Get your TIVO ready…

Starting April 27th, PBS will air 5 nights of CARRIER, a total of 10 hours of coverage of the USS Nimitz 2005 deployment. This one is not about the mechanical marvels, but about the people who ‘man’ the carrier. It is not always pretty, actually shows some people making some pretty bad decisions, but it is reality. The footage is culled from over 2000 hours of film taken during the 6 month deployment.

This is a chance to see what life is really like with 5200 of your closest friends and neighbors when a carrier goes about it’s business of forward power projection and keeping the folks on the ground alive.

Highly recommended!


Get your TIVO ready… — 4 Comments

  1. Yeah, I couldn’t do that. Sounds really interesting to watch. I like those types of programs.

  2. It will give you a different perspective- The Navy did not participate in the final assembly of the program, so you get the unvarnished truth.

  3. I love it when they get right down in the guts of a ship and show just what is really going on below decks to keep those top guns in the air. Being and airdale who got stuck on a tincan with the Dash/Lamps program, I really came to the realization of who keeps that iron moving and shaking!