Now the crap really starts…

Is it just me, or has the whole politics, running for office BS just gotten totally out of hand???

The positioning yesterday and today by the MSM and the politicians was just ridiculous! Also, the dirty tricks campaigns are now in full swing-

One egregious example was the supposed ready to withdraw comment by Fred Thompson- Even after he went on a number of programs to deny it, the MSM was still carrying it last night. Guess ole Fred has some people worried!

Huckybucky was winning the Iowa, but all you heard was how far behind he is in New Hampshire, and how badly he will do in other states…

Romney was back peddling like he’d stepped on a snake, “Oh, we didn’t think we would win in Iowa, we’ll be happy with a Silver…” Or words to that effect.

On the democrap side, I really thought B. Hussein Obama was gonna do a Dean when he found out he won, and of course Billary is waving Iowa off now as inconsequential…

Which reminds me- Who in the hell decided Iowa and New Hampshire are the designated states to ‘determine the election’?

It makes MUCH more sense to me to have national primaries all on the same day, that way you would get a much truer vote, we wouldn’t be submerged in all this rhetoric and the primaries could be held in May so we would only have six months of this crap instead of 2 years.

One nice thing about all the election signs, they make great target backers for the range 🙂

Oh yeah, just heard on the news that some climatology researchers are now saying we are due for a major cooling spell, potentially lasting through 2040 or 2050! Maybe Time can re-run the 1970’s global freeze headline again…

On an admin note:
Sadly due to spammers, I have had to increase security for access to the comments on here. Sorry folks…

I’m going to be out of pocket for a couple of weeks, so there may not be much blogging till I get back.


Now the crap really starts… — 7 Comments

  1. Happy New Year to you too. Visited my sister and brother in law over the holidays in VA Beach. He’s a NFO as well on E-3’s. Drove by Oceana NAS while there. Love the F-18’s flying around all day. Way cool!

  2. I’ll try Admiral 🙂

    Capt America, it’s just not the same with those puny little F-18’s It was really a blast (literally) back in the day when there were F-4’s and the first F-14’s flying out of Oceana!

    VF-84 originated the bumpersticker that said Jets- The sound of Freedom when a bunch of locals started protesting the noise back in the late 70’s

  3. You’ve got a spur in your butt! HA!

    I agree about the national primaries.

    The weather is a funny one, too.

    Have a safe trip! 🙂

  4. Love the F14’s here at Otis… sad to see them grounded… suppose to be moving them out in March to Hanscom… We used to hear the sonic booms constantly in the 70’s. Would rattle the glass in the windows, shake the china in the hutch… loved it… made me feel safe knowing they were doing their thing nearby. Have a safe trip… Regards.

  5. Alison, I’m glad to have you chime in! Those birds really were the sound of freedom! Many people have emailed me privately and agreed.