Life Evolutions….

Sorry for the lack of posts- been a little busy…

Combining road trips are just pure hell… Four days of sitting on my ass listening to briefings (mostly rehashes of last year’s conference), sidebars (where most of the REAL work gets done), rubber chicken for lunch/dinner, too many late nights and not nearly enough sleep.

Then fly off to marry off my youngest daughter… sigh…

Of course as soon as I get in town, I’m told to meet them at the hospital, grandson is going in for an operation for an abscess behind the eye… Just ^&*( lovely way to start the most important weekend in quite a while…

Grandson has one of two scheduled procedures, then gets booted out of OR for a critical neuro patient; so oldest daughter sends everyone home and spends the night (getting awakened every three hours).

Friday am I relieve her so she can get go with youngest daughter to get wedding stuff done. Do you know how expensive manicures and pedicures are these days? I sure as hell didn’t!!!

Grandson has gone from screaming in pain to wanting to play video games. Which is both good and bad- Good in that he is not hurting too badly, bad in that he wants Papa to play too…

I haven’t touched a video game in 20 years, didn’t even know how to hook it up, had to get the nurse to help. Talk about feeling old… sigh…

AND he promptly kicked my butt at every game…

Saturday was a repeat of Friday, with negotiations with the Doc’s on springing the grandson long enough for the wedding, since he was a key player. Doc’s were reluctant to hesitant, so oldest daughter got the nurses on her side… We left the hospital at 0800 Sunday morning !

Off for a quick change of clothes, did I mention I HATE wearing a tux? Especially a winter weight one for a wedding in the hot sun???

Get up to the outdoor location above Placerville, CA where youngest is to be married, and proceed to hurry up and wait… At least THAT I know how to do…

She finally shows up 15 minutes late (I swear both she and her sister will be late for their own funerals). We get everybody corraled and send the little ones off as flower children ( why do I hear Jefferson Airplane playing in my head). Bridesmaids all survive the stairs and now it is youngest daughter’s turn.

I take her arm, and we walk to the top of the steps… She says, “Oh S**T!” and immediately starts shaking like a leaf!

Then it’s like trying to hold back a runaway horse… She was GOING to that alter!

I hand her off to the hubby to be, and I get to go sit. It was a good (short) ceremony, good vows (they wrote their own), and of course all the bridesmaids are crying.

Ceremony gets done, food is out, beer keg (hey, these are 20 somethings…) gets tapped and the pictures start.

I really don’t remember an hours worth of pose here, pose there, go find such and such… what a PITA!!!

Anyhoo- She’s now an old married lady, daddy is broke (yet again), and one more daughter to go.


Life Evolutions…. — 8 Comments

  1. Congratulations to the newly weds and I hope the grandson continues to improve.

    That’s definitely a rough sounding weekend.

  2. Congratulations on your daughter’s wedding. I hope your grandson will be o.k. That sounds painful.

    That whole freaking out thing that your daughter did at the last minute would be me for like a month or so, that’s why if I ever get married (unlikely, though), I’m eloping. I’d have to do it real quick. I’d make myself ill getting ready for such a to-do.

    Hopefully, now you can get some rest. 🙂

  3. Congratulations to the newly weds. And My prayers are with your grandson. Take care.I hope things are maybe calming down for now.Rick

  4. Thanks to all for the comments and thoughts. As of today, grandson is better, goes back tomorrow to get all the tubes removed.

  5. Congrats to your spuds. sir…..

    I have 3 girls and I told them they are not allowed to date get married or even look at boys until they are 40 🙂

  6. Sorry, I’m behind the eight ball on my comments… but wanted to say congratulations to the newlyweds and I hope all is well with your grandson.