Self Defense

Folks, Lawdog has a GREAT post up on self defense. Take a couple of minutes to go read and reflect…

Having been the victim of two break-ins, one in Hawaii and one in California, I am here to tell you that perps DO NOT like being met by an armed and pissed off individual. Both times the perps were armed, once with a knife, once with a gun. In both cases I used a shotgun for defense (never had to fire Thank God); and both perps were yelling for me not to kill them…

I am a firm believer in armed self defense and practice that on a daily basis.


Self Defense — 5 Comments

  1. Wyatt- I know you folks are pepetually snowed under, there is NO WAY you can possibly respond to every call.

    RT- Sorry, but I’m an old fart, grew up in the South where one relied on themselves to take care of ‘situations’, as the LEO’s were few/far between.

    I grew up carrying a rifle or shotgun and pistol in the car depending on the season… Never a thought of a carry permit. All the LEO’s knew we had guns; hell, they could see them in the gunrack in the pickup 🙂

  2. Exactly Captain! But it’s hell getting piss stains out of white carpet… Human bladders are a LOT bigger than dogs… 🙂