Now that was interesting…

At about 315pm, felt a small earthquake here in Yokosuka, Japan. Chair was vibrating, computer (desk) started shaking, and I ‘finally’ realized what was happening; yep, I’m awake….

About 30 seconds before it hit, I heard a bunch of dogs start barking/howling… Don’t know if this was a bigger one elsewhere, and we got the fringes or what. No aftershocks so far, but the dogs are going nuts again, so I’m gonna take a break and go outside 🙂

Well, 15 minutes later and nothing has happened… I don’t think most people even noticed!

Biggest news over here today is that the Nikkei (Japanese Stock Market) has dropped 9.4% today, along with most of the Asian markets (largest drop Indonesian Market 10.5% before they suspended trading). Toyota was off 10% of their total value today alone! Add this to the London Exchange problems, the Brit buyout, etc. closure of the Russian markets after 10 and 15% losses respectively and yes, the Wall Street problem really has upset markets world wide…

BBC is saying there is now ‘officially’ a world wide panic in progress, thanks to the US!

We decided to do something different for dinner, so we took the train up to Yokohama, went to Chinatown, and ate in a Brazilian restaurant serving Argentinian beef… Talk about Globalization… Burp…


Now that was interesting… — 8 Comments

  1. Do you ever say, “Stop the world I wanna get off!”? Dang you sure travel a lot. 🙂

    Be safe.

  2. In Japan, went to China Town, ate in a Brazilian restaurant? That is the most “Honored World Traveler” status if I ever read about one.

  3. Snigs- that was left over from the train ride back to Yokosuka 🙂

    RT- I don’t envy you that…

    Wyatt- I was here in 89 for the 8.5, I’m STILL shaking from that one… I just get a low floor in the hotel so I can jump and run if necessary 🙂