Not for the faint of heart…

This one is NOT pretty at the end- but it does end well for the LEOs involved (they all get to go home in one piece).

Team work at it’s finest- and score one for the good guys! The helo pilot most probably saved the officer’s life by telling him NOT to follow the bad guy into the back yard.

This video also shows what our LEOs face on a daily and nightly basis when pursuing bad guys on foot.

Take a minute and say a little prayer for these men and women that are the thin blue line…


Not for the faint of heart… — 8 Comments

  1. Wow.

    I’m glad that the helicopter pilot kept the officer from going into the back yard.

  2. ADM- agreed!

    Pawpaw- Good point, I hadn’t thought about that, but excellent example!

    Kvegas- Yes it was, AND the ground officer listened!

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