Well, it appears Obama and crowd never learned about plagiarism

This is absolutely hysterical! Gotta love the liberal re-packaging!


On another note- The new adminstration is going to pay for abortions world wide… Hello Mr. Pope, guess what, we don’t give a crap about the Catholic stance, we’re Muslim…

In the Japan issue of the IHT today was an article about how the Obamalamabots are going to let each state set their own CAFE requirements for vehicles. Since the technology DOESN’T EXIST to actually allow the car companies to meet the proposed California requirements, if I were the head of GM/Ford/Chrysler etc. I’d be going here’s your electric car California (it only goes 40 miles between charges), we will no longer build/sell gasoline or diesel cars in California.

Oh yeah, California also had issues with the previous electric cars and actual places to charge them…

OBTW, the Japanese are worried also, because the requirements for emissions vs. mileage means NONE of the Japanese cars meet it either (including the Prius). Have a nice life California, since you don’t need anymore gasoline, we won’t be refining any out there either…

Looking at CNNj, it looks like the bailout is up over $850 Million. Hmmm, I thought there was only $350M of TARP money left… WTFO??? Also, Citigroup is spending $50M for a new corporate jet after laying people off!

Hey Barney Fwank, hey Chris Dodd- What the hell are you people doing at the banking committee??? Y’all promised oversight! Or… Did you get your cut to keep quiet??? Again???


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  1. Yes They did get theirs!! If I were them I’d be afraid to home to Mass and Conn. Oh yeah I forgot those people don’t give a damn ’cause they keep right on electing these assholes again and again! WE get what THEY deserve!

  2. Thinking about California and them all using electric cars…

    Isn’t this the state that regularly has black-outs in the summer? Wasn’t it California that was threatening to “run out of” electricity last year?

    I can only imagine what plugging up a gazillion electric cars would do for them.

  3. Well, my wife’s car is paid off, mine is close. We’re making double payments on the house and should have it paid off soon.

    Every payday, I buy more ammo or reloading components. It’s gonna be a tuff decade if not more.

  4. Snigs- They did- and the econazis protested when Diablo Canyon Reactor 3 was brought back on line to prevent the blackouts! Plus, they have NO way to charge that many cars… Hell they couldn’t charge 200. At LAX, you got free parking for your electric car, but they only had 10 charging stations!

    PE- You’re right, I had forgotten that! And Dubai is cutting construction now too.

    Crucis- I’m in the same boat. Using overtime $$ for ammo and equipment.

  5. I’m too tired to even form a thought that would express my utter angst and dismay at this administration, especially since it is only a week old. Oy.

  6. This is a great story…….. I have a friend that was Air Force and Marine’s……….. Flies Fed Ex now, all over the world. He has said the same as you, he meets people all over the place he hasn’t seen since the Corp…