The old girl takes pretty good pictures…

The Hubble takes pretty good pictures after they put glasses on her 🙂
NASA and Hubble have just released 59 more shots from the Hubble library. This group is called colliding galaxies. Go here to look at, download and wonder at the beauty of space!
While 99.9% of us will never ‘enjoy’ a trip into space, at least we can gaze upon the stars courtesy of these folks. They have distilled thousands of pictures down to just a few that show the wonder of the universe.
Makes me feel ever smaller and MORE insignificant that normal…sigh…


The old girl takes pretty good pictures… — 5 Comments

  1. Yes she does, in fact I need glasses too.

    I am and will always be humbled every time I see the galaxies up there. insignificant in the vastness.

  2. I’ve no idea how large or small you are NFO, but you are in no way insignificant.

    One good thing about living here where I do, no lights to wash away the night sky. The son and I enjoy taking the telescope out quite a bit.

  3. These photos are just amazing. I can remember when books had artists renditions of colliding galaxies. Now we get actual photos.
    There is no way that we could possibly be the only life in all the cosmos.