Book promos!!!

First up is Peter Nealan with the 11th book in the Brannigan’s Blackhearts series- Marque and Reprisal

The blurb-

Ships are disappearing on the high seas…

…And no one knows why

A new threat darkens the waves

When ships with valuable—and often secret—cargoes begin to vanish far from the usual choke points and trouble spots, authorities are at a loss. Yet something must be done.

Brannigan’s Blackhearts have a new job.

Maritime security hasn’t usually been their bailiwick, but when Hector Chavez comes to Brannigan with the task, they take it. They’ll escort a cargo across the Atlantic. It’s probably going to be the most boring paycheck they’ve ever made.

They’re not ready for what they’ll meet out there.

A new, sophisticated pirate menace has emerged.

Will they defeat it? Or go down with the ship?

You’ll love this fast-paced action thriller because once it gets going, it doesn’t let up!

Get it now!

If you followed Peter’s Maelstrom Rising series, a lot of it took place at sea, so Peter had done the research and it shows in this volume.

Next up is Alma T.C. Boykin’s latest in the Familiars series- O Familiar

The blurb-

Anyone can defeat an infernal fiend. Raising a teenage daughter? Now that’s hard!

Lelia and André Lestrang juggle jobs, a daughter as stubborn as her mother and as determined as her father, and the usual magical (and Familiar) messes. An attack on St. Margaret of Scotland Episcopal Church draws the family into a mystery: who would squander so much magic to ruin old books about healing? And does a giant owl have anything to do with it? Toss in an emergency deployment, the usual autumn rush at the Goth Shop, and high school social drama, and Lelia has her hands full.

Then it gets interesting.

I’m biased on this one, I beta read it! Get it, it’s GOOD!!!

And last but not least, Dorothy Grant’s fourth book in her ‘tactical romance’ series- Between Two Graves

The blurb-

He swore he wouldn’t be back while his parents lived…

Now, almost thirty years later, AJ is going home.

Ordered to attend his mother’s funeral in the rugged northern border of the Empire, AJ is baring old wounds to his new wife, and burying familial feuds.

But the past won’t die that easily, and grave secrets will threaten all the survivors and the women they love. Because the Feds are after AJ’s unwanted inheritance…

And they’re willing to risk a war to get their hands on it.

Yes, I’m biased on this one too, I beta read it and it’s GOOD! Get it!!!


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  1. Thanks for the heads up and the TACROM (TACtical ROMance) book is now on my Kindle.