Here we go again!!!

Call for stories!!! We are doing a Haunted Library Anthology to benefit our little local library, the Tom Burnett Memorial Library in Iowa Park, TX. We are looking for stories involving a haunted library of your choice, 5000-8000 words preferred. … Continue reading

Dazed and confused…

Or the state of the writer… Eleven novels published since since 2014,  three anthologies, and appearances in five other anthologies, three with actual publishers. six novellas and short stories on my own. Averaging about 4.8 on the reviews, averaging just … Continue reading

Thank you!!!

Already over fifty reviews on Rimworld- Diplomatic Immunity! This is the quickest I’ve ever gotten that many reviews! And they’re honest reviews. THAT is appreciated! Obviously, some folks like the characters, including the one reviewer that didn’t like Nicole’s attitude … Continue reading

Thank you!!!

Y’all have bumped us to #1 new release in Short Stories Anthologies! And you’ve marched us pretty far up in the categories too!!! We, and I think I speak for all the authors, truly thank y’all for your willingness to … Continue reading

It lives!!!

Our second round of Tales Around the Supper Table Volume 2 is up! Only on Kindle for right now, waiting on the proofs for the paperback before we release that into the wild. Click the cover for the Amazon link! … Continue reading

An odd request…

I’m going to try something… I want to do a German and a Polish translation of the first Grey Man novels and see if they will sell over there. Soooo, what I need is someone(s) that- A. Are native speakers … Continue reading

State of the writer…

Ummm… Frazzled… 🙂 BUT, Rimworld- Diplomatic Immunity is out to the alpha readers and the cover is in work. Five short stories written, three published (so far), one in Unmasked, from Kevin James Anderson and I don’t understand why this … Continue reading

State of the writer…

Why am I in this handbasket? And where are we going??? Sigh… Pushing to finish the next Rimworld- Diplomatic Immunity, turned in three short stories, one already out- It came from the Trailer Park. Published one novella A Rifle A … Continue reading

Thank you!!!

Just wanted to say thank you to those who have given me honest reviews on my books and stories. Reviews are the bedrock of our ‘advertising’ if you will. Without reviews, people tend to ignore us, not buy our stuff, … Continue reading

Here we go again…

Got another ‘lovely’ 1 star review… This time on Calexit (again)… James XXXXXX 1.0 out of 5 stars Disgusting Reviewed in the United States on April 14, 2021 Verified Purchase Screwed up and bought this book thinking it was related to … Continue reading