It’s all good…

Zero dark 30- the bird has been prepped, unplugged from “shore power” and is being towed from the hangar. As it bounces over the door tracks, the wings flex, almost as if stretching and getting ready for flight.

We step out into the pre-dawn chill of the ramp, enjoying a pilot’s breakfast (a cigarette, cup of coffee, and a donut) talking about the flight, what needs to be done, and the weather. As we talk, we start laughing about it, remembering how many times and places we have done this before…

Greg walks back into the hangar, gets geared up and climbs into the cockpit as the NC-8 cart starts into its load cycle. The ground crewman gives the thumbs up, and master power is turned on, the cockpit comes alive as the displays, radios and nav systems start spinning up.

One last walk through the kneeboard cards on powering up the package, and I have to get down, not able to go flying. dammit…

The package is cycled, checks good, the engine started and one more check of the package is done. Greg gives a thumbs up, the ground crew and pilot do the dance of checks, wipeouts and minutia of the pre-taxi routine. Chocks are pulled, and off he goes.

We stand on the ramp, once again silent in the early morning. Just as the sun starting to peek over the hills, we hear the power come up, and the bird lifts off cleanly, climbing into the new day…

We turn around to walk back to the hangar, the sound of a radial engine in full pitch causes us to turn around. It’s an old Navy T-28 doing a break for the field…

Not a bad way to start the morning…


It’s all good… — 11 Comments

  1. A number of years ago, before the KC city council destroyed it, Richards-Gebaur Airport (formerly R-G AFB) had a couple of T-28s as residents. I live a few miles from the south end of the main strip. It was common to hear them rev up checking mags early on Saturday mornings.

    Depending on the weather, these two were up most weekends and were frequent visitors to most fly-ins in the Midwest.

    Nice trainers. Always wanted to go up in one but never at the ramp at the right time.

  2. There’s not much better than a morning on the flight line.

    It’s really the only thing I miss.

  3. Crucis- I was lucky enough to get a few flights in T-28s over the years, as the Navy had one or two at most bases for pilots to get flight time. Fun bird!

    Alan- It DOES bring back memories 🙂

    ADM- thanks!

  4. Very nice. I’m not one for flying, but I do appreciate the use of language and imagery. 🙂

  5. I learn so much here when i visit…….. i don’t know alot about flying, but you make it fun when you post about it