which is important to Biden.

    Let’s not fall for the idea that Border Security is failing because old equipment that was slated for replacement or being parked in a desert somewhere, is being sent to Eastern Europe.

    The linkage is artificial and political. One is not compromising the other.

  10. The following Conversion Factor is from literal years on the border, watching CBP Eff their jobs up, by the numbers, per managerial directive:

    Take the number of terrorists they claim to have apprehended, for any period of time.
    Add three zeroes behind this number.

    That’s the number of terrorists they did not even notice crossing into America in the same time period.

    *Nota bene Three zeroes is the low-end estimate. The actual number could be four or five zeroes. But it is, to a No-Way-In-Hell Certainty, any less than specified, to a metaphysical certainty beyond rational disputation.

    Anyone telling you differently is selling something, or looking to pick your pocket. Perhaps both.
    And by definition, CBP doesn’t know what they don’t know. Starting with how many people crossed when they weren’t looking.

    Some of us who watched when they weren’t around got an eye-opening education in how they play their games.

    This concludes your briefing on how much they’re lying when they give out misinformation on this topic. Which is all they give out on this topic.

    • Aesop:
      This probably isn’t a simple question, but, are the boots on the ground at all responsible for the lack of effect in stopping the influx? IOW, are they hired because they are in agreement with TPTB, are they simply warm bodies collecting a paycheck, or are they royally pissed because their hands are tied? Hmm, might be better to ask what percentage fits in those categories?

  11. All- Good points and our definition of proportional and the left’s is CONSIDERABLY different!

    Aesop- Dead on, and I agree. The reality is there are operational terrorist cells in America from a number of different countries, and nobody in power wants to admit it… sigh…

  12. I think the answer to “how did we get into this handcart is simple:
    “Elections have consequences”. I think what we have seen for the past 3 years is the result of actions taken, and not taken.
    I am hopeful that the contrast will be stark enough between the past 3 years and the prior 4 years that folks will vote for policies that make much more sense then what we are getting currently.

    And if I were President for the day, I would have bombed Iran’s oil fields, as well as their nuclear power plants, as well as every single site that is busy lobbing stuff at the passing ships in the Red Sea as well as at our bases in Syria. I would have done it on about Oct 10 or so…this ignoring all the little crap is just gonna bite us in the butt later on. Squash it hard and fast. So that the mere idea is enough for the rest of the “planners” say “Oh hell no!!” if broached. Fear can be a good thing!!

    And shut down the damn border!!! Like yesterday! Seal that puppy up!!!

  13. I’m sure Slo Joe will will sign the appropriate articles of surrender to whom ever claims victory.

  14. a) Treating Biden being frauded in during 2020 as an isolated hypothesis is overly narrow. The Democrats would not have gone forward with that scheme if honestly won elections had kept them associated with a broad base of voters who support them.

    b) The universities seem rotten.

    c) It is correct to say that the linkage between funding for Ukraine, funding for Israel, and funding for the border is political, and artificial. That is also a bit of a pointless objection for DoD insiders to be making, and misses the forest for the trees.

    d) With the Afghanistan withdrawal, DoD and defense contractor insider support for and tolerance of the Biden regime has screwed over political support for procurement. This is a still developing shift, but insiders are in denial about the public doing the calculation of ‘why spend so much developing secret hardware, only to hand over the secrets of our hardware to our adversaries’. It is true that building the hardware anyway aligns civilian engineers to our hardware procurement needs. That may be offset by killing those engineers with stupid biological experiments.

    e) Israel and Ukraine are a weird edge case, as their soldiers can be more trusted to represent our interests by representing their interests, if we give them a small amount of older hardware, than our soldiers can.

    f) Biden is more harmful to US interests than Putin can be. The chance of Putin having working nukes is overhyped, and his terrorist mentality would not allow him to use them in more effective ways, instead of mostly useless ways.

    g) Having full stocks for some near term foreign war is questionable, because there is little grounds for public confidence supporting a foreign war any time soon. Fresh stockpiles are most useful near term for blowing apart US infrastructure in the next civil war. We may still be able to avoid that war.

    h) Congress has more information than most when it comes to deducing the illegitimacy of the current regime, and of the need for serious house cleanign before any politician can have much of a future career expectation. House GOPes seem in denial, and the Democrats firmly in Hitler in the Bunker tier delusion.

    i) The Democrats were all for funding, and it seems likely that this was only because they saw an opportunity for massive theft.

    j) Mike Johnson has so far taken slow and incrementalist approaches. This is a bit frustrating, because the Democrats seem fragile, and I am impatient. But, if they really are fragile, it will be easy to topple them, they may fall down on their own. Looking into where the money went may prove productive. All this could result in a victory without a serious fight first.

    k) Kevin McCarthy is apparently resigning from Congress. I can’t help but view this as a positive.

    l) Biden probably would surrender to a foreign opponent, but is unlikely to surrender to a domestic opponent.