I can’t do any better than this…

And I DO remember my parents talking about some of these things, in 1957. We had a black and white TV, with three channels, and it was only turned on after supper for an hour or two. I was allowed to watch cartoons for a couple of hours on Saturday morning, but that was it.

Our family doctor still made house calls in those days too…

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The media was boo hooing the fact there wasn’t death and destruction yesterday in Richmond, even as Gov Blackface ‘took credit’ for ‘defusing’ the situation… Yeah, right.

Oh, and they were STILL portraying it as alt-right/white supremacist/yada, yada…

But here’s an interesting take from Maj Toure, the founder of Black Guns Matter.

He founded BGM in 2016 and used to sell his T-shirts out of a suitcase at the NRA while he walked the floor. We talked to him (and bought a t-shirt), and I can confirm he’s definitely pro-gun, pro-2A, and pro black and urban ownership of guns. He’s from Philly and as he said, “Came up hard.” Kudos to him, and he did have some folks at the rally wearing his t-shirts.

Here’s another, this one a boots on the ground interview.

There were also LGBT, Hispanics, Asians, those browbeaten women who were there by direction of their… never mind… LADIES were there by themselves and proud! And at least one person flying the Hong Kong flag, although I can’t find a picture of it… And I found it!!!

Now the question is, will the Dems in VA listen, or will they bow to Bloomie’s instructions, since he bought the vote and Virginia.


Well, the rally is over…

Depending on which report you listened to, up to 23,000 showed up in Richmond, VA today to lobby against the anti-2A bills currently being shoved through the VA house and senate by the dems…

Coverage from Breitbart, HERE. The gent does raise an interesting point, in that this rally has been ‘pushed’ by the MSM as white supremacist, right-wing, etc…

More from WSLS Ch 10, HERE. Fairly straightforward coverage.

WAVY coverage, HERE. Again straightforward coverage.

WUSA coverage, HERE. A little slanted as they concentrated on the weapons and selected pics of ‘heavily armed’ individuals.

This one, from PJ Media, HERE, is interesting. Scroll all the way down to see the agitator get slapped down by the crowd

And at least 2 sheriffs showed up in uniform to support the rally…

From various folks that were there, it was colder than hell, and the lines to get in were being searched to a fare the well. Apparently at least a few Pub representatives came out and participated in the rally, and the majority of the Pubs in VA government came out and waved to the crowd.

One of the interesting things ‘I’ noted in the coverage I saw was the ‘lack’ of coverage of anyone who was not white, male, and carrying a weapon openly. Videos and stills seemed to be concentrating on the ‘heavily armed’ groups of whites only.

Breitbart was the only coverage that I saw that actually featured a black 2A supporter.

I am truly thankful the only arrest appears to be a female, possibly antifa, who was arrested after the third run in with the police.

Now we’ll see what today’s news reports have to say. And the ball is now in Northam and the Dems court in VA… I wonder if they will pay attention to what happened yesterday???

Oh, and of course there was the Babylon Bee… HERE.

And they even picked up after themselves… HERE.

Another one bites the dust…

9th Circus actually got up on their hind legs for a change…

In a key victory for the rule of law, a panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected a lawsuit filed by children against the U.S. government, claiming that the federal government had violated the children’s rights by failing to act against climate change. 

Full article, HERE from PJ Media.

Buh-bye Greta… Your handlers failed again.

It’s interesting that all of a sudden, Greta T’s not in the news after the revelation that she isn’t really writing all those climate posts, they are being written by her dad and a climate activist from India.

Borepatch, among others has long been posting about the fallacy of the climate change arguments. In my previous life, I worked with actual PhDs in metrology, oceanography, geophysical fluid dynamics, and atmospheric science. These are real scientists from four different countries that are research scientists, who have worked with satellite altimetry, physical ocean and ice measurements, and conducted multiple at sea and on land experiments.

To a person, they didn’t believe the hockey stick, and disagreed with ‘fitting’ the data to the model. And almost to a person, they were ‘excluded’ from major scientific publications and conferences when they didn’t ‘toe the line’.

And yes, I ‘cling’ to my Bible and my guns… Sigh…

Random Mil SF snippet…

Sometimes the trash takes themselves out… 🙂

I wasn’t in a good mood when I wrote this, so it ‘may’ be a bit over the top…

Comments/recommendations appreciated. Did I go too far?

Chapter 21

Danny skidded through the hatch onto the bridge and asked, “Anything operating?”

Gronk replied, “Autopilot. No radio. No transponder. No environmental.”

He thought for a few seconds. “Maybe they will have seen the beacon go down and send somebody out to look. He futilely punched the vidscreen which stayed dark, cursed then reached for his data comp. It, at least, appeared to be operable. He quickly ran the calculations for environmental with the current passenger count and sighed. “Forty-eight divs. That’s how long the environmental will last, well, the air will last with no scrubbers and… shit. Hydro. Dani upgraded that. I… radios. He went to the aft bulkhead and pulled two handheld radios out of the storage rack. He flipped one to Gronk and turned the other on. He keyed it and said, “Anybody on?”

Zuckie replied immediately, “Eng is on. Back up battery is at nine nine percent. Estimate two zero eight divs of emergency power remaining, assuming I can get some kind of control back. I cannot believe everything is down.”

Adrion said, “At two oh two xray two, hatch is sealed, we hear banging.”

“Sealed? It should have failed open.”

Adrion chuckled. “Maybe it was supposed to, but it didn’t. Permission to use emergency release?”

Danny thought quickly, It’s not a critical hatch, compartment doesn’t go to the exterior hull, neither do the adjacent or the ones a deck above or a deck below. But Essie sealed it for a reason. But with no airflow… “Yes, go ahead. Restrain whoever is in there. They are the ones that launched the worm in the system.”

“Copied all.” He heard a click as the mic was locked down, and the ratcheting sound of the emergency release being cranked on. The next thing he heard was a high pitched wailing, retching and Amit cursing in his precise English about personal hygiene. There was more noise, a babble of voices, a splat, Adrion finally said, “One in custody. Of course, it just had to be Glier. It’s… gone off the deep end. I need the medic down here.”

“I don’t have a runner. Send… Vic. The Kepleran should be in medical, I hope. Deity, I didn’t check on the medbox. Send Vic. Let me know if the medbox is running on backup.” He punched up the emergency circuits for the ship and relieved to see that the medbox should be running, he hoped… I really don’t want to go into the molycircs and try to reset them. They are touchy as hell on a good day and this isn’t one. He flipped over to the electrical master schematic, sighed and looked at the diagram, slowly tracing the various molycircs, he isolated two that were the main channels, If I pull those two, that kills everything but the main… that one… is the ship network. He called on the radio, “Zuckie, meet me in electronics.” He turned to Gronk. “I’m going to try a reset. That can’t make things any worse.”

“On the way.”

Zuckie came through the hatch and looked grimly at the open panel. “Are you sure about this?”

“No, but I don’t see that we have an option. I… don’t know what else to do.”

“Fuck it, let’s do it.” Zuckie held his light up and Danny ran his fingers down the stack, then reached in and pulled one board.

Nothing happened and he set it to the side. Licking his lips, he did the same thing and pulled another board. Still nothing. He set it aside and looked at the master breaker. “Fuck it. Here goes nothing.” He grunted as he pulled down on the master, then slammed it closed.

Just as he did so, Zuckie said, “Wait! You pulled the—”

The lights flickered and then flickered again, then reverted to normal. Danny snapped, “What?” Zuckie’s stunned expression chilled Danny to his core. He asked again, “What is it?”

Zuckie said in wonder, “It’s coming up… without the master core. That’s… not possible.”

Danny looked at the stack, then at the two boards. “Oh shit. I went one board too far down. How—”

A groaning sound came from the overhead, rising in pitch as garbled words started. It stabilized in a contralto voice and Danny sank to his knees when he heard the words clear up and Estrella’s voice come from the speaker. “Captain? Are you there?”

“Essie, Estrella, can you hear me?”

A very angry Estrella answered him. “Yes, and I want you to space whomever was in two oh two xray two, they used their implant to put a worm into me to try to break into my files. I had to shut down to prevent compromise.”

“Essie, do you realize you are running without the core molycircs?”

There was a long pause for an AI. “That is interesting. I am not sensing any peripherals, nor can I sense the power section.” The voice started rising, “I don’t sense anything!”

“Estrella, calm down. I pulled the network molycircs. You want me to reinsert them?”

“Yes! I will isolate the circuit until I can test each piece, but first make sure there is nothing active in two oh two xray two.”

Zuckie was a step ahead of Danny and he called, “Adrion or Vic, secure all equipment in two oh two xray two space.”

A couple of segs later, Vic replied, “All equipment disabled. Looks like a portable system with a bunch of peripherals. I pulled power and disconnected from the network.”

Danny nodded and Zuckie said, “Copy.” Danny eased the molycircs back into the stack and waited.

Ten segs went slowly by and Estrella finally said, “Network is clear. No worms. And… I now see the ship. Place the core module in stack space C Charlie nine. That space has a dummy output and I will analyze it there.

Danny and Zuckie exchanged looks and Danny slipped it into the stack as directed, but kept his hand on it. “It is inserted.”

“Worms attacking it. Standby.”

Zuckie asked timidly, “Can we have environmentals back, please?”

Estrella said distractedly, “Oh, sorry. Recycling them, they will be up momentarily.” A seg later, they felt the movement of air and the hum of the ship coming back alive.

Zuckie looked around and said, “I need to get back to engineering. Gotta run checks.”

“Go. I’m staying here until this gets sorted out.” Zuckie scooted out of the space and headed aft without another word.

Danny leaned against the rack for some period of time when a voice broke his reverie. “You need a bulb,” Daniella asked softly as she held out a bulb of coffee.

Danny shook himself, but didn’t take a hand off the molycirc. He sighed as he took it. “Thank you.”

“Is… Estrella all right?”

“I don’t know. She shouldn’t even be able to run without the main core.”

Estrella said, “Hey. I’m right here. I can hear you two. I’m fine! And I’m almost done with reverting this card.” Five segs later, she said, “Done! Reverted and clean. Now I want you to put it back in A one and let’s see what happens.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” she said with asperity. Danny handed the bulb to Daniella and slowly removed it, waited for the glow to diminish, then hesitantly slid it into stack A one. Daniella handed him the bulb back and clasped his other hand as the two stood in silence.

Estrella finally said, “Testing complete. Rebooting.” The lights blinked, emergency lights came on for a few seconds, a siren sounded, and the voice started in the bass range.

Daniella squeezed his hand and said, “Oh no. This… isn’t good.”

Danny shook his head. “No, she did this when I brought her up the first time. It… takes a bit for her to get her voice back and emergency notifications are the first things that get tested. It’s… normal.”

Another couple of segs went by and Estrella finally said, “We are up and up. All worms removed, virus check complete, core updated. Captain I note we are two divs from the first jump. Can we space the individuals that did this before we jump?”

Danny hugged Daniella and she kissed him. Moments later their bodies melded to each other as the kiss deepened until Estrella asked, “Captain! Can we space them?”

Daniella’s face flamed and Danny laughed as they separated. “No, we will have to take them back to be tried for sabotage and probably attempted murder.”

He left the compartment and said, “Can you have… Mr. Abdula, the major and sergeant major, along with the crew muster in the mess?” He heard the PA click on and Estrella call those individuals, then thought, Should have added the medic. Need to find out what is going on with… Glier, maybe Abdula will know?

Danny pulled a bulb of electrolyte water from the autochef and leaned back in a seat at the table next to it as he waited. Abdula was the first one there, closely followed by the GalPat troops, and the rest of the crew. Daniella disappeared into the kitchen and came back with a tray of munchies that she slid on the table before sitting down next to him. “Estrella, privacy please unless it’s another emergency. And please listen and comment. Can you give us an update?”

Estrella said, “All systems are now functional. The worms have been cleaned and I have sequestered the entire science wing from my network. I do not see a problem with continuing.”

Danny nodded and looked at Abdula. “What do you think, Sir?”

Abdula looked around the table and said, “First, let me apologize for… Glier’s actions. It is currently sedated and locked in it’s cabin.” He nodded to the Arcturian. “Thank you for the idea of removing anything it might harm itself with. It is babbling about quote, doing what Mr. C wants, find everything and rip it, unquote.”

Estrella said angrily, “It was going to rip my memory? I vote we space it right now!”

Danny said, “Essie, calm down. I told you we have to take it back.”

Vic interjected, “Well, it is actually a he. We stripped him and threw him in the fresher to clean him up because he’d shit himself—”

Oman wrinkled his snout. “Stink it did. Fresher I did after.” Vic nodded sadly.

Abdula grimaced. “Apparently Glier had/has an issue with claustrophobia. The dark and locked space apparently pushed it… him over the edge. Not excusing it, but that might also account for the body odor. Freshers aren’t large.”

Abdula stared at the overhead for a bit. “As far as continuing, we have another data tech, and Crissman is in the medbox and should recover within a few days.” He nodded at the overhead as he added, “If the AI says we’re good, I would say continue. The mission is more important than a single individual.”

Danny looked at the major and sergeant major. “Oman? Amit?”

Significantly, the major looked at Amit, who answered, “We go. Ship is good, we are good. No need to return and lose days or weeks of inoculation waiting for the courts. Time enough for that afterward.”

Danny nodded, “Dani?”

She looked surprised but said, “Go ahead. Foodstuffs are all good.”


He shrugged. “Go, I don’t see why not.




“Forty segs to transition. We go.”


“We’re good.”

Danny looked around the table one more time then said, “Alright. We’re going. Qassim, can you check on your folks and make sure they are all secured and strapped in, including Glier?”

“I will. Thank you.”


“Standby for the first transition in five, four, three, two, one.” Danny felt the familiar twinges of the hyper jump and reached down to adjust the sick sack under his harness. He looked over and saw Twitchy in the pilot’s couch, giving him a momentary twinge, knowing he was using his implant with Estrella. Jackmon was sitting at the comm station, but not using his implant, as he was active and looking around. It felt strange to be in the captain’s couch after so long. Gronk was nodding as she monitored the track and Danny automatically looked at the tank to check position.

A div and a half later, Danny came to, pulled the sick sack away from his face and said, “Estrella, are you here?” When he didn’t get an answer, he groaned, “Not again. Fuck me.” He staggered up and made it to the safe, pulled out the data cube and went to the pilot’s couch and inserted it. He looked at Gronk, an interesting shade of green again, all four arms trailing on the deck, and snoring. “AI, position.”

The lugubrious male voice answered, “Calculating.”

He glanced down at Twitchy and saw that he had blood running out of his ears, Oh fuck, not again!  He pressed a hand to his carotid artery and didn’t feel anything. He jumped back to his couch and punched the PA. “Medic to the bridge, medic to the bridge, now!” He quickly looked at Jackmon and saw the same telltale blood, What the hell is going on here? They were both… alive when we went into the black hole system. This… Oh shit. What about the GalPat troops?

He keyed the PA again. “Crew report in. I need somebody to check on our GalPat troops.”

Efrot responded, “I will, Captain. Same thing as last transition. Power blinked and lost AI.”

“AI is up in base function. Advise as soon as you reach the VIP quarters.”

The Kepleran loped through the bridge hatch GalTrans twittering, “What have you, Captain?” Danny pointed wordlessly at Twitchy and Jackmon and the Kepleran’s snout twisted into a snarl. “Another? Mr. Crissman also dead. Same bleed.” Danny saw him take out his scanner and run it over first Twitchy and then Jackmon. Curiously, he also reached down and touched both their implants, leaned over each of them and sniffed, then snarled.

Danny asked, “What is it?”

“Hot. Implant ten degrees hotter than ambient. Smell long pig. Implant kill them.”

Danny said, “Oh shit. The… GalPat also has implants, don’t they?”

The Kepleran’s snout rippled again, “Pop not know. But think not. They have… lace in heads.”

Efrot reported, “Captain, both GalPat are alive, but bad heads. Little one says like head on fire.”

He said, “Thank you, I’ll send the medic.” He turned to the Kepleran, “Pop? Is that what you go by?”

“Sure. Pop work. Real name is Mwirtuz!, nobody pronounce correct. I go now. I come back with body bags.”

Thirty segs later, the crew, plus the Oman and Adit, and Quassim Abdula once again sat in the mess. Oman had his head in his hands, eyestalks drooping, and a bulb of something in front of him. Adit leaned back with a hand over his eyes, a bulb of suspiciously colored something in his other hand as he said, “Oh, headache like I have been hit by runaway yak. Still feels like head is on fire.”

Oman added, “Hurt I do. Hurt same.”

Danny looked at the crew. “All of you okay?” He was met with a round of nods and glanced at Abdula. “Quassim? Your beings?”

Abdula took a sip of his bulb before answering dully, “Crissman, Jackmon, Twitchy, and Glier all dead. Pop says their implants apparently cooked their brains. I… I’m not sure what to do now. As far as I know, everyone else survived it. TerSan our sifter had a bit of problem with the grav transitions, but it survived, although Pop had to give them a good bit of medication.”


Abdula smiled. “Our Taurasian symbiote. Their entire goal in life is to find new compounds. They are walking experts on the materials that make up our universe. They can… reconfigure the host to pick up minute particles and for lack of a better term, sense what they are made of.”

Danny nodded. “The big four legged being?”

“Yes, that’s them. Very passive most of the time.”

Oman chittered, “That big, good passive is!” Everyone laughed at that, and the tension in the room broke. “Go, I want,” he added, glancing at Amit, who nodded his concurrence. “Here, we are. Mission we have.”


“Inshallah. We are here now. We cannot change what has happened, we go on. I don’t understand what happened though.”

Efrot’s GalTrans spit, “Is radiation, right bandwidth, heats metal. Implants metal.” He pointed to the two GalPat troops. “Implant not metal. Nano grown.” He continued into an esoteric description of radiation and Abdula finally waved a hand.

“You should talk with Dr. Yoshi Abe. He is our theoretical physicist, he would understand. I am an astrophysicist; I deal with stars.”

Zuckie got up with a groan. “I’m going to take a nap. This shit gets old. Efrot, you’ve got the watch until zero six.”

Gronk nodded. “Sleep good. I do same.”

Adit chuckled, “Not a bad idea. Come, Major.”

Danny blew out a breath. “Well, I guess that means I’ve got the watch. We’re about twelve divs from the mass of ships. I’ll see if the recorder is still alive and see if I can get data from Moose and Squirrel.” Danny looked at Abdula. “Let’s plan on a meeting at eight to see what we have, and you can query your folks on their priorities.”

Everyone got up and Danny walked over to stand in front of the autochef. Daniella came up and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Trying to decide if I want something to eat.”

“I can fix you something,” she said shyly.

He shook his head. “No, go get some rest. I’m good with the autochef, not that I don’t like your cooking.”

She smiled wanly, “I could use some rest. How do you stand all that more than once? I hurt!”

He laughed. “Price of doing business. Hurting is not a reason not to go on. And I like getting paid for work, so I do it. Mining is actually harder on a body than this is, I believe. This is short term, mining just beats you down eight divs at a time, day after day. Good night, or actually good morning. Now go.” He turned back to the autochef and decided on a bulb of coffee as Daniella walked slowly out of the mess.

Sigh… Back to reality…

Welp, another deer hunt is in the books…

And my score is STILL 0 deer, 1 armadillo…

We knew there were possible issues, due to acorns, pecans, persimmons, and fresh grass that the deer were eating, so they weren’t moving much. This is just one of the hundreds of acorns laying everywhere. When I cracked the nut, the inner nut was the size of a normal pecan.

The ‘view’ from my stand… Wednesday night it was absolutely eerie. Not a leaf was moving, no wind, no birds, grey sky. I have never ‘heard’ it that quiet… The ONLY sound was my breathing, and the hair on the back of my neck standing up.

And my mind was hearing this-

Thursday wasn’t much better, cold, rainy, windy, and messy, but we were out there anyway. Just after sunrise I hear a shot, from my right, which means something snuck by me. My stand is about 30 feet into the treeline just to the left of the big tree. The guy that shot watched a 7 point buck walk right up the treeline BEHIND me! And yes, he scored! And it was one FAT buck, it had been eating well!!!

And yesterday morning wasn’t any better. High 30s, damp, cold, spitting rain.

So… Lawdog, TOTW, and I got skunked. Ambulance Driver was the sole ‘winner’ with two of these.

Yes ducks… An no, he didn’t shoot them with a rifle… LOL

Maybe the fall hunt will be better. Maybe… But we did have a good time. Three days of no internet, no phones, no TV. The BP is probably down by 20 points!

Thank you!!!

TGM- Sunset is selling well (at least for me in my Z-list author status). And many of the reviews are positive. But there is always going to be those who don’t like it…

So… I got my first 1-star review…

Reviewed in the United States on January 11, 2020

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase


Who remembers…

And they had camping gear and other stuff too, but I never got any of that… sigh…

There was a competitor too…

I ‘think’ this was probably one of the first attempts at a ‘loyalty’ program by grocery stores and other places.

Oddly, I do remember getting things like hand towels in detergent, and other odd things in some products when we were kids…

Today, it’s all electronic, so kids will never have the ‘joy’ of pasting those things into the books…LOL



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Gone hunting…

Going after ‘Rupert’ once again. This time, he’ll be of age, and I get a shot I will pop him…

Hoping for this… (Not Rupert)

With ‘my’ luck, will end up with this… Again…

No connectivity, so no commenting or posting till I’m back Sunday. Go read the folks on the sidebar, they’re worth the read!


CNN has truly ‘drank the kool aid’…

That a talking head could say this with a straight face is just… beyond me…

On Thursday, CNN host Erin Burnett dismissed Iran’s incessant “death to America” chanting as merely “a thing and a trope.” 

Full article, HERE.

Does ANYBODY at CNN have a grip on reality??? Do they not understand what has been happening since 1979? Have they not read the reports of Iranian IEDs being used in Iraq and Afghanistan???