Politics and Politicians SUCK…

Kirkpatrick gets out of jail, only to be charged with assault against two detectives serving a subpoena, he’s still awaiting trial with his lover over the perjury count(s) and he still won’t resign…

John Edwards finally admits to a love affair with a staffer a couple of years ago (which was vehemently denied by one and all), but now denies he’s the father of the child…

The democratic spinmeisters are saying these don’t deserve the media attention because these are “not important people”!


The sitting Mayor of Detroit and the former candidate for Vice-President of the US are not important????

The thing that really frosted me though, was riding the Metro back after a meeting and overhearing two female Obama supporters (How did I know? They had their Obama pins on.) discussing the same issue- One finally said to the other, “the only problem is they both got caught”. The second one AGREED!!!!

Now this is just scary! Reminds me of Clinton’s second term when 64% didn’t trust him personally, but voted for him anyway… sigh…

Oh yeah, a question for Mr. Edwards- IF that affair was over a couple of years ago, WHY were you in her hotel room at the Beverly Hills Hilton at 0230 in the morning playing with the baby “that is not yours”???

You trying to do; do a Clinton and revisit the scene of the crime, so to speak, and get a little extra???

I don’t know about anybody else, but this is scaring the hell outta me…


Politics and Politicians SUCK… — 9 Comments

  1. It would only scare me if I thought any of these fools and their followings were supposed to keep me safe and warm – they aren’t. I think I will have to rescue them in their time of trouble, but I move too slow to be of much use.

  2. Edwards should choke on his 400 dollar hairdo. What kind of depraved a-hole fools around on his wife when she’s undergoing cancer treatment and then spouts about a need for morality in the world?

  3. And I still believe Obama will be elected in a landslide because too many idiot GOPers want to “send a message” to the Party.

    How did that work out for us in 2006?

  4. The moral decay of this country is very scary. People have no sense of right and wrong any more.

    I ask my kids (related to a book we read) if they knew one of their friends committed a crime involving violence/even murder, would they turn in their friend?

    Almost every kids says, “It depends on how close a friend.”

  5. Earl- Agree, but I’m going to the range on a regular basis…

    Snigs- Well said!

    Wyatt- Can I rent out your basement? If Obama gets in, all of us in military R&D are gonna be out of work…

    RT- Their only concept of right and wrong applies to how it effects them personally…

  6. All I can say is UGH.

    I know people are not perfect, but when you portray yourself above all others, you better be blemish-free.

    What a tool.