And sadly over 140 dead at last count…

Russian President Vladimir Putin was warned of a terrorist attack in the days before the slaughter by ISIS-K terrorists at a Moscow theater.

U.S. intelligence had been tracking a cell of ISIS-K terrorists since November, according to sources in the intelligence community, and knew that the terrorists were planning an attack in Moscow. On March 8, the U.S. embassy in Moscow issued a warning of an “imminent threat” and told Americans to avoid venues with large crowds, like concert halls. 

Full article, HERE.

I believe ‘this’ head count of deaths is accurate, and horrifying at the same time. Terrorists attack the innocent to spread ‘terror’ among the population in expectation of changing the level of safety people feel.

The US has had for a long time a ‘duty to warn’ policy, even if the warning needs to go to an enemy. That was done this time, and apparently ignored, either by direction or considered a political ploy.

The truly sad part is that John and Jane Q. Public x140 who were just trying to enjoy a concert are now gone. Much like the Oct 7 attack on the music festival in Israel (both of which were ‘gun free zones’). And now people are wondering where/how the ‘next’ attack will take place and where…

Are we a possible target in the US? I have no doubt we are, and with the number of ‘get aways’ coming across the border, we have no real idea of whom/how many/from where terrorists are in the US right now.

Something to think about, and one more reason to carry every day if you can, because you never know ‘when’ you might need to protect yourself and your family.


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  1. I think there is a strong possibility there are already a number of cells in place here with a coordinated attack plan set up. Both Chinese and an ISIS element, working either together or separately.

    My mostly worthless guess… 70% likely.

      • There could be dozens of groups planning attacks. My biggest fear is a large scale, mass casualty, false flag event using a million (or a few thousand) Newcomers on the Fed Dot Gov dole with Gov smart phones. (((They))) have ushered in millions of military age, fit men with no women and children, to do what, suck up welfare? Or implement The Great Reset/Replacement? Think maybe (((They))) might disrupt power,internet so we can’t figure out what’s going on?

  2. Considering the ferocity and bloodthirsty nature of terrorists, my little 9mm and it’s 15 rds may not be enough to stop a militant group.
    It may be enough to slow them down and send hopefully a few off to their paradise & 72 virgins.
    Along the same lines of thought, that little 9mm and its cousin the snubby is adequate to re-align the thinking of local miscreants that believe that senior citizens are naught but walking ATMs.
    God bless the gunshine state of Florida!

    • Always carry at least one reload. I know most all gunfights are up close, fast and are over in 3-5 rounds; but there are always outliers. I carry a 20 round spare with my 9mm, and 4 speed strips and a speed loader with my revolver. Running empty was a fear in the back of my mind from my earliest cop days.

      • 14 rounds loaded and two 13 round mags.
        But my goto is the AR pistol in 7.62×39 with a green laser.

      • Mike,
        according to ASP channel, 3-5 rounds is WAY outdated for gunfights. Plus, there is a better than even chance you will be dealing with multiple opponents. Figure 2 to 8 of them!

        John finds that civilians almost never reload during the action. It ends when your gun is empty, typically.

        Most people, especially cops, hide behind a wall of lead, and only get a couple hits, IF LUCKY.
        FIRST significant hit usually wins the fight. Fast draw is good, accurate hits are final.

        Range at start, or finish, may be in excess of 30 yards. Don’t believe those who state that a bad guy with handgun at 30+ yards is not a legitimate threat. Ayoob had a court case like that and he took video of shooting a target at 100 yards with an identical snubbie, putting all six rnds in it, to show the jury.

  3. Is this the same “intelligence community” that ran the coup on Trump, the fake dossier, the safest election ever, the pipeline splodey, the out of nowhere 11/7, etc. or was it the old intelligence community that failed to predict the fall of the soviets, sept 11, found all those WMDs, etc.

    “Warning” Russia about some “intelligence” of a threat is a joke. The threats are assets of the globohomo intelligence apparatus. When will the civnats wake up from their drunken institutional faith?

  4. When I logged into LiveJournal last night, there was an uncharacteristic red bar with a link (in Cyrillic characters) at the top. I followed it, and it was a post describing the attack, and I used google translate to read a lot of the commenters posts.

    Many of them were outright accusing the USA of being culpable in the attack (even being directly responsible for it) because of the foreknowledge and the announcement. Some of them were outright calling for war with the USA.

    Following up this morning…

    Putin’s official statement from the Kremlin is focusing on the Ukraine as either the source of these individuals, or at least providing support to receive them through the border at a specific time window after the attack.

    The Guardian (UK newspaper) has this as of a few minutes ago: “Islamic State has released new videos of the attack on the Crocus City concert hall outside Moscow that left 133 people dead, corroborating the terror group’s claim to have masterminded the slaughter even as Russia has sought to place the blame on Ukraine, which Kyiv denies.”

    I suggest sitting back and invoking the 48-hour rule, but archive pages as they come out and keep those archive urls because a lot of this stuff becomes unfindable 24 to 72 hours after its published.

  5. Just like the warnings here in the US from the alphabet soup group about “terrorist” actions it is actually a warning that THEY are planning, coordinating and suppling the actors for the action. ISIS is an asset for said alphabets. As ‘Ol Remus used to say, stay away from crowds.

    • Kinda like what “they” did with the “practice pandemic” drill a couple of months before “they”(same they) brought in the real thing.

  6. These days it always pays to stay away from crowds or anywhere there may be crowds. It also helps to stay armed and be low profile.
    Personally, I have no stickers or signs on my car and no custom plate.

  7. It should be noted the attack started in a mall and moved to the attached theatre. The terrorist continued to shoot anyone who moved even if wounded. Play dead if you are out of the fight.

    I am not surprised Putin & Pals blamed Ukraine and NATO. When you control the media, you can spin the message any way you want. Unfortunately for them the internet is forever.

    My question is why so many of the terrorists gave up and surrendered? They usually go down fighting or by suicide.

  8. There is a thing going around on certain parts of the internet. I have no idea if it’s just somebody making something up, or something that is really happening. There is this claim that there are ‘UN Peacekeepers’ in the USA, going around to all of the places where illegals are being housed, and they’re arming them. For their own protection of course.
    Seeing as we now live in Clown world, I would not be at all surprised to find out that this is true.

    But all of this comes back to Biden and the Democrats desire for a war with Russia. I don’t quite get it, but I don’t blame them for blaming us and NATO – because the first thought -I- had was that either we, or NATO were behind it. Because our intel agencies are all evil now. We’d be better off without them.

    • The obvious thought was that it was a false flag by Russian intelligence agencies.

      a) if several other elements of the NSDAP playbook, why not Fall Weiss minus an effective armed force ready to go? The Russian hope of diplomatically obtaining support for mass murder is decreasing, and that is their major path out, because even with American saboteurs in play, Ukraine with EU support is too strong.

      b) The Russians have done such things before this very conflict. Nordstream looks like their handywork, and there was an incident with a dam.

      c) The fundamental problem with supposing US intelligence agencies is that they do not have the competence. The ideology/religon whose practices underpin their evil also causes competence issues. They don’t live in the real world, and think everything is symbol magic.

      Even if some of what US intel is directing internally is competent, it is married to insane strategy and grand strategy.

      Proxy terrorists in Russia? That would be a strategy that is a different flavor of insane.

      d) Russia’s apparent weakness now would make this an ideal time to fight the Russians and win. (They are likely to have an effective deterrent of zero warheads.)

      However, the problem there is that the Democrats absolutely cannot be trusted to win anything for the American people. If it is of fundamental importance to accomplish anything in foreign policy four weeks from now, then in two weeks we would need to kill the Democrats, etc. Everything in foreign politics can wait on us sorting out the dispute with the Democrats peacefully. If anything cannot truly wait, then we need a short victorious civil war, (which is very unlikely among the sets of possible civil wars).

      If we still need to fight the Russians then, they will still be a bit weak after we have elected Republicans, fixed the universities, and replaced thirty years of badly trained officers.

      (There have been competent, loyal officers in service at every point. However, Democrat politicians have been actively manipulating things to promote terrible officers. Clinton and some congressmen seem to have given us the Fat Leonard officers, etc. Despite some officers doing perhaps exactly what they should have done, the whole has created the grounds for a loss of trust. If that trust is lost, restoring it will likely be very difficult.)

      e) If AGW was a real concern, we would have no need for the Department of State, and little need for the intelligence agencies in their current form. The path of ‘addressing climate change’ runs through mass murder, America is best equipped to do that to the rest of the world, and the question would be sequencing and winning those wars with the rest of the world. Institutions committed to a theory of coexistence would need replacement.

      f) UN peace keepers arming illegals would not be a serious problem. That is how the Democrats would start and quickly lose a civil war.

      g) Our nominal international ‘allies’ are scum. Germany is Merkelite, forex, and supports the AGW hypothesis despite having access to faculty at very fine fluid mechanics universities. This does not mean that keeping their populations from being murdered would not be a good thing. Some populations may have proven that they bring disorder into the world. Others still deserve to be given a bit more rope to hang themselves with, a bit more opportunity to choose peace instead.

      • TLDR, seriously I read the beginning and could not continue.
        Russia is winning in Ukraine. I don’t know why you think they’re not. Russia’s initial goals were to stop the genocide in the Donbass region (interesting how no one ever talks about that) and do as little disruption to Ukraine’s people as possible.
        Because Ukraine feeds lots of people and also clothes them (cotton).
        There have been several negotiated settlements. Or attempts at them. Each time it hasn’t been Russia that broke the deal, it has been -us- the USA. We are the bad guys here. Hate to say it, but it’s us.
        As for ‘False Flags’ our government, all of our agencies, all of our press, did nothing but lie to us about Trump for almost four years. They tried to overthrow the republic and then they rigged an election that was so blatantly obvious that it’s obvious they feel untouchable and that they hate the population of the country. Thinking that the ‘republicans’ or even ‘the american people’ will rise up and ‘throw out the democrats’ is insane. The american people DO NOT CARE. They’re fat dumb and happy. The didn’t do anything about the Covid Scam. They didn’t do anything about the blatantly rigged election.

        So, no, I’m not going to blame any of this on Russia – they’re not the ones who are desperate here. It’s our current ruling class that are desperate, because they see Trump coming and they figure that a war is the only thing that will keep them in power.

        Oh, and if you think we can fight Russia and win? You’re wrong. Our military is in a shambles. Not saying Russia would win, but we most definitely, would not. And this isn’t something you can fix in a year, or even two.

        • John.

          Anyone who thinks that Russia’s original goals was to stop a “genocide” by increasing the civilian casualty rate by several thousand percent , and then conscripting all the males that they claimed to be “defending” and putting them at the front of those meatwave attacks…. needs to look up the definition of genocide.

          The evidence does not fit your theory. Do. The. Maths.

          The Ukrainian legislation that supposedly prompted this claim was nothing more than designating Ukrainian as the single Official Language. You could speak Russian anywhere you liked, but the Courts, the Schools and government documents would be in a single language. There is nothing about requiring people to be BILINGUAL that qualifies as “genocide.”

          I don’t care how much you hate Biden. It does not entitle you to bullshit about Ukraine.

          • Peter, you need to expand your info sources beyond the obvious (alt)right wing and mainstream “limited hangout” sites. They’re all captured, mis/dis info to get the patriots fired up. John is speaking truth, though, he left out plenty, for brevity no doubt.

          • TreeMike….

            Errrr. No.
            Simply No.

            I don’t give a damn about so-called “Right-wing hang-out sites”
            I’m talking about basic principles and that which can be independently verified as much as possible.

            Ironically, it’s the sites you are talking about that push the narrative about the “coming” dystopian future in the US, and how a serial truce-breaker is the only leader that can be trusted. Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining.

  9. Re: UN and arming invaders: Probably not yet, but on the way. The (s)Election is still too far out to keep an “emergency” going that long.
    It’s Spring, so we are running on food reserves and imports until Fall and harvest. The weather is warming up, and the industry and their Glock switches will be out soon.
    Watch for fun around the DNC in Chicago, as lots of CPD are retiring or scheduling surgery about that time, and the guy in charge of planning for it just retired.
    Just finished “The Attack” and found it at least possible, though the effects of the infrastructure attacks seem to be understated.
    It looks like the .gov will be using red-flag laws and Class III storage requirements to come after guns soon.
    Do what you can and expect surprises.
    John in Indy

    • This is why I moved 6 years ago. The writing has been on the wall for some time now. I’ve studied way too much history to not see what’s coming. I don’t know when or where it’ll start. Not even sure on the how. But we’re running on momentum now and when that runs out, it’s going to be ugly.
      Could these things be fixed? Yup. But the American people have neither the will nor the desire to fix it.

      • Folks, the American people have the will – to some extent. Approx 65% voted for Trump, but such people are law-abiding citizens. Currently, any armed or violent protest is the opposite of what law-abiding people would do.

        Ok, so we can all get violent. Think this would end with the meat puppet or even all of congress, the senate and every 0-7 and above? What about state governments. NY, CA, GA, AZ and others compromised.

        The question is – what can each law-abiding person do to effect change. Ans: Nothing. Votes ain’t working.

        OBTW – why would Russia trust us warning them? Both sides have admitted to being in a proxy war. This is a 5G war – very heavy in intelligence and lies. Also, what about Russia’s own intelligence services? Of course they are going to blame us. Just as Russia has been our Boogyman we are theirs.

        Russians have prisoners – can we believe what they choose to say they have learned?

  10. I will not be surprised that if, on Easter Sunday, attacks on Christian churches full of worshipers do happen. The terrorist organizations have no love for Jews and Christians. They are both major targets of these criminals.

  11. The only connection to this with isis is the CIA saying it was isis. The Russians know this, and they will have their pound of flesh shortly.

      • And you believe that?! Sheesh; there is no hope for the USA. The USA created al queda, the USA created isis, the USA killed Kennedy, the USA is run by the CIA. Get off your fat ass and look around you.

  12. All- Yes, 72 hour rule is applicable…And I violated it. Interesting comments today, and I’m not ‘sure’ what the real answers are.

  13. Jim…

    This conversation is why I’ve just about given up on Social Media.

    We see here, people who have become so hyper-focused on their domestic opponents, that they would rather excuse and believe the mass-murderers who have explicitly state that YOU are their enemies.

    The enemies of America do not “support” Trump, or Biden, or any of you. They want to see America destroyed, and their best weapon is to convince Americans to fight each other.

    America is not yet lost. America – and similar societies – have recovered from more violence, more corruption and more division at various times in their history. That recovery has often been bloody, painful and expensive, but it can be done. It WON’T be done if the good people become convinced that nothing can be done. It’s called apathy, and this is what your enemies want from you.

    Anyone trying to argue that America is as bad as Russia, needs to explain why Trump is still alive and Navalny is dead. The enemy of your enemy is your enemy’s enemy, no more.

  14. …even if the warning needs to go to an enemy.

    Russia is not America’s enemy. Just the enemy of the Biden Administration and Hillary Clinton. The Soviet Union was our enemy, but that was when they were communist and we were not. Now we elect communists to run our government.

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