A little humor…

Top 50 Oxymorons:

  1. Act naturally
  2. Found missing
  3. Resident alien
  4. Advanced BASIC
  5. Genuine imitation
  6. Airline Food
  7. Good grief
  8. Same difference
  9. Almost exactly
  10. Government organization
  11. Sanitary landfill
  12. Alone together
  13. Legally drunk
  14. Silent scream
  15. British fashion
  16. Living dead
  17. Small crowd
  18. Business ethics
  19. Soft rock
  20. Butt Head
  21. Military Intelligence
  22. Software documentation
  23. New York culture
  24. New classic
  25. Sweet sorrow
  26. Childproof
  27. “Now, then …”
  28. Synthetic natural gas
  29. Christian Scientists
  30. Passive aggression
  31. Taped live
  32. Clearly misunderstood
  33. Peace force
  34. Extinct Life
  35. Temporary tax increase
  36. Computer jock
  37. Plastic glasses
  38. Terribly pleased
  39. Computer security
  40. Political science
  41. Tight slacks
  42. Definite maybe
  43. Pretty ugly
  44. Twelve-ounce pound cake
  45. Diet ice cream
  46. Rap music
  47. Working vacation
  48. Exact estimate
  49. Religious tolerance
  50. Microsoft Works

I’m kinda surprised Jumbo Shrimp didn’t make the list… sigh


A little humor… — 14 Comments

  1. I’m old enough to remember when the United States of America used to go anywhere to rescue any American that was Trapped anyplace do to any Foreign nation, but that was before the Biden administration was in power.

    • I am sort of surprise that I have NOT seen (even a reference) to a modern version of a Carter-era bumper sticker:

      (And please hurry!)

      • There’s one out here in the West that says “God bless America? America bless GOD!”

        Two other bumper stickers:

        “Jesus is coming! LOOK BUSY!”

        “Jesus is coming! And man, is He PISSED!”

  2. I was going to suggest a couple but they made the list, and another was added by you at the end.

  3. A currency note collector told me that although Confederate notes have been counterfeited at various times to dupe collectors, the Union Army once raided and stole the engraved plates for the Confederate $10 bill. They took them to the U S. mint and printed about $9 million in “unauthorized” currency, which was to be injected into the Confederate economy to cause local hyper-inflations and other disruptions. As opposed to notes created to defraud collectors, the Union-made notes are known as “Genuine Counterfeits.”

  4. I believe in Living Dead, but it is a verb, not an adjective.
    It’s when you realize you are not getting out alive and act accordingly.

  5. I once saw in a store “Genuine Imitation Artificial Crab Meat”.