My retirement job

This is what I want to do when I retire to Hawaii…

I want to be the guy that grooms the beach! Great working hours- 0200-0700, no pressure, no bosses!

Just ride around on my little tractor and groom the beach on Wakiki…

Be done by 0700 and on the golf course by 0800; yeah, yeah, that’ll work 🙂

Hmmm, now I just have to marry someone rich enough to actually afford to LIVE in Hawaii…

Since we are six days into this trip, I was asked how my body clock was holding up. I think it’s on permanent snooze at this point; I don’t know which end is up! Of course the Friday night fireworks (real fireworks on the beach at Wakiki) outside the window last night just after I got to sleep didn’t help. Talk about a RUDE awakening!

It’s now 1900 and I’m craving breakfast, this morning I was wanting a steak… Since we are having our one good meal of the trip night, I guess I’ll get a steak tonight and hope I want eggs in the morning.

A little bit of history- Anybody want to take a guess at what this is???
It is being refurbished to be part of a museum-
It’s the original WWII control tower at Ford Island, Hawaii. It is going to be refurbished as part of the new museum at Ford Island. They promised NOT to patch the bullet holes.
Seriously folks, if you get out this way, take time to see Pearl Harbor, the USS Arizona, The new Olkahoma Memorial and the USS Missouri and WWII museum at Ford Island. This is an eye opening set of places and history that is very important in our country. Sadly, soon we will not have any WWII Veterans left who were actually there.


My retirement job — 9 Comments

  1. I was going to guess, the tower at Hickam Field. Was in Hawaii once for about eight hours while transpac’in in a Super Connie and didn’t get chance to see much except out the cockpit window and my seat was behind the two drivers and facing sideways!

  2. hehehe- and you had TOTAL control 🙂 I always remember ADRCM Harrison telling the drivers, “You touch my throttles, you draw back a stub; these are MY engines not yours.” He also used to switch all four to hi-blower at the same time, which drove the pilots nuts 🙂

  3. Nice pictures.

    Judging by the time on my clock, you should be craving steak right about now.

  4. Thanks RT, just a cheap little ol Olympus I’ve been carrying around for three years. That camera has about a half million miles on it…LOL

  5. Will you ask him how he manages to have our dream job and live in the most gorgeous place on earth? Perhaps I could walk behind your beach tractor/groomer with my metal detector, picking up diamond rings, ruby slippers, gold fillings…. we could be rich dahling!

  6. Alison, I did ask him- He is an old retired Army Sgt (native Hawaiian). He owns his family home, so no mortgage; the job is an excuse to get out of the house and pay for his golf (his words) sigh…

    I never thought to ask him what he finds, maybe I’ll see him next trip and ask.

  7. Aaah, what can I say? Hawaii is a beautiful place to stay. Yeah, people say Pearl Harbor must be visited when you tour the island ’cause of its historical ambiance and value. Speaking of steak, I think I wanna have one now. Verifying my guess, it’s Hickam Field tower.