Busy, busy…

This one came over the transom from the mil string… SOMETHING IS MISSING Just a short note of something rather insignificant in the grand scheme of things…. We are told by the powers that be – that approximately 6,000 to … Continue reading

Update from NOLA

Just got a phone call from Murphy over at lagniappes Lair. He came through the storm OK, no damage to the house, no flooding. Some minor fence damage, and power expected to be out for two weeks. He said the … Continue reading

PSA- Winchester 9MM ammo recall!!!

Courtesy of Guns in the News Blog! Olin Winchester has issued a recall of several lots of its 9 mm ammunition. Owners of any of the company’s 9 mm cartridges with 115-gr. full metal jacket bullets or 115-gr. jacketed hollow points need … Continue reading


I ‘think’ my days of strong back, weak mind are done. Now it’s weak back to go with the weak mind, and being almost 70… It wasn’t this hard the last time I did this!!! Volunteered to help somebody move … Continue reading

Morning world!!!

We are winding down the last day of Foolzcon this morning. And my butt is dragging… Sigh we are once again fighting the battle with the coffee pot and losing, but we’re making it work 🙂 seems seems like everybody … Continue reading

First Colors at the WWI Memorial!!!

A bit long, but worth watching if you had a family member serve in WWI. Fast forward to 29.45 to the actual start of the presentation. A number of folks/organizations did a butt ton of work to make this happen … Continue reading

Prospective cover…

Tina is, as usual, doing an outstanding job of putting a cover together. This is one of the ideas for the western cover! I like it! … Continue reading

All good things…

Must come to an end… Sigh… Back to reality, break is over. Back on the road to the house today. Realized I’d never posted and EDC pic for the trip, so here ya go… Real blogging/commenting should resume tomorrow. … Continue reading

Red sky at night…

‘Usually’ means sailor’s delight (e.g. smooth sailing). However… In this case, while pretty, and obviously red, it’s due to the smoke from the fires in Colorado and California. And breathing is…interesting. But the big sky nice to see! … Continue reading


Was volunteering this morning for some cleanup efforts, forgot to put up a blog post. My bad… Go read the folks on the sidebar!!! Sorry!!!