It’s one of THOSE trips part 1…

Ever have one of THOSE days, weeks, months???

That’s kinda how my trip is going so far… It’s been a real mix of the good and the bad, and I’m just waiting for the ugly to show up… sigh…

Sunday- 6 hours late leaving DC; The good- the airplane was working, and I knew the pilots so I got a GOOD seat 🙂

Monday- The bad- arriving at Narita after EVERYTHING was shut down. No buses, no trains, only a $300 cab if I wanted to try that… nope, took a ride to the hotel with the pilots, and spent the night at an airport hotel.

Tuesday- The good- I made it to Yokosuka finally (at 1100) and still had a room! The bad- Well, I missed the meeting that was the sole purpose for coming in here… The worse- I spent all day chasing down folks that had been in the morning meeting to get ‘stuff’ resolved…

Wednesday- The good- Finished chasing folks down, got everything “fixed” so far… Line up and earlier flight down to Okinawa; and actually get on the free bus 🙂 The bad- I’m at the wrong airport… dammit… Was told the wrong thing by the lady from ANA, so I’m now sitting and waiting for 6 hours for the original flight, after having driven PAST the correct airport on the way here (and can’t get back there in time to make the flight)… Good/bad at the airport- I got access to the lounge, but all the booze (including the Scotch) is Japanese… and the only coffee is Nescafe instant…

Oh yeah, now the ugly in a phone call that just came in- The crew I’m meeting in Okinawa is delayed in Chicago, so they will NOT be arriving tonight, which means us two old farts have to install all the systems tomorrow by ourselves… sigh…

To be continued…


It’s one of THOSE trips part 1… — 12 Comments

  1. Well, the upside of all this is at least you’re not there in the August heat and humidity. Hope the rest of your trip is better and less (unpleasantly) eventful.

  2. You must have a good sense of adventure to do what you do! (and a lot of patience!) I take it that Japaneese booze is bad? Do you ever strike up conversations with the strangers around you? I would love to know what folks over there are thinking about our (USA) current situation? I remember my small and insignificant foul flight to Florida last year… the only thing that made it bearable inbetween being on the plane was being able to talk/text to friends on my cellphone.

  3. Nescafe instant – that has to be torture!!!!!! Hope it gets better for you from here on.

  4. Phlegmmy- Been here, done that, lost 10 pounds!

    ADM- Yep 🙂 It’s always an “adventure”!

    FF- Bad is not the word… try hangover! Most of the folks I’ve talked to are worried about joint support agreements.

    RT- Pretty much 🙁

    EV- This does sound familiar doesn’t it 🙂

    Julie- I’m going to buy Folgers as soon as the exchange opens!!!!

    Wyatt- It’s already the holiday here- Well, holiday for admin, routine for maintenance.