Yet another mass shooting took place yesterday in Buffalo, NY. Ten dead, three wounded.

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — An 18-year-old man has been arraigned in Buffalo City Court on Saturday evening, charged with first-degree murder in connection to the mass shooting at Tops on Jefferson Avenue in Buffalo on Saturday.

Full article, HERE. And there is already a ‘Wiki’ page on it, HERE.

Ten people were killed in a racially motivated mass shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo on Saturday by a suspect in tactical gear who was livestreaming the attack, law enforcement officials said during a news conference.

Full article, HERE from CNN.

A few questions come immediately to mind-

What motivated this kid? And what signs were out there that got missed?

Where did he get the gun? Was it ‘registered’ in NY under the ‘Safe Act’? Was it legally purchased, and by whom?

Interesting how the FBI has immediately jumped on it as a hate crime and he’s already been named and ‘tied’ to white supremacists!

Prayers for the families of those that were killed and those who were wounded.

Now, HERE is the coverage from the Milwaukee shootings on Friday night. Compare and contrast the difference in coverage/identifying those shot and the shooters…

And the left is already dancing in the blood of the victims of both shootings and calling for ‘gun control’ again.

One wonders whether we will ever hear the ‘details’ of where/how the guns were actually gotten in either shooting…


The weather…

Got a ‘bit’ sporty last evening…

These first two shots were taken about a minute apart as I watched two thunderstorm cells merge right over the house.

The cell on the left was building ‘quickly’ and the updraft was evident from the ‘boil’ in the clouds as it sucked the ‘little’ cell on the right into the bigger cell.

And this was the radar plot while this was going on. A little ‘hook’ was developing just north of us, and tornado warnings, flood warnings, etc. were going off at the same time. Itchy Paw Falls got almost 2 inches of rain in a half hour, according to the NWS, and we got maybe ten drops.

Once again, the ‘joys’ of living on the dry line! But at least I’m at home and sleeping in my own bed!

And now…

Back to reality.

Fun time is over, the symposium is done, and heading home. But it was great to see old friends and see the kids who are now shouldering the burden.

Hats off to them! And prayers that they don’t have to go through what we did over our careers. Many of the kids are veterans of OIF/GWOT, etc. already. And now they are having to learn how to track submarines all over again.

Normal blogging, etc. will resume on Saturday.

Fun times…

We had our heritage dinner last night…

With a bit over 300 folks attending…

One of the most arresting speakers was a young twenty something Afghani woman who escaped from Afghanistan in the airlift last year. She one of over 7000 who were routed through Isa Air Base in Bahrain, and was ‘hosted’ by the MPRA community (with less than 24 hours notice). She, her sisters, and a brother got out on a C-17 with over 500 others, sadly her mother and father did not make it out. BUT, she spoke eloquently about the fight against the Taliban, and how much she appreciated the US Navy’s care and assistance in getting them through the process (along with 5 kids born either in route or on Isa with basically no support, and over 70 Afghans who were cared for medically by the Navy with very limited facilities. She and her family members purposely moved to Jacksonville when she found out that it was the ‘home base’ for those who had helped them.

Needless to say, she got a standing ovation…

Today is more meetings and other stuff.

Go read the folks on the sidebar, they write good!!!

Out of pocket…

Spending a few days down in Florida…

It’s a chance to catch up with old shipmates, get some briefs from the current folks, and find out what is happening within the community.

Due to some of the ‘get togethers’, there probably won’t be much posting or commenting… Just sayin… 🙂

Should be back to regular blogging this weekend.

15 years…

And y’all are STILL reading my brain drippings???

Y’all just ain’t right! 🙂

A throwback- My first post…

I’m new to this whole arena, but thought I’d give it a try. I guess I fall in the “silent majority” as we have been deemed, I’ve never sought publicity, sued anyone for spilling my coffee, sure as hell ain’t a movie star; well, you get the drift…

I’m mid-50’s have a decent job, two decent kids trying hard to make their own way in the world today, and a lot of frustration with what is happening to the US of A. Being from the South, I hunt, fish, and shoot guns; so that immediately makes me one of those “rabid rednecks” to quote some out there. I did have a pickup, but it’s hard to park it where I work, so I drive a Pontiac… sure do miss the truck though… sigh…

As a retired military type, it really hurts to see the crap we are putting the folks in service through today. I lived through that in Vietnam, and I take the time to thank every Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine for their service when I get the chance. Most of the kids (I’m Southern so I can say that) are doing the best they can with what they have. They believe in the job they and others are doing in the Sandbox, and are pretty upset by the media coverage they get.

Anyway, I’m going to try this for a while and see what happens… thanks for reading and commenting…


My little corner of the Intarwebz has 5354 posts, over 77,000 ‘approved’ comments, and a bit over 10,000,000 views since that first post.

This blog has brought me a number of new friends, both on the net and in real life, for which I am eternally grateful! And y’all have helped make my writing better, both here and in my novels/novellas/short stories! THAT is very definitely appreciated, as I do value your inputs and, while I may not answer every comment individually, I do read them all.

I would also like to thank Barron B for hosting my site these many years, and I know I’ve caused him multiple headaches with the DDOS attacks and spammers that seem to come after the blog after ‘certain’ posts, but he hasn’t kicked me to the curb yet!!!

So I will shut up now and you can go read the folks on the sidebar, but I want to close by thanking each and every one of you that have stuck by me and I hope I have if not brightened your day, at least given you something to think about.


Words to think about…

For some of us, Ayn Rand was required reading in college… a compelling excerpt.
The Only Path To Tomorrow

Reader’s Digest, January 1944, pp. 88-90

The greatest threat to mankind and civilization is the spread of the totalitarian philosophy. Its best ally is not the devotion of its followers but the confusion of its enemies. To fight it, we must understand it.

Totalitarianism is collectivism. Collectivism means the subjugation of the individual to a group — whether to a race, class or state does not matter. Collectivism holds that man must be chained to collective action and collective thought for the sake of what is called “the common good.”

Throughout history, no tyrant ever rose to power except on the claim of representing “the common good.” Napoleon “served the common good´´ of France. Hitler is “serving the common good´´ of Germany. Horrors which no man would dare consider for his own selfish sake are perpetrated with a clear conscience by “altruists´´ who justify themselves by-the common good.

No tyrant has ever lasted long by force of arms alone. Men have been enslaved primarily by spiritual weapons. And the greatest of these is the collectivist doctrine that the supremacy of the state over the individual constitutes the common good. No dictator could rise if men held as a sacred faith the conviction that they have inalienable rights of which they cannot be deprived for any cause whatsoever, by any man whatsoever, neither by evildoer nor supposed benefactor.

This is the basic tenet of individualism, as opposed to collectivism. Individualism holds that man is an independent entity with an inalienable right to the pursuit of his own happiness in a society where men deal with one another as equals.

The American system is founded on individualism. If it is to survive, we must understand the principles of individualism and hold them as our standard in any public question, in every issue we face. We must have a positive credo, a clear consistent faith.

We must learn to reject as total evil the conception that the common good is served by the abolition of individual rights. General happiness cannot be created out of general suffering and self-immolation. The only happy society is one of happy individuals. One cannot have a healthy forest made up of rotten trees.

The power of society must always be limited by the basic, inalienable rights of the individual.

The right of liberty means man’s right to individual action, individual choice, individual initiative and individual property. Without the right to private property no independent action is possible.

The right to the pursuit of happiness means man’s right to live for himself, to choose what constitutes his own, private, personal happiness and to work for its achievement. Each individual is the sole and final judge in this choice. A man’s happiness cannot be prescribed to him by another man or by any number of other men.

These rights are the unconditional, personal, private, individual possession of every man, granted to him by the fact of his birth and requiring no other sanction. Such was the conception of the founders of our country, who placed individual rights above any and all collective claims. Society can only be a traffic policeman in the intercourse of men with one another.

From the beginning of history, two antagonists have stood face to face, two opposite types of men: the Active and the Passive. The Active Man is the producer, the creator, the originator, the individualist. His basic need is independence — in order to think and work. He neither needs nor seeks power over other men — nor can he be made to work under any form of compulsion. Every type of good work — from laying bricks to writing a symphony — is done by the Active Man. Degrees of human ability vary, but the basic principle remains the same: the degree of a man’s independence and initiative determines his talent as a worker and his worth as a man.

The Passive Man is found on every level of society, in mansions and in slums, and his identification mark is his dread of independence. He is a parasite who expects to be taken care of by others, who wishes to be given directives, to obey, to submit, to be regulated, to be told. He welcomes collectivism, which eliminates any chance that he might have to think or act on his own initiative.

When a society is based on the needs of the Passive Man it destroys the Active; but when the Active is destroyed, the Passive can no longer be cared for. When a society is based on the needs of the Active Man, he carries the Passive ones along on his energy and raises them as he rises, as the whole society rises. This has been the pattern of all human progress.

Some humanitarians demand a collective state because of their pity for the incompetent or Passive Man. For his sake they wish to harness the Active. But the Active Man cannot function in harness. And once he is destroyed, the destruction of the Passive Man follows automatically. So if pity is the humanitarians’ first consideration, then in the name of pity, if nothing else, they should leave the Active Man free to function, in order to help the Passive. There is no other way to help him in the long run.

The history of mankind is the history of the struggle between the Active Man and the Passive, between the individual and the collective. The countries which have produced the happiest men, the highest standards of living and the greatest cultural advances have been the countries where the power of the collective — of the government, of the state — was limited and the individual was given freedom of independent action. As examples: The rise of Rome, with its conception of law based on a citizen’s rights, over the collectivist barbarism of its time. The rise of England, with a system of government based on the Magna Carta, over collectivist, totalitarian Spain. The rise of the United States to a degree of achievement unequaled in history — by grace of the individual freedom and independence which our Constitution gave each citizen against the collective.

While men are still pondering upon the causes of the rise and fall of civilizations, every page of history cries to us that there is but one source of progress: Individual Man in independent action. Collectivism is the ancient principle of savagery. A savage’s whole existence is ruled by the leaders of his tribe. Civilization is the process of setting man free from men.

We are now facing a choice: to go forward or to go back.Collectivism is not the “New Order of Tomorrow.´´ It is the order of a very dark yesterday. But there is a New Order of Tomorrow. It belongs to Individual Man — the only creator of any tomorrows humanity has ever been granted.

Time to sit back and think about those words, especially as the left is doing its best to rile up the ‘masses’. AND Xiden is calling the MAGA crowd ‘The most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history.’

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Those of you whose Mothers are still alive; call ’em, visit ’em, take ’em to dinner! Do something good for them!!!

The history-

The origins of Mother’s Day are attributed to different people. Many believe that two women, Julia Ward Howe and Anna Jarvis were important in establishing the tradition of Mother’s Day in the United States. Other sources say that Juliet Calhoun Blakely initiated Mother’s Day in Albion, Michigan, in the late 1800s. Her sons paid tribute to her each year and urged others to honor their mothers.

Around 1870, Julia Ward Howe called for Mother’s Day to be celebrated each year to encourage pacifism and disarmament amongst women. It continued to be held in Boston for about ten years under her sponsorship, but died out after that.

In 1907, Anna Jarvis held a private Mother’s Day celebration in memory of her mother, Ann Jarvis, in Grafton, West Virginia. Ann Jarvis had organized “Mother’s Day Work Clubs” to improve health and cleanliness in the area where she lived. Anna Jarvis launched a quest for Mother’s Day to be more widely recognized. Her campaign was later financially supported by John Wanamaker, a clothing merchant from Philadelphia.

In 1908, she was instrumental in arranging a service in the Andrew’s Methodist Episcopal Church in Grafton, West Virginia, which was attended by 407 children and their mothers. The church has now become the International Mother’s Day Shrine. It is a tribute to all mothers and has been designated as a National Historic Landmark.

Just remember, if it weren’t for them, WE wouldn’t be here…


I’mm The score is Lions one Christians nothing…

i’m losing the battle with technology, problems with the Internet so you’re not going to get much in the way of a post this morning. So you could old tech! This is the Greek theater in Siracusa, Italy. It is one of two on the island of Sicily, and are the only two I’m aware of that are outside the Greek Isles. First built in the fifth century BC, it was later updated in the third century BC. When the Romans took over they took all the marble from the theater and used it to build their little coliseum about 200 yards away.



Since when…grrr…

Frikkin’ bragging to the news about GIVING INTEL TO UKRAINE?

The US has secretly been giving Ukraine real-time battlefield intelligence that directly helped its military kill Russian generals, according to a report — drawing an angry response Thursday from the Kremlin.

Full article, HERE from the NY Post!

I swear I’m glad I’m not in charge, because some heads would roll! This is patently absurd to broadcast that we have the capabilities to do stuff like this. Anybody that has been in that ‘world’ knows you don’t talk about that crap, much less give it to the media!

I can only say that more than ‘one’ capability has been compromised in the last 14 years… And the SEALs publishing books? Friends who are ‘old school’ SEALs hate this with a passion. The number of details and suppositions have and WILL get more folks killed in the next go round.

I’m going to go take another round of BP meds and try not to stroke out over here…

@#%$#% assholes…