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First up, Alma Boykin has a new Familiars series out- Hunter of Secrets

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The blurb-

Secrets lurk below the surface, waiting, watching, restless …

Jude Tainuit, once alone and outcast, plans for his wedding. And wonders if is sister-in-law elect will survive his fiancée’s growing irritation. Aunt Martha has filled a freezer and a half with baked treats in anticipation of the pending nuptials.

Darkness rises in the north …

Jude and his Familiar, Shoim, go on alert as strange creatures fall into Devon County. Power calls them, rips holes between the planes of existence, something corrupt and blood-laced. The twisted magic beneath the Beck Farm stirs, summoning the Graff Rider. The pale horseman and the Becks share a tie, one Jude and Shoim must unravel before twisted evil reaches the surface and tears the land apart.

Secrets swirl around the living and the dead, secrets that a Hunter must unravel or all he has hoped for will be lost!

Next is Kelly Grayson with Wombat Prime

The blurb-

Long before Sgt. Cecil Dundee and LCpl. Ian McMurtrie there was the first uplifted wombat, a warrior who clawed, fought and scratched his way up the chain of command in the Australian Army. Before he was Colonel Brian Lee Gnad, he was once a proud member of the E4 Mafia, and his skill, leadership and bravery earned him a place of legend in the Australian military.

He was a lootin’, shootin’, riggin’, diggin’ combat wombat, and his men called him Wombat Prime.

Last but not least, a new anthology from Raconteur Press- Wyrd West

The blurb-

At the fringes of civilization, anything can be true. Tall tales turn into fantastical realities, and the hidden is revealed to a few who brave the wilderness to push forward in exploration. The American Old West would have been no different, as chronicled in these tales of strange creatures, daring heroes, and unbelievable occurrences… or are they so far-fetched?

And please folks, if you read them, honest reviews are appreciated!!! You, the readers, are our best advertising!

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