Photos affirm…

A few pics of life at sea…

Underway replenishment at sea, better known as RAS-

Two ships separated by 100 feet or less, moving at 15-16 knots, this takes a LOT of seamanship to do, especially in bad weather.

A little winter weather for your enjoyment…

11-12 foot seas are NOT conducive to taking a stroll on the deck (at least not if you want to STAY on the deck…)!

As the helo bubbas say, ass and trash… They spend most of their time hauling one or the other. Others look at this as the ride off the boat, and more importantly, this is how the mail gets delivered!

And finally, Sunset at sea- It is a special moment, enjoyed by sailors the world over, and it does bring home how really insignificant one is, when considered against the universe we live in.

That is all…


Photos affirm… — 12 Comments

  1. I swear I saw one of those ships in my front yard two days ago. Well, not really, but I’m pretty sure they could have come through here.

    I love the water, but not near enough to manage on one of those.

  2. You mean they don’t call it “UNREP” any more??

    I feel so old…

  3. Snigs- I did see a couple of trees, but they were palms not pines 🙂

    RT- It’s not too bad (once you get used to it)!

    rick- Nope, it’s now RAS, I said unrep and got a blank stare…

  4. What’s RAS? Replentishment at sea? I was the ONLY airdale (E7)on a 2250 class can for about 18 months flying the QH50 drone helos. The King post for UNREP was in my flight deck as was the fuel trunk for the nasty black stuff. Under way and doing this at night one time lead to the whole aft end of the ship being fouled with a couple hundred tons of of oil ’cause the dipshit Ensign who was supposed to check the trunk bottom for obstuctions, DIDN’!Back splash filled a good part of my hangar also! Needless to say my hangar door was never open during UNREP’s after that thst little trick!!

  5. EV- yep, used to be UNREP, but they changed the name again… And yes bunker fuel can make a MESS!!! Didn’t happen on this trip, but the CO was telling me it had happened on the last underway. Similar circumstance, night RAS, the O-ring failed/rolled over on the bottom of the coupling and pissed bunker fuel everywhere!

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