Everett over at Island Voice has an excellent post up about congresscritters and what they are costing us now, and may cost us in the future.

I am in complete agreement with Ev, but howthehell do we get term limits passed???

At the grassroots level, everyone favors it; but try to go any further and you hit the proverbial brick (read congresscritter) wall. I will be the first to admit I don’t know enough about the law and congress to be confident of this, but I ‘think’ this would take an Amendment to actually get it done for all 50 states.

The US Term Limits organization seems to be about the only one out there that is working the issue, and that is primarily at the state level. If you check out their web site, there are a number of states where the critters are trying to overturn/reword the term limits already passed.

I guess once they see the amount of money they can get out of DC, the average critter just can’t let go…

Look at Kennedy, what 40 years plus now for a slob like that- What the hell are the people in Mass thinking, or are they????

I thought it was rather interesting this past week to watch the flailing about over CNN’s screw up and trying to pawn partisan democrats off as uncommitted voters for the You Tube Republican Debate (debacle was more like it).

It was even more interesting to watch the MSM both print and TV and see the lack of coverage… Anybody still think there is no agenda out there to support liberals and democrats????

What ever happened to just reporting the news, not posturing the news or slanting the news to fit one’s agenda???? Huh????

Where is another Edward R. Murrow when we really need one?

There is still a small plaque in the lobby of CBS headquarters in New York City which contains the image of Edward R. Murrow and the inscription: “He set standards of excellence that remain unsurpassed.” During his 25-year career he made more than 5000 broadcasts; and more than anyone else, he invented the traditions of television news. Murrow and his team essentially created the prototype of the TV documentary with See It Now, and later extended the technological reach of electronic newsgathering in Small World (1958-59), which employed simultaneous hookups around the globe to facilitate unrehearsed discussion among several international opinion leaders. Most of Murrow’s See It Now associates were reassembled to produce CBS Reports in 1961, although Murrow was only an infrequent participant in this new series. Over the years, he had simply provoked too many trying situations for CBS and the network’s hierarchy made a conscious decision to reduce his profile. The apparent irony between Edward R. Murrow’s life and the way that he is subsequently remembered today is that the industry that finally had no place for him, now holds Murrow up as their model citizen — the “patron saint of American broadcasting.”

Instead we get Katie Couric… sigh…

Pardon me while I go bang my head against the wall…



  1. All of the Republicans seem to be retiring. Why can’t the Democrats? HUH!?!?!?!?

  2. God Jim, you don’t know how much I despise K.Couric! She should have stayed at NBC with that other phony M. Lauer.At least back then, there was only one channel I had to avoid!
    How ’bout them Pats? Hee Hee. Espn’s loud mouth “JAWS” had to eat his words at the end of the game after spouting during the whole game as to how the Pats were all done!

  3. RT- The Dems can’t give up the trough…

    Ev- It’s pretty sad when TV news turns into infotainment…

    Re the Pats, well everybody gets lucky…LOL