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Via Fuzzy, from JPFO

JPFO, not all that long after its founding, presented an essay by Gus Cotey in a popular magazine of the time. I read this article and shook my head in disbelief. Cotey had NAILED it! I did something I’d never done: I tracked down the author’s phone number and called him and congratulated him on what was a terrific breakthrough in understanding. It was a breakthrough that all gun owners could use as “high impact” intellectual ammunition.

What Cotey had done, with marvelous perception, was identify the seven personality types that make up the victim disarmament crowd. Cotey saw through the emotionalized preaching and posturing and pandering and put the true motivations of these dangerous buffoons under a microscope.

Go read the entire article here JPFO .

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  1. ADM/Snigs- Yeah, it is pretty eye opening. I’ve sent it to a few people with rather interesting feedback, none of which I can repeat here 🙂