It’s started, and it’s not pretty…

It appears Joe Biden was on target when he regretfully stated that Barack Obama would be challenged in his first six months, but it didn’t take quite that long…

Yesterday President Medvedev of Russia gave his first equivalent of the State of the Union Address. It was not addressed to the Russian people. It was addressed to the United States and her Allies, and the new Administration. Russia anticipated a seam in American policy and resolve, and immediately drove a wedge into it.

For those of you demanding change, your wish has been granted. The first helping has just been served. And it is a big one…

Medvedev’s Nov. 5 speech announced hard actions, including the following statements:

Russia will deploy Iskander short-range ballistic missiles to Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave sandwiched between NATO and EU states Lithuania and Poland, in order to directly target the fledgling U.S. ballistic missile defense installations slated for Poland and the Czech Republic.

Russia will return to a more Soviet-style system of term limits in order to more firmly entrench the power of the Putin organization.

Moscow will not even consider negotiations with the lame-duck administration of President George W. Bush, preferring instead to wait for President-elect Barack Obama’s team, which Moscow thinks will be easier to manipulate.

The United States is to blame not only for Russia’s war with Georgia, but also for the global financial crisis.

Russia will not make any concessions on its international position; the United States can take it or leave it.

Obama has never said how he would deal with Russia or any of the former Sov Block countries, and they saw the waffling when they went into Georgia; they are NOT bluffing- Russia now has petro$$ and are rebuilding their military at a rate that would scare you.

This will have MAJOR impact on Europe and the emerging countries there and how they deal with the US! Either fall in line with Russia, or get run over by the bus, which is leaving the station NOW; or hope and pray the US actually comes through. Any bets???

All this info came from, which is on the daily read list for most of the people I work with…


It’s started, and it’s not pretty… — 12 Comments

  1. To quote from the Matrix Revolution…

    “If it’s our time to die, it’s our time. All I ask is that if we have to give up our lives to these bastards, we get to give them HELL before we go!”

    I think our new president elect had the intel community pee in his fruit loops this morning. He got his first “real” briefing on what lies ahead for him.

    From the photos afterward, he didn’t look none too happy.

  2. Remember that movie called Red Dawn? Well it is in it’s infancy back in the good old CCCP. They will come and it will probably be through our neighbors to the north and I don’t mean Alaska! That is if the mexicans and the chicoms don’t get here first!

  3. Simeron- I imagine he wasn’t… 🙂

    Ev- funny you should mention that- It was brought up MORE than once today; along with the comment- “haven’t we been here before?”

    Wyatt- er… Yeah, Right?

  4. A quick thought:

    Russia now has petro$$ and are rebuilding their military at a rate that would scare you.

    Not right now, they don’t. How old are the StratFor articles you read? Oil prices are off almost 60% from their high in June. IIRC, Russia’s “break even” point was around $100 a barrel. Right now their balance sheet is heavily in the red.

    That said, however, I don’t disagree with the rest of your analysis. This socialist bastard will be tested early, often, and hard by the brutes and thugs like Medvedev. I expect soon I’ll be adding “quisling” to my list of names for him.

  5. “Red Dawn”…I remember it all to well…

    Remember when the pilot that got shot down tells the young partisans the situation?

    What about EUrope?

    “They’re sitting this one out except for Britian and they ain’t holding out for long.”

    So who else is on our side?

    “About 600 million screaming Red Chinese.”

    “Wait, werent’ there like 2 billion Chinese?”

    “Yep, there was.”


    Really need to take a long break from the news…when Chavez and the NutJob in Iran are congratulating our next president…it can’t ever be good.

  6. BBW- WELL Said!

    Wolf Walker- you are correct, the article was current, but I took figures from memory.

    Simeron/Fuzzy/ADM/RT- Agree with all of you!