Well, back from the Life, the Universe and Everything writer’s conference and wanted to give a quick AAR. If you’re an aspiring writer, or a fiction writer, it’s WELL worth it, IMHO! Almost 200 panels, covering the gamut of writing, film making, … Continue reading

Good news???

There will be a Calexit Anthology!!! The bad is that we’ll be indie publishing it… And probably not until October at the earliest…  Sigh… As of today, I’ve got 19 folks that have expressed interest, and already have one complete … Continue reading

Anybody interested in a short Novella???

A little over 18K words… Originally written on spec for an anthology that is now not happening. So much for my luck… sigh Anyhoo… Navy centric, San Diego area, in the middle of Calexit, after it becomes real. One Year … Continue reading

Ruminations on writing…

As I sit here staring at a blank screen once again, I come back to a conversation from dinner last night… Why do we write? I do, because I can’t afford the bar bills… Writing is, by it’s nature, a … Continue reading