Forgot to do a post for today…

Got wrapped around the axle working on the Haunted Library Anthologies for our local library.

Here’s a quick look at two possible covers…

We had 22 stories that made it, so there will be two volumes, probably the first in the next couple of weeks.

The first volume will have the following stories-

Secrets of Mrs Pruski Medlock

A Lioness in Winter K Legg

A matchmaking Ghost Zinn

Library Donations Schultz

Old Librarians Never Die Whisnand

Tommy and the Cheerleader Ro Smith

All Because of Some Books Re Smith

Eva Third Floor Mystery Ehme

A Death in the Stacks Grenoille

Overdue Return Tim Rangnow

The Ghost Writer K Gray

The Groundskeeper Hoodoo You Do Sanderson

And the possible covers…

The second volume will have the following stories-

The Knowledge Foster

The Ghosts of Port Aransas Brock

Out of Circulation Dyck

TEF Burns

The Book Return Gilbert

First Annual Eunice J Tucker Book Burning and BBQ Barrett

Dragon’s Butterfly Piazzo

TheWillow Park Ghost Gillis

Interview With A Librarian Thomas

The Librarian’s Looking Glass Zeidler

The Old Man Curtis

The second volume will come out 30 days after the first one!


Oopsie… — 9 Comments

  1. I like both covers, but prefer the first one for the first anthology.

  2. Yay! Looks like Volume 2 will come out about the same time as FenCon.

    I’m hoping to have Book 2 done by then as well.

  3. Will these just be hold-in-the-hand-books, or will it be on Kindle?
    I like the first one better than the second one too…cant ride a horse in the Library!!

  4. Rick- Thanks, they may change a bit…

    SL- It is.

    D.A.- Yep, I’ll be there too!

    Suz- Both! Actually, Quanah Parker DID ride his horse up the stairs to the ballroom in our little library! It was Tom Burnett’s town house!

  5. I like the first cover, but maybe without the “ghost”. As is, he looks like he’s wearing a Hawaiian print shirt.