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From Gnews.org, which the left and MSS are already trying to disprove, saying ‘mail in ballots’ are responsible for the distribution. IF that were true, shouldn’t ‘something’ similar be present on BOTH sides??? HERE.

From Israel. Spin, Strangeness, and Charm, HERE.

From Silicon Graybeard, HERE.

From Larry Correia, HERE.

From Lone Star Parson, HERE.

From My Daily Kona, HERE.

From PawPaw’s House, HERE.

From Retired Mustang, HERE.

From the Shekel, HERE.

From Way Up North, HERE.

To say this whole election is on the up and up is to be smoking ‘something’… I did this post to highlight was is being said, not just here, but abroad. I’m not sure the court cases will be enough to overcome the margin of cheat, but at least it ‘should’ call attention to the BS that has been going on. When I tried to post the first link yesterday on FB, it wouldn’t let me post it at all… Censorship, anyone???

Keep your powder dry, sit back, and wait. Gore ‘had’ the election called for him for over 30 days, before it was ‘corrected’… Just sayin…

A modest proposal…

I would like to see the ‘games’ being played with voting brought to a halt.

What I would like to see happen is that ALL voting is kept sequestered until all states have completed their counts, certified them, and all states be required to release their totals and winners at the same time across the country. ONE dump, none of this crap of partial releases, etc. Nobody gets to be the ‘kingmaker’, continuing the count until that state is accorded the ‘honor’ of being the final vote that puts whomever is running over the magic 270 number.

Since the states all have different ‘schedules’ for counting, nobody could release anything, regardless of how quickly they get the count/etc. done. I think that would put more pressure on those laggard states to get the job done rather than procrastinate as some appear to be doing this time.

The other thing I would like to see is a national voter ID. If India can do it, or South Africa, or any other 3rd world country can, we damn sure should be able to! Hell, I’d be perfectly happy to have to dip my finger in indelible ink! That would at least quash the dead people voting (maybe)…

And real criminal penalties for ANYONE who leaks vote totals!

Granted this would make election night a non entity for the media (not that that is a bad thing), and would cut down on the media attempts to influence the vote on voting day.

Florida in 2000 comes to mind with CNN and others saying Gore had won Florida before the polls ever closed in the panhandle, the ‘automatic’ awarding of California, Oregon, Washington, NY, NJ, etc to the Dems as soon as the polls close, etc.

I know I’m pissing in the wind on this one, but damn…I’m tired of the BS…

Rather than say anything bad…

You get humor…

Pilots Philosophy…

The difference between a duck and a co-pilot?
The duck can fly.

A check ride ought to be like a skirt.
Short enough to be interesting, but long enough to cover everything.

Speed is life.  Altitude is life insurance.

It only takes two things to fly:
Airspeed, and money.

The three most dangerous things in aviation:
A Doctor or Dentist in a Cessna.
Two captains in a DC-9.

Aircraft Identification:
If it’s ugly, it’s British.
If it’s weird, it’s French.
If it’s ugly and weird, it’s Russian.

Without ammunition, the USAF would be just another very expensive flying club.

What do air traffic controllers and pilots have in common?
If a pilot screws up, the pilot dies.
If ATC screws up, the pilot dies.

The difference between flight attendants and jet engines:
The engines usually quit whining when they get to the gate.

New FAA motto:
‘We’re not happy, till you’re not happy.’

If Air Traffic Control screws up, it’s called a “System Malfunction”, If a pilot screws up it’s called a “violation”.

If something hasn’t broken on your helicopter — it’s about to.

I give that landing a 9 . . On the Richter scale.

Basic Flying Rules: 
1. Try to stay in the middle of the air.
2. Do not go near the edges of it.
3. The edges of the air can be recognized by the appearance of ground, buildings, sea, trees and interstellar space. It is much more difficult to fly in the edges.

Unknown landing signal officer (LSO) to carrier pilot after his 6th unsuccessful landing attempt:
“You’ve got to land here son.  This is where the food is.”

The three best things in life are: 
A good landing, a good orgasm, and a good bowel movement.
A night case III carrier landing is one of the few opportunities to experience all three at the same time.


When I got home last night, my wife demanded that I take her someplace expensive…..so, I took her to a gas station….. and that’s how the fight started.
I tried to talk my wife into buying a case of Miller Light for $14.95.  Instead, she bought a jar of cold cream for $7.95. I told   her the beer would make her look better at night than the cold cream……. and that’s how the fight started.
After retiring, I went to the Social Security office to apply for Social Security. The woman behind the counter asked me for my driver’s license to verify my age. I looked in my pockets and realized I had left my wallet at home. I told the woman that I was very sorry, but I would have to go home and come back later.  The woman said, ‘Unbutton your shirt’.

So I opened my shirt revealing my curly silver hair. She said, ‘That silver hair on your chest is proof enough for me’ and she processed my Social Security application.  When I got home, I excitedly told my wife about my experience at the Social Security office.  She said, ‘You should have dropped your pants. You might have gotten disability, too’……  and that’s how the fight started.
My wife and I were sitting at a table at my high school reunion, and I kept staring at a drunken lady swigging her drink as she sat alone at a nearby table.  My wife asked, ‘Do you know her?’  ‘Yes,’ I sighed, ‘she’s my old girlfriend. I understand she took to drinking right after we split up those many years ago, and I hear she hasn’t been sober since. ‘’My God!’ says my wife, ‘Who would think a person could go on celebrating that long?’…… and that’s how the fight started.
I rear-ended a car this morning. So, there we were alongside the road and slowly the other driver got out of his car.  You know how  sometimes you just get soooo stressed and little things just seem funny?

Yeah, well I couldn’t believe it…. he was a DWARF!!!  He stormed over   to my car, looked up at me, and shouted, ‘I AM NOT HAPPY!!!’  So, I   looked down at him and said, ‘Well, then which one are you?’……. and that’s how the fight started.
I took my wife to a restaurant. The waiter, for some reason, took my order first.  ‘I’ll have the strip steak, medium rare, please.’  He   said, ‘Aren’t you worried about the mad cow?’  ‘Nah, she can order for  herself.’….. and that’s how the fight started.

Rimworld snippet…

The muse wanted me to get this down, so…

Comments/recommendations appreciated, as always!

Chapter 1


Ethan Fargo’s wrist comp went off with his alert tone, startling Canis and Cattus as they lay on the porch sunning themselves and luxuriating in the radiant heaters while he sat drinking one of his few cups of real coffee. Grumbling, he looked down. “Now what?”


What in the hell is… His wrist comp went off again. REQ U ATTEND PARADE AT GALPAT COMPOUND 1100 TOMORROW. CHG OF COMMAND/AWARDS CEREMONY. SHUTTLE WILL TAKE YOU AND CHSGT LEVESQUE TO ENCLAVE. S/KEADS Why is the colonel sending me this personally? That doesn’t make any…

A vid alert popped up from Nicole and he quickly acknowledged it. “Hi. What’s—”

“Did you get the alert for tomorrow?”

“Yes. Apparently—”

She interrupted again, “Did you also get a second alert to be at the compound at 1100?”

“Ah, yes I did, and I’m assuming you got one, too?” He saw her nod over the vid and asked, “Do you have any idea what is going on?”

“WO Boykin commed me. Colonel Keads is the new GalPat rep for Hunter and your favorite PITA is outbound. Palette is apparently bound for a…” she snickered, “Combat command.” She laughed loudly and finally got herself under control. “That’s going to be…special. Any bets on how long he survives?”

Fargo smiled. “No bet. I’ll come down early. Want to have breakfast?”

“Sure. Come to the Copper Pot, I’ll fix you breakfast if you’re good.”

“Yes, dear.”

He heard a bang in the background and Nicole started cussing. “Dammit, Hugh, you weren’t supposed to slam the oven.” She turned back to the vid and sighed. “Lemme go see what I can salvage of the cakes that were in the oven. Love you.”

She air-kissed the vid and he barely got out, “I love you,” before it disconnected. Well, I think Hugh is in trouble. Especially if the cakes fell…I really wouldn’t want to be in his shoes. He looked up to see Ton’Skel running from the far end of the meadow, high-stepping through the three feet of snow on the ground. How the hell he can stand to do that damn near naked is beyond me. Their bodies have to be…a lot more adaptable than ours.

Fargo, eighty-six and in prime shape, had medium brown hair, brown eyes and a smooth expression that belied the sense of inner strength you only saw if you looked him in the eye. At almost six feet tall and one hundred eighty pounds, he’d been genied for athletics and hand/eye coordination as a child, and it continued to serve him well. But as he watched Ton’Skel he couldn’t help but shiver. Ton’Skel was barely three years old and was already over six feet tall, well over two hundred pounds and he flashed back to the briefing embedded in his neural net- Dragoons- Bipedal, opposable thumbs, three fingered clawed forelegs, three toed clawed feet. Vestigial tails, vestigial wings. Prominent fangs. Multiple colorations, do not tie to specific clans or patriarchal lines. Cultural values include capture of worlds, minerals, battle to advance within society. Carnivorous, eat prisoners and dead, including their own. Males start training as warriors at three years of age. Females mainly breeders, administrators. Can live to four hundred years of age.

Ton’Skel hopped up on the porch and brushed snow from his shipsuit, causing Cattus to yowl as she was sprayed with snow. He growled something back at her, and she huffed then rolled on her back for him to scratch her belly. She play bit him and he got up fluidly. His GalTrans converted his growls into Galactic common, “So beautiful. Such nice weather! There is food?”

Ethan chuckled. “Growing boy again, Ton?” I swear you must eat your weight every week!” He’s grown six inches in, what, three months since we picked them up, and he’s put on probably fifty pounds! “Yes, there is food. You know how to use the autochef, and it was refilled yesterday…again.”

Ton had the grace to color an interesting shade of blue, nodded, and asked tentatively, “I hear…heard your…alert go off. Is work?”

Fargo got up and opened the door, only to knocked aside by Canis then Cattus as they bolted for the kitchen. “Yes, I have to…work tomorrow. It is military work for my…the company of militia I lead. I will have to leave early and won’t be back until late tomorrow evening.”

Ton wrinkled his lips, showing his fangs for a moment. “Is not about me?”

“No, it’s not about you.  Nobody knows you are here. And you have given your parole, and you have…diplomatic immunity. No one will hurt you here.” At least not if I have anything to say about it. Fargo programmed his meager breakfast and watched in amazement at the amount of food Ton selected. His breakfast popped out and he carried it to the table, then refilled his coffee cup with the last of the pot.

Ton had to make two trips to get all the dishes to the table, and he started eating quickly. Fargo finally said quietly, “Manners. Eat slowly, not messily, please.” Hanging his head and coloring that shade of blue again, Ton’Skel slowed down and matched him bite for bite, until they were done.

Getting up, Fargo shoved his dishes into the recycler, then got out Canis and Cattus portions dropping them in their respective bowls. Ton did the same with his dishes and followed him into the living room. “Use the e-tainment? Please?”

Fargo nodded. “You may. I do not need to use it any time this morning. But first, we need to talk.”

Ton sat on the couch and fiddled nervously with the e-tainment controller, showing just how mobile his three fingers and thumb were. “Ton, I need you to not go anywhere tomorrow. I know you like to run and wander outside, but with me being gone, I’d prefer you stay inside or at least on the porch tomorrow. The animals will need to go out regularly. You can use the e-tainment, but as we’ve agreed, no messaging to anyone, not even your uncle. He knows you are here and safe, Captain Jace has passed that word. You have eight more weeks here before the next steps are decided.”

“Captain, do you know what the next steps are,” Ton asked plaintively.

Shaking his head, Fargo replied. “No idea. That is…up to your uncle and whomever he is in contact with.” Ton slumped back and clicked the e-tainment system on, then flipped through the guide to the early days of the original battles with the Consolidated Union. Fargo asked curiously, “Why are you so intrigued with that stuff? That’s…four hundred years ago!”

Distractedly, Ton said, “Is not the same…history the Traders have. Many things do not make sense. There is…nothing like this showing actual battle. They…only show…repro…Ah, I not know word.”

“Reproductions? Like with actors?”

Ton nodded. “Actors. Repro…reproduction…is…fake?”

“Not necessarily. It depends on how…accurate…true to life the reproduction is.”

“What I see here is…actual…not reproduction. But not the same as what Traders say.”

Fargo grimaced and shrugged. “Could be the different perspective on the battles.”

“I go watch more.” Ton selected the last battle for the CU yards in Mars orbit, where the whole mess had started with Ortega and his minions taking over the yards and ships, then declaring them a free republic. Fargo remembered watching that set in school as a part of the history of the war and the final end of Ortega. Smiling grimly, he went into his bedroom trailed by the animals and started laying out the uniform he would need for tomorrow. He sent a thought to them. “Cattus, Canis stay off the bed. Do not mess up uniforms.” Cattus yawned and sprawled in the sun coming through the window as Canis huffed and curled up on the far side of the bed, as she usually did.




Dragging the liteflyer out of storage shed he unfolded it, reached in and configured it for cargo, then started the Built In Test (BIT). Yawning in the predawn twilight, he sniffed and was rewarded with the smell of the pines above the cabin and he smiled at the stillness of the air. Going to be a smooth ride to Rushing River this morning! He went back in the cabin, picked up his bag with his uniform and a change of clothes in case he couldn’t get back in if the weather changed, and bit his lip as he looked around. Ton came out of the spare bedroom and yawned. “I let animals out now?”

“Sure. I’m out of here in a couple of segs. I’m hoping to be back by eighteen or nineteen, if things go smoothly.”

“So, fourteen divs?”

Nodding, Fargo replied, “Probably. If the weather gets bad, I’ll…be back as soon as I can tomorrow. There is plenty of food for the animals in the cold box.” He sent a though to the animals, “You two obey Ton’Skel and guard the place.” They both nodded, startling him. That’s…a new behavior. Almost as if they…I need to talk to MobyDineah.

He strapped on his 6mm pistol, checking to make sure he had a full charge, and that the safety was on. Slapping his pockets, he verified he had his vibro knife, light, and locator in their usual places, then pulled his heavy weight uniform jacket from the coat rack next to the door. Slipping it on, he followed Ton and the animals out the door, shaking his head at Ton being out with only a light shipsuit on. Getting into the liteflyer quickly, he checked that everything was in the green and looked to make sure Ton and the animals were clear. With a wave, he lifted on the anti-grav and eased forward then picked up speed and altitude. He set high cruise and let the liteflyer carry him to Rushing River, the spaceport cum village, as his thoughts drifted through what might happen during the day.

Taxiing in, he saw Nicole’s runabout parked beside the administration building and smiled. He quickly parked and secured it, after he pulled his bag out of the other seat. He went over and opened the door with a smile and said, “Hi, going my way?”

“Shut up and get in, the damn heater quit again. I’m freezing my ass off,” Nicole snarled. He hadn’t even gotten the door shut when she stomped on the throttle, sliding the runabout around and pointing it at the gate. He hung on for dear life as she slalomed through the village, slid to a stop in front of the Copper Pot and ran up the steps, waited impatiently for the door to dilate, and disappeared inside before Fargo even got to the top of the steps.


Plan on paying 10x or more for the SAME guns today…

Depending on the next week(s), you might want to look around and see what is available…

I do have an old Colt Woodsman in the safe, and it’s a ‘basic’ .22 pistol, but it’s fun to shoot, and a world of difference from the .22 pistols of today! There really isn’t much, other than changing grips that one can do to one of them.


And now we wait…

As I post this at midnight, there is still not a call. I’m really not surprised.

Legal Insurrection has a post up on the Pennsylvania elections, HERE… Sigh…

And Pennsylvania stopped reporting results at 2200. The what if games have begun, as Arizona got called for Biden, apparently with over 1,000,000 votes still outstanding.


Have you…

Done the ‘deed’?

If you haven’t, please go do so today. It’s your RIGHT and PRIVILEGE as an American!

Just my .02 worth…

That moment when someone says, “I can’t believe you would vote for Trump.”

I simply reply, “I’m not voting for Trump.”

I’m voting for the First Amendment and freedom of speech.

I’m voting for the Second Amendment and my right to defend my life and my family.

I’m voting for the next Supreme Court Justice(s) to protect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

I’m voting for the continued growth of my retirement 401K and the stock market.

I’m voting for a return of our troops from foreign countries and the end to America’s involvement in foreign conflicts.

I’m voting for the Electoral College & the Republic we live in.

I’m voting for the Police to be respected once again and to ensure Law & Order.

I’m voting for the continued appointment of Federal Judges who respect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

I’m voting for our jobs to remain in America and not be outsourced all over again to China, Mexico and other foreign countries.

I’m voting for secure borders and legal immigration.

I’m voting for the Military & the Veterans who fought for this Country to give the American people their freedoms.

I’m voting for the unborn babies that have a right to live.

I’m voting for continued peace progress in the middle east.

I’m voting to fight against human/child trafficking.

I’m voting for Freedom of Religion.

I’m voting for the right to speak my opinion & not be censored.

I’m not just voting for one person, I’m voting for the future of my Country.

I’m voting for my children and my grandchildren to ensure their freedoms and their future.

What are you voting for?

Remember- Go VOTE tomorrow. Your vote is your choice, not anyone else.


Sigh… This is…unbelievable!

About 50 pro-Trump cars and trucks began to follow the Biden campaign bus on I-35 in Texas. They honked. They cheered Trump and jeered Biden. They were participating in a demonstration of support for Donald Trump.

This, apparently, was too much for Democrats. Someone on the bus called 9-1-1.

Full article, HERE. From PJMedia.

And then there is ‘this’ take…

The FBI is reportedly investigating a Friday incident where vehicles flying Trump flags surrounded a Joe Biden campaign bus on a Texas highway

On Saturday, several videos were posted to social media, showing the pro-Trump vehicles surrounding the Biden campaign bus as it drove up I-35 in Hays County, Texas. One video clip showed a pro-Trump truck and another vehicle following the Biden bus collide. According to the Texas Tribune, a law enforcement official confirmed the FBI is investigating the incident.

Full article, HERE.

And here is the video. Now I’m not a cop, accident expert, or anything else, but it looks to ‘me’ like the white SUV was trying to crowd the pickup off the road and the pickup wasn’t having any of that.

YMMV, but I’m curious as to what y’all think.