On the Road again, part 238

Sunrise descending into Sydney- 90nm NE of Sydney descending through FL 280 yesterday.

Well, it’s 0400 here in Perth and I’m wide awake, it’s 9 degrees Centigrade… Must. Do. The. Math… errr… 48??? Yeah, close enough…

Lemme see- Thirteen hours difference, so… Ah, dinner time for the body, but breakfast isn’t for another three hours. Whats’s in the mini-bar? Hmm, peanuts, candy bar, little can of Pringles potato(e) chips… Now, where is the price list???

ELEVEN %^&* DOLLARS???? I don’t think so!!! /Grumble/

Okay, instant coffee, I can live with that (not a lot of choice). This is going to be an interesting three weeks…

No US TV, just replays of Cricket (which I STILL don’t have a clue about), Aussie rules football, rugby, soccer and that’s about it.

Brrr… went out and walked around, it’s chilly out. There is absolutely no one out, just a couple of police cars crusing around. Looks like two Aussie versions of street malls within walking distance, not much else, just the business district, but I did find a coffee house (opens at 0700) that apparently serves real brewed coffee, or so the sign says…

More later, hopefully a little more coherently thought out… sigh…


On the Road again, part 238 — 3 Comments

  1. Have a safe trip.

    Buy lots of snacks and drinks to keep in your room, so you don’t starve!


  2. That’s what I’m doing RT, trust me on that 🙂

    Will do Mark. It will probably be the 1st week of Dec.