Here they go again…

California Gov. Gavin Newsom unveiled a new Delta tunnel plan Wednesday to reroute water that comes into Northern California during rainstorms down to Southern California, which is known to suffer from long droughts that scientists predict will get worse due to climate change.

Full article, HERE from the Washington Examiner.

This plan, and others like it have been bouncing around since the late 1970s that I know of. The LA/San Diego metro mess has been running out of water for years, while northern California has plenty (and econazis that thought protecting a fish was more important than food production).

Even if this could possibly pass, it would be YEARS before it would be completed, if ever, due to the lawsuits!!!

At the same time, per the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, Hetch Hetchy Reservoir can store as much as 117 billion gallons for the Hetch Hetchy Regional Water System, which serves San Francisco, Santa Clara, Alameda and San Mateo counties. Hetch Hetchy has been a bone of contention for years, because there is no swimming or boating allowed to ‘keep the water clean’. And the econazis want it returned to its ‘pristine’ condition, but the pols in SFO have always managed to fight that off.

Sacramento, for years, had NO water meters, because they got plenty of water from the American River, well above the delta, where the little fishes are…

Meanwhile, in SoCal, the California Coastal Commission (CCC) once again on Thursday unanimously rejected a proposed desalination plant for Southern California over concerns the facility would kill marine life and drive up the cost of water. 

Full article, HERE from US News.

For those playing along at home, the CCC is extremely powerful, and is infested with econazis. They have also had a significant role in both the closures of San Onofre and Diablo Canyon nuclear power stations. They would rather the coast stay ‘pristine’ than they would have water…

Well, they may find out sooner rather than later that the choice will be made for them by mother nature, and that whole corridor may become a literal desert!


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  1. If anyone ever needed a working definition, with examples, of this “superiority” and “privilege” thing that the Dems push as being so bad, all that is needed is to look at outfits like the California Coastal Commission — or California in general. There they are, a privileged (oh yes) elite, all with much money, all Democrats, and so far as can be determined no brains at all. But they know exactly what the rest of us schmucks should do and how we should do it — and they have the star power to convince people to keep electing them.

  2. The people that do want a desalianation plant are fools. I have been to Aruba where that is how the island gets its water and there has been no die off of the marine life there. As a matter of fact the marine life is flourishing in the waters around the island. Stupid is as stupid does.

    • John: I think you mean “don’t want”, not “do want”.

      I lived in Chula Vista a few years; the city water tasted so bad it was almost undrinkable. Everyone used bottled water. As a bonus, the five-gallon bottles doubled as earthquake indicators: woken from your slumber for an unknown reason? Look at the bottle to see if it is sloshing. Hmm, what happens to the proposed waterway when the earth moves?

  3. Wait a minute, didn’t the epa try to charge people who used rain barrels because the rain water was distrupted from it’s normal flow? The coastal elites are STEALING water from those where the rain fell.

    • Yup. In central/eastern Oregon and Washington. There’s a guy who went to jail because he built a small pond on his own land for his animals to drink from.

  4. I’m a Californian with inside connections to the California Department of Water Resources. I have friends that were employees of DWR, which they not so lovingly refer to as the Department of Water Removal.
    Here’s the real story behind the Peripheral Canal / Twin Tunnels Project / Bay-Delta Water Quality Control Plan / CA Water Fix / Single Tunnel Project, take your pick. It’s been called all of those things and possibly more over the last 50+ years.

    The real story is that the scheme is nothing but a make work project for a lot of highly paid state employees and private consultants which enables them to make them lots of money in the hopes that these people will vote Democrat and that the efforts to remove MORE water from NorCal to SoCal will give the phony-baloney politicians the appearance of actually attempting to solve a problem that they themselves created. In other words, it’s business as usual in this phony-baloney one-party rule oligarchy they call the Golden State.

  5. If railroads and over-the-road tanker trucks are good enough for oil then they are good enough for the voters in Southern California. It shouldn’t matter if it raises the cost “a little bit” than those tunnels.

  6. As Elmo alludes, this project has been around for decades. Actually, since moonbeam’s first swipe at the good people in the 1970s.

    Notice the boondoggle high speed train isn’t mentioned anymore.

  7. And so it goes. When I was a young lad growing up in Amador County in the 60’s, there was a proposal for a dam on the South Fork of the Consumnes River. Projections put the full water level right about even with the second story of our house. Yeah, that one didn’t happen either.

  8. Ian- Concur!

    John/Robert- Agreed! And yes, nice earthquake warning…

    SoCal- That they did!

    Elmo/r- Thanks for the inside info! Not surprised.

    ERJ- See above, it will never happen.

    RHT- Exactly!

  9. Desal may cost more. But that’s less than the people will pay when the water runs out.

  10. “Non native” fish, i might point out.

    So there are people who think that increasing supply (desalination plant) increases cost? Interesting.

    Still no mention of “build more reservoirs” which was the plan for Gov Moonbean cancelled the whole thing in the 70s.

    I love California but am so happy i left 20 years ago (wow, actually 25, getting old)

    • I left in 2004. It’s a beautiful state with an amazing variety of ecologies. But it’s been screwed by evil, greedy people. I have a theory that it is due to an inherited trait because a lot of people moved to Cali in pursuit of wealth and/or fame.

  11. Properly run, a waste-water plant can produce pure water. But most of Cali’s waste-water plants don’t meet the requirement for ‘pure’ water.

    And desalination is expensive. But much less expensive than death-by-lack of water.

    Israel, freaking Israel, produces a net surplus of fresh water from their desalination plants, enough that they’ve greened the deserts.

  12. Hey Old NFO

    “But, But, But Gaia…….!” according to the environmental Nazi’s…Them bozo’s the reason the state is messed up, but they don’t care, they are insulated from their bad actions and poor decisions but they effect everyone else.

  13. I still like the old idea of moving the Columbia (or Frazier!) River via a series of open canals and tunnels into the Central Valley. Just the geological challenge alone would keep engineers employed for centuries, let alone all the water lawyers and environmental lawyers (the two are not the same, although there is some overlap.)

    • Back in the ’60s various California politicians were proposing diverting water from the Upper Snake River drainage to the Green River (and eventually to the Colorado River). Idahoans responded that if they actually managed to complete the infrastructure (something about farmers, miners, loggers, and others having experience using explosives to remove nuisances), the poor bastards they sent to actually open the headgates, should make sure their wills were up to date. Remember, at that time in Idaho, hunting wasn’t just an activity, it was a religion. Eventually we got a federal law preventing cross basin water transfer. No real fan of Frank Church, but he got that one right.

  14. There’s a desalination plant in Carlsbad. My son snorkels down there. The outfall of that plant is TEEMING with marine life. There’s actually marine life there that shouldn’t even exist there, but the slightly warmer water at the outfall is allowing it to flourish. I call Bravo Sierra on the treehuggers!

  15. Has anyone considered covering the existing water delivery canal with pre-fab roofing segments to cut down on evaporative losses? The water in SoCal tastes terrible since it is what is left after most of the original water has been lost to evaporation.

  16. The problem now is that even Nor Cal is short on precipitation. Average rain/snow fall recently has been dismal compared to decades past. There isn’t really any water to spare for the south half of the state anymore. Part of this is due to the population doubling since 1980….and part of it is the greenies refusing to let the rest of us build anymore storage dams and forcing untold amounts of water to be wasted running to the sea to save some pet fish of theirs that isn’t ecologicallay important to anyone but the fish.

    • The problem in NorCal isn’t lack of rainfall, it’s lousy Fed/State management. The government agencies are proxies for the enviros, who are calling the shots from both inside and outside of government.

      Here’s what happens when a local agency, Yuba County Water Agency, manages their reservoir for their customers, not radical enviros.